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North Farm Pool, Marle Green

31st August 2022


It’s now over a month since we closed North Farm Pool at Marle Green to fishing due to an increase in the number of dead carp seen at the fishery. Since then, we have also had a couple of periods of extremely high temperatures and the water level in the lake had dropped significantly. We have been regularly monitoring the situation and liaising with the Environment Agency accordingly.

Thankfully, with cooling temperatures and some most welcome rain, although still not up to the level of the outlet sill, the water level has risen significantly and we have seen very few dead fish in recent weeks.

We therefore feel that it is safe to re-open the venue to SAA members, effective  on the 1st September, but no keepnets or carp sacks are to be used and all landing nets should be thoroughly dried and if possible disinfected, before visiting a different fishery.

Members should also moderate the amount of groundbait, boilies, particles and the like being used until the weather is less hot and water levels are higher as if they are not eaten by the fish, as they decompose, they can have a detrimental effect on dissolved oxygen levels.

16th July 2022

Water Closure

We have seen more than normal fish deaths at this venue this spring comprising mainly carp, with very few silver fish being affected. We have checked the dissolved oxygen levels of the water and they appear to be more than adequate for the survival of the fish. If low oxygen was the problem then it would have affected the silver fish far more than carp as the latter can tolerate low levels far better than other fish. Several of the carp have ugly lesions on their skin and this suggests that there is something else going on. There are several diseases which can affect carp and we have contacted the Environment Agency for their advice and help.

In view of the situation, we would not wish to risk the transfer any virus or disease present at Marle Green to any other waters and with the current heatwave and extreme hot weather forecast for the next few days, we have decided it is only right to CLOSE THE VENUE TO FISHING with immediate effect until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and pending the advice of the EA re-open for fishing as soon as possible.

11th July 2022

We have been experiencing greater than normal numbers of fish deaths at this venue in recent weeks. All appear to be carp, so some of this may be due to spawning problems.

The landowner and the Environment Agency are aware. A possible cause also is low oxygen levels (confirmed by the EA), high temperatures and the shallowness of the lake. The build up of silt doesn’t helping either.

For the time being we continue to monitor the situation and the venue remains open. However, the following steps are needed now:

Please consider going fishing elsewhere for a few weeks until hopefully the situation normalises;

If you do fish at the venue, just go for short sessions only, limit the amount of loose feed / groundbait that you use as this can be an aggravating factor;

Make sure your landing nets are dry and or disinfected before you visit the venue. Do the same before you go anywhere else. Absolutely no use of keepnets.

Please also be extra vigilant. If the situation does not improve and the current very hot weather won’t help, we may have to temporarily close the venue.

Further updates will be issued in due course.

North Farm Pool, Marle Green.

Enter via the bridle path leading west off the Grove Hill road between Hellingly and Horam at a sharp right hand bend, protected by a farm gate secured by a chain and combination padlock. Access to the fishery is via a further steel mesh gate on the right. Parking in designated area and follow the concrete track down to the water on foot.

Subject to due authority and provided ground conditions are suitable, disabled members are permitted to drive down to the water for the purposes of unloading or loading equipment, returning their vehicle to the designated parking area while fishing.

The lock combination is changed every year, the numbers being shown on the annual membership booklet. All gates must be re-secured after entry or exit.

Fishing from one hour before sun rise to one hour after sunset. No Night Fishing.

No fishing from the dam wall.

Due to other activities taking place on site, from time to time the venue may be closed to angling. All closures will be shown in the annual membership booklet, members advised by e-mail, posted in local tackle shops and on this web site.


North Farm Pool, Marle Green, Closure Dates 2022

Saturday 14th May, Friday 3rd June, Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th June,

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July, Saturday 23rd July,

Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th August, Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th August,

Saturday 10th September and Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd September.

View from the dam
Looking towards the dam
View across the lake

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