Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


Sunday 10th March 2013. Bill Walder Trophy

Venue: North Farm Pool, Marle Green

The match was originally scheduled for Middle Bridge upstream, but the very heavy rain on Friday had left the Wallers Haven resembling the Tidal Trent with the level up to the top of the bank, & a serious amount of flow. The weather forecast for the day was not good either, a strong North Easterly wind giving a wind chill factor of minus 2. If you fish this stretch of river you'll know that a North Easterly blows straight in your face, so with health & safety to consider, the match was switched to Marle Green. Here at least you do enjoy some protection from the wind & the banks would present little problem. The lake had plenty of colour & the depth is always consistent throughout. As usual there was plenty of fishing banter before the start whistle & we wondered which pegs may be favourable in these conditions.

On a very cold day the fishing was good, with most of the 19 competitors enjoying plenty of bites. The winner of the trophy was Michael Wood who used the pole at 11metres, fishing double pinkie, to catch skimmers & roach for 8lb 15oz. Michael's peg came on very strong in the last quarter of the match when he caught a good number of net sized fish. Peter Gabbitas, who caught fairly steadily throughout, came second with 8lb 9oz of skimmers & roach, again fishing the pole with big maggot. Third place went to Graham Penny, with 7lb 6oz, made up of roach, perch & skimmers, likewise caught on the pole. The top 3 all cupped in groundbait & loose fed over the top. Interestingly all 3 "podium" places came from the side opposite the woods, Michael retaining the trophy from peg 3, Peter fished peg 4 & Graham claiming third from peg 6.


Sunday 3rd March 2013. Away v Isfield

Venue: Wilderness Middle Lake, East Grinstead

Although the weather was bright the north easterly wind made the fishing patchy with some anglers struggling to catch consistently. The top three however we very close, the winner being Isfield's Mike Green using the pole, to catch 11 Carp for 39lb 8oz. Patrick Newman for Southdown came second with 10 Carp for 36lb 14oz caught on the method feeder with red maggot. Third place went to Trevor Hoad, also from Southdown, who used corn and bread on the straight lead catching 9 Carp to finish with 32lb 0oz.


Sunday 17th February 2013. Annual Pairs Competition

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge Upstream

The Wallers looked in fine condition, plenty of colour with a gentle downstream flow & a good winter level, generally about 8ft deep in most pegs.
After a frosty start, the day turned out very nice for the match, with long sunny spells & feeling reasonably warm for mid February, the upstream breeze picking up a little just after the start whistle blew at 10am, sending some anglers reaching for coats & larger floats.

The individual winner on the day was Patrick "Gripper" Newman, who fished the Waggler for most of the match, with double red maggot hookbait, to catch some net sized skimmer bream, smaller skimmers & roach, to finish on 7lb 6oz. Pat started by introducing 4 balls of groundbait with loose fed pinkies over the top. It was unusual for Pat to concentrate on the Waggler, normally he plays the patient game on the quivertip & indeed he did catch a few on that method during the day.

The winning pair however proved to be Peter Gabbitas & Chris Copeland, with a total combined weight of 9lb 12oz., Chris being second on the day with 6lb 1oz., again caught on the Waggler, his bag consisting of roach & skimmers caught on big maggot. Peter fished the pole with big maggot & pinky, his 3lb 11oz being enough for 3rd spot overall, giving the pair victory on the day.

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