Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best





The Organization shall be called the Southdown Angling Association (the Association).


The objects of the Association are to promote the sport of freshwater angling in Eastbourne, Hailsham and the surrounding district, (the area served by the previous Compleat Angler F.C. and Hailsham A.A.) and to provide members with fishing in waters controlled by the Association for the benefit of all members.


Membership of the Association shall be available to all persons subject to the provisions set out in Rule 4.


All property of the Association, including leases, but excluding cash or equivalent, which shall be under the control of the Treasurer, shall be vested in Trustees, to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct. There shall be not less than two or more than three Trustees, appointed by the Committee, who shall hold office until death, resignation or removal from office by resolution of the Committee. The Trustees shall be empowered to borrow or mortgage in support of the Association as directed by the Committee.
The Trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Association against any expense incurred in the exercise of their duties.


The Officers of the Association shall comprise: The President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary, all duly elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Association.


The Southdown Angling Association shall affiliate to all such other Associations or Organizations as the Committee shall decide.


The Financial year of the Association shall be from 1 January to the following 31 December.


In the event that the Association becomes no longer viable, after settlement of all debts and liabilities and subject to a majority approval at a General Meeting of the Association, all remaining assets, including land, be offered free gratis to another local angling organization having similar aims to the Southdown Angling Association.
Should no other organization be found wishing to receive the remaining assets, then the Trustees be empowered to sell all these assets and the proceeds donated to Fish Legal / The Angling Trust.


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