Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


Sunday 13th March 2016, Bill Walder Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

This match, the last this season before the close season on rivers, was originally scheduled for Boreham Street, however the vote taken by most of the anglers after viewing the water and the de silting work that has been taking place there, was to switch to Middle Bridge.

Although the Haven held a good colour and little in the way of flow, the fishing can only be described as very patchy. The sun shone for most of the day but a biting north easterly wind blowing into ones face made conditions tough and uncomfortable.

On peg 6, halfway along the first straight between the bridge and fence, fishing with a pole, Gary Flint tempted a bream on his double pinkie bait, then later on also caught two tench, the biggest a beauty of 6lbs exactly, giving him a total weight of 14lbs 6oz, way ahead of the rest of the pack. Peter Gabbitas on peg 4, again using a pole, also landed a tench and several bits to claim second with 4lbs 6oz and yet another tench was caught by Chris Higgins on peg 7, which, together with several small fish, gave him 3lbs 6oz, enough for third place.

Sadly, on the last Sunday of the river season, most of the competitors struggled for any sort if bite at all, with just the odd ruffe, roach or small skimmer bream being recorded.

Please note that the next match scheduled for the 17th April, originally at Marle Green, has a change of venue. Due to the water closure that weekend, the match will now be held at Curls Farm.

Sunday 6th March 2016,

4th Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

This match was originally scheduled for the Pevensey Haven, but after several hard frosts heading up to the weekend, plus a very cold wind and very low water level on the day of the competition it was decided to switch to Ironbridge.

Although the frost had disappeared by the start of the match and long sunny spells were enjoyed, the nip in the wind made the fishing hard. The water level on the Wallers was also low but the river held a good colour.

The day was all about "The Brown Brothers", Tony and Rod, who both had good days, Rod catching small roach and skimmers consistently from the off at peg 10, which is just past the first bend.

Leading the field going into the last hour Rod looked all set to win the match, however brother Tony next door on peg 9 had other ideas and with about 30 minutes to go latched into a nice tench, caught using a pole, which fell for double pinkie on the hook. As a result, Tony won the match with 6lbs 10oz, the tench being recorded at 4lbs 13oz. Rod secured second with 2lbs 8oz and Chris Copeland on peg 4 managed third place with 2lbs 4oz.

Boreham Street is the venue scheduled for the final match of the river season next week. De-silting is still taking place there, so we will have to see if we can still fish there on the day and anyone planning to take part should please make sure they arrive in good time just in case there is a venue change. Draw is scheduled for 9am. See you there.

Sunday 21st February 2016, Pairs Match

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

The eagerly awaited annual pairs match took place at a very windy but mild Middle Bridge. The Haven held a favourable colour and steady flow but with a westerly wind gusting up to 50mph at times and constant drizzle, conditions were less than ideal. Those familiar with this venue will know that the flat marshland location on the Pevensey levels offers little in the way of any protection on a windy day.

That said, the fishing was quite good and along with several decent bream, some tench were caught and unfortunately also lost. The winning pair on the day were Trevor Hoad and Grenville Weston with a combined weight of 10lbs 11oz. Trevor placed second overall with 5lbs 10oz, which included a nice tench and Grenville also included a tench in his catch of 5lbs 1oz for third individual place, both fished with pole.

The pair securing second were Michael Wood and Steve Davey who both also fished with a pole to land 8lbs 13oz between them, both catching a bream plus small roach.

The match winning individual was Chris Copeland with 6lbs 7oz caught using a waggler, while his partner Peter Gabbitas, finished with 2lbs 4oz for a combined total of 8lbs 11oz, which was enough for third place in the pairs match. Considering that the pairings are drawn via peg numbers, it was amazing that Chris and Peter were drawn together again and this was their first defeat in four years.

The river fished reasonably well all along the match length and it's pleasing to record that the 3lbs plus bream continue to show and the tench seem to have shaken off their winter blues and are ready to feed again.

Special thanks are due to Tim Crowdy who spent some hard hours during the week strimming some 18 pegs, so if you would choose to fish this venue in the next couple of weeks you should find plenty of comfortable swims all along the first straight.

The next home fixture is the fourth and final round in the Percy Baron series, scheduled for the Pevensey Haven on the 6th March and with just this and one other remaining before the end of the river season, we look forward to another good turnout. The draw takes place at 9am, see you there.

Sunday 14th February 2016, 3rd Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

Originally scheduled for Boreham Street this match was changed to Ironbridge due to the de- silting work currently taking place at the former.

With heavy rain the previous day that had left a constant fairly fast flow on the Haven and a cold North East wind blowing at up to 25 miles per hour, the fishing was never going to be easy.

Peter Gabbitas drew end peg 11, positioned half way along the second straight, just out of the wind and by fishing with a combination of pole and whip, he managed to tempt some small roach, perch and skimmer bream to take his maggot bait to win the match with a commendable 1lb 14oz. Next door at peg 10, Steve Davey, also fishing with a pole, gave Peter a run for his money and came very close, finishing with a mixed bag weighing 1lb 11oz for second place, while Grenville Weston at peg 4 secured third with 1lb 9oz. Most of the other competitors struggled for a consistent run of bites, it was certainly chilly and the fish were obviously not in any mood to feed.


Sunday 7th February 2016, 3rd Round Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

After another Saturday night of strong winds and heavy rain it was good to arrive and see the Haven at a reasonable level and still holding a good colour. The only slight concern was that high tide was due at 10am , which could mean that thereon after, the river could flow at a fair old pace for the duration of the competition.

The first couple of hours were reasonable, with all competitors attracting some bites in a steady flow, but suddenly around midday, as we feared, the pace of the flow became very fast and decent presentation with a waggler became difficult.

The competition was won by Chris Copeland on peg 8 who finished with 3lbs 1oz which included a small bream of around a pound caught with about 30 minutes of the match remaining. Second with 2lbs 4oz from peg 4, was Chris Higgins who's catch also included a bream around the 1lb mark landed in the last hour. Fishing nearest the bridge on peg 1, was Rod Brown, who caught a mixed bag for 1lbs 13oz to secure third place, just ahead of Trevor White who was close behind with 1lb 10oz. Although the weights were not as good as previous weeks, the fishing was reasonable considering the very strong and cold wind coupled with the odd heavy shower and a fast flowing river.

With thoughts now cast towards next weekend and the Percy Baron third round, we will meet at the scheduled venue of Boreham Street, but may need to switch to a different location, as currently and pleasingly, dredging is taking place there to remove the silt that has built up over the years and a decision by Match Secretary Steve Izzard will be made on the day. As usual the draw will take place at 9am with fishing between 10am and 3pm. If you are planning to attend, maybe turn up slightly earlier than normal in case of a venue change.


Sunday 24th January 2016, 2nd Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

After heavy rain on the Saturday evening and Friday morning, the Haven held a rich colour, good depth and a steady flow. As it was mild after a very chilly week, pre-match talk focused on whether the fishing would still be good around the second bend, or the pegs nearest the bridge would be the ones to produce.

As it turned out the fish were still present further upstream, and Chris Copeland on peg 11 near the willow tree, chose to fish with a waggler three quarters of the way across to win the match with 6lbs 8oz of roach and skimmer bream, all falling for big maggot hook bait.

The battle for second and third was very close, with Grenville Weston on peg 3 just edging it, as fishing a pole, he caught a mixed bag for 5lbs 14oz to secure second place.

There was a tie for third, as Trevor Hoad and Gary Flint also fishing with poles, both finished with 5lbs 10oz apiece.


Sunday 17th January 2016, 2nd Round Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream.

Well, at last, no wind and rain this Sunday, instead....snow!

Yes about an inch fell in the early hours, to leave a very chilly and picturesque start for the draw, the match being moved from Boreham Street to Ironbridge, where it was felt we should have more chance of enjoying a few bites in the cold conditions. Very rarely has this stretch of the Haven let us down in the winter, and so it proved on this day.

With a steady flow and decent colour the river looked fine and after a slow first hour, bites were plentiful for all. Casting his waggler with big maggot on the hook no further than half way across the Haven, Chris Copeland on peg 2 connected with plenty of small roach to win the match with 4lbs 12oz. Slightly further along the first straight at peg 5 was Gary Flint, who caught a mixed bag to finish second with 3lbs 12oz and Rod Brown with 3lbs 2oz, snatched third place from his brother Tony who had 3lbs dead, with Dick Griffin with 2lbs in fifth.

If you fancy some silverfish action when the going may be tough on other venues, Ironbridge upstream is usually well worth spending some time at. Even with snow and ice on the ground and a biting easterly wind in ones face, the roach and skimmers generally oblige. Be careful on the banks though, they can be quite slippery at this time of year.


Sunday 10th January 2016, 1st Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

Having finally dried all the gear and cleaned it up after last weekends deluge, we faced it all again! With strong westerly winds plus seriously heavy showers, some of which included hail, Middle Bridge was no place to be to be without a decent umbrella!.

Fortunately as it's remained mild, the bream continue to show and Peter Gabbitas who was pegged at the end of the first straight, caught three, plus several bits, by fishing the feeder with worm on the hook to win the match with 11lbs 4oz.

Second was Chris Copeland, who fished a waggler with big maggot hookbait to finish with 8lbs 3oz, his catch including two small bream and a number of roach. Third place went to Patrick Newman with 4lbs 7oz, which included a bream and a couple of skimmers, again caught using the feeder, while Gary Flint secured fourth with 3lbs 14oz.


Sunday 3rd January 2016, New Year Challenge & Match v Clive Vale

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

A Happy New Year to all our members. This was a match that will live long in the memory of those who fished, not for the high quality fishing but for the terrible weather, with non stop torrential rain and gale force winds, and the Haven flowing fast all day due to heavy rain on the Saturday, the five hour match became more of an endurance test.

Fishing half way along the first straight at peg 4, Southdown’s Malcolm Faulkner took the positive approach and balled in four big Jaffa sized balls of groundbait and it paid off, as within the first hour he slid his net under a nice Bream and several decent Roach to finish with a winning weight of 4lbs 4oz caught using a pole.

In second place, fishing for Clive Vale at peg 6 and also using a pole, was Tim Relf who caught a Bream and several bits for 3lbs 7oz. Southdown’s Chris Copeland at peg 2 claimed third, fishing the waggler, to land 1lb 15oz of Roach.

With two members in the top three, Southdown won the match and Malcolm Faulkner the New Year Challenge Trophy, well done Malcolm.


Sunday 27th December 2015, Holiday Special

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

After the Christmas festivities it was good to take in some fresh air, wave goodbye to Santa and leave the mince pies and sherry at home! Hard to believe we are rapidly approaching the year end and still no sign of frost or snow. This match last year was fished in a biting easterly wind and severe frost, but this time, weather and river wise, no change from last week, cloudy mild and windy, good winter depth, coloured and flowing nicely. Angling wise, thankfully no change either, the fish were in the mood to feed and all those present enjoyed plenty of bites.

The hot spot on the Haven this year seems to be around the second bend and Trevor Hoad enjoyed himself on peg 9 which is literally on the bend, as by catching roach and skimmer bream using a pole, he won the match at a canter with 7lbs 12oz.

Along the first straight at peg 3, Chris Copeland favoured the waggler with big maggot and landed 4lbs 10oz of roach to claim second spot.

Third place went to Peter Gabbitas at peg 10 who used a combination of whip and pole to finish with a mixed bag for 3lbs 9oz.

Next week it's the New Year Challenge at the same venue and with the weather looking to remain fairly settled let's hope for another good day.


Sunday 20th December 2015, 3rd  & Final Round Christmas Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

Another good turnout of 19 anglers eagerly awaited the draw, while giving presents and cards to friends and talking of their Christmas plans, well, for a short while anyway.

Then onto the more serious stuff, how the river would fish. It was certainly the mildest Christmas Cup final round for many years and coupled with a moderate wind with the river holding good colour and flow, great things were expected.

And so it proved, with those fortunate enough to be pegged around the second bend enjoying most of the action, although everyone was kept busy with plenty of bites and good back up weights along the whole stretch.

Chris Copeland drew peg 15 which is positioned to the right hand side of the willow tree and by fishing the waggler to the far bank he connected with some roach and a couple of small skimmer bream to win the match with 7lbs 1oz.

On peg 13 Peter Gabbitas used a pole to catch a mixed bag and claim second place with 4lbs 14oz, while third went to Gary Flint at peg 18 who also used a pole to land 4lbs 10oz.

After the points won over the three rounds were totted up, the winner of the Christmas Cup this year proved to be Chris Copeland, well done Chris.

We must welcome Rod and Tony Brown who've been in attendance now for several weeks, nice to meet you guys and good luck in the matches.

Also a big thank you to Match Secretary Steve Izzard, who not only pegs out, weights in, runs the raffle, fishes a few matches and this year bought all the prizes as well!

Well done and thanks Steve, your work is greatly appreciated by us all.


Sunday 13th December 2015, 2nd Round Christmas Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

After another mild week and with several reports of the river fishing well during the week, expectations were high for the 19 Southdown A A members taking part. The fishing however turned out to be a bit of a non event for most, possibly due to there being very little flow with a poor colour in the river.

Patrick Newman at peg 18 just before the end of the first field, decided to play the long game and targeted the bream. After a biteless first two hours he went on to win the match with 13lbs 5oz of bream caught using both feeder and waggler. At peg 19, next to Patrick, Michael Wood using a pole, caught small skimmer bream and roach to claim second with 3lbs 11oz while third place went to Craig Ramsden who caught a bream and several small roach to finish with 2lbs 13oz.

The third and final round takes place at Ironbridge next Sunday, and with very few points separating the top 10 positions an exciting finish is anticipated.


Sunday 6th December 2015,   1st Round Christmas Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

Another Sunday and another match fished in what can only be described as uncomfortable conditions, with gale force winds and heavy rain on and off all day.

The only consolation was that the fishing was good, with the Haven having a slight flow and good colour and all the competitors enjoyed plenty of bites.

The man in form drew the peg in form and both produced the goods. Trevor White who was positioned just past the second bend, used a pole with big maggot hook bait to land 7lbs 1oz of roach and skimmer bream to win the match in convincing style. Peter Easton at peg 2, employed similar tactics to finish second with 5lbs 5oz of perch, roach and skimmers, while just behind in third, with a mixed bag for 5lbs 4oz, was Chris Copeland who fished a waggler on peg 9 at the end of the first straight.

With as many as 20 competitors expected to fish next week it's all to play for at Middle Bridge, let's hope for some great fishing with slightly less mud to take home on gear and clothing! The draw takes place at 9am.


Sunday 29th November 2015, 3rd Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Raylands Farm

After a week of rain on most days, the high winds that had been forecast duly arrived on Saturday afternoon and stayed around for the whole of Sunday, gusting occasionally up to 60mph. Passing dog walkers suggested to the competitors that they were slightly mad fishing on such a day! Water conditions were far from ideal, with the river holding a good two feet of extra water, a very dark colour and not many areas to present the bait away from a very fast and swirling flow.

Joint leader of the competition after two rounds, Trevor White managed to find a far bank eddy in his chosen swim and by fishing the pole with maggot hook bait and very little groundbait winkled out a very respectable 2lbs 14oz of roach to win the match and secure the trophy for this year. Well done Trevor.

The Cuckmere series of matches are classed as roving competitions allowing anglers to choose their own peg and move positions after an hour if things aren't going to plan, so, having spend a biteless two hours fishing above the weir, Rod Brown made a move downstream and found a sheltered swim from which he secured second position with 14oz of roach, again caught using a pole. In third with 9oz, was Steve Izzard, who's three roach were landed in the first 20 minutes of the match. Unfortunately however, most of the others taking part struggled for any sort of bite.

It's festive hats on next week for the start of the much looked forward to Christmas Cup series, the first of which takes place on the Wallers Haven upstream at Ironbridge. If you'd like to take part you don't need the hat!, just your gear, optional five pounds pools money and be ready for a 9am draw, with fishing between 10am and 3pm.

Sunday 22nd November 2015, 4th Marsh Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

With the Ironbridge section of the Haven fishing so brilliant last week and Boreham Street fishing well all season, it was no surprise that the 16 anglers participating anticipated great things.

One slight concern however, was the sudden change in the weather conditions from Friday to Sunday, from a balmy 15 degrees to just 5, coupled with an overnight frost and a chilly north east wind. As things turned out the fish didn't enjoy the plummeting temperatures either and refused to feed.

Fishing near the culvert with a pole and pinkie on the hook, Trevor Hoad caught a 1oz roach which was enough to win the match! Counting himself unlucky was Chris Copeland, the only other competitor to temp a bite, as fishing the waggler with double red maggot hookbait, he landed a jack pike of around two and a half pounds, but unfortunately, on this day, pike didn't count!

The third and final round of the Cuckmere Cup takes place next week and then amazingly we are into the Christmas Cup series. If you would like to participate, please check your club card for venue details. The draw for pegs in the winter months always take place at 9am, with fishing between 10am and 3pm.

Sunday 15th November 2015

The Roger Weston Memorial Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

The weather was blustery, the water coloured and flowing but the unseasonably mild weather gave everyone confidence that they would catch a few, so much so, that many competitors took leave of their senses when predicting their catch weight before the start.  Some even went as high as 14lb when normally at this time of year 5 would be enough to win.

Steve Izzard did a great job pegging the match length, giving everyone plenty of room, omitting the short straight where the wind was blowing directly into the bank and fortunately the Haven fished it socks off!  Many of the resident bream showed, including one of 4lb 9oz, as well as a 4lb 3oz tench, eels, skimmers and the ever reliable roach.

Overall winner with 6 bream on the feeder, was Patrick (Gripper) Newman with 22lbs 12oz.  Despite having taken a bad knock on his head recently, Peter Gabbitas came second with 12lbs 4oz, again with some bream plus eels (perhaps someone should hit him again!).

Grenville Weston placed third with 11lbs 9oz and fourth was Trevor Hoad with 8lbs 5oz.

The backing weights were generally good too, with Chris Copeland and Malcolm Faulkner both netting 6lb 4oz, Trevor Ramsden 4lb 12oz, Tim Crowdey 4lb 5oz, Gary Flint 2lb 13oz, Tony Brown 2lb dead and Rod Brown 1lb 7oz.

Malcolm Faulkner won the guess your weight prize, correctly predicting he would catch his 6lbs 4ozs, which he duly did.  Malcolm will tell you next weeks Euro Million winning numbers if you ask him!

Even those outside the main prizes went home with a small gift from the peg draw after the match.

£75 was raised from the entry fees and donations, which has been forwarded to the BBC Children in Need appeal.

Thanks to everyone who participated and hope to see you all again next year.

Sunday 18th October 2015, 2nd Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Shermans Bridge

A club water that holds many excellent quality fish but can sometimes be hard to work out and so it proved on the day. Expectations were high as the cold easterley wind we had endured for the past week had abated and the river was looking good with just enough colour and flow, so all looked set for a great match.

For two competitors this was the case, but for the remainder it was a frustrating day.

Trevor White fished about half a mile upstream and using a pole with double red maggot caught two tench and several roach to win the match with an impressive 8lbs 13oz.

Second place went to Steve Izzard, who also chose to use a pole, but targeted the roach and fishing a swim below the weir, also impressed with a fine bag weighing 8lbs 1oz.

Sitting two swims above the weir, Fred Clews claimed third with roach and rudd for 1lb 8oz. Unfortunately for everyone else bites were almost none existent and 6oz was enough for fourth spot.

The final round in a month at Raylands Farm could be a belter, with Steve and Trevor locked together on equal points at the top, just four ahead of the chasing pack.


Sunday 11th October 2015, 4th Marsh Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge, Upstream

A day to forget for several of those taking part as although the sun came out from time to time, several extra layers of clothing were required to fend of the nagging cold easterly wind which blew straight into one’s face. Conditions were not great and the fish certainly didn't feel like feeding either.

Top weights came from those furthest the bridge and Fred Clews enjoyed himself finding several net sized skimmer bream and small roach using a pole with big maggot bait, to win the match with 2lbs 11oz. Also choosing a pole was Pete Easton, who caught a similar stamp of fish to claim second with 1lbs 12oz, which was just enough to squeeze Neil Post in to third position with 1lb 10oz. Apart from that, the others guys has ounces between them and several pairs of cold hands! A nice autumn day to be on the bank though.

With the weather hopefully set to warm up next weekend, the second round of the Cuckmere Cup at Shermans Bridge could just throw up several surprises. We must wait and see.


Sunday 4th October 2015, 1st Round Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

After a very chilly start, the day was gorgeous with plenty of sunshine and a light upstream breeze. In fact most of those taking part stripped off the jumpers and enjoyed the fishing in just T shirts and jeans, amazing for early October.

On peg 5 half way along the first straight, Patrick Newman decided to fish his waggler close in for the perch with chopped worm. His decision making was perfect and he went on the win the match, catching a number of nice sized fish plus small skimmer bream for a winning weight of 7lbs exactly. Next door on peg 6, Steve Davey fished to the far bank with maggot and caught 6lbs 1oz of small roach and skimmers to finish second, while Chris Copeland fishing peg 8, landed 5lbs 9oz of roach and skimmers for third place.


Sunday 27th September 2015, 1st Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Churchlands, Arlington

A day when things didn't quite work out as planned. Pre-match banter centred around a great looking river with plenty of depth and colour plus a perfect amount of flow. Coupled with bags of sunshine and a warm breeze, this gave great confidence to the guys taking part in having a good day. How wrong can we anglers be sometimes.

Steve Izzard drew the last peg in the first field towards the Arlington Reservoir stretch. Fishing with a waggler and big maggot on the hook he started catching small roach from the off, gradually however after the first hour, the number of bites dropped off to almost non existent, but his 1lb 14oz was enough to give him victory.

Using a pole at peg 3 was Trevor White, who's swim did exactly the same. However, Trevor's roach and chublets weighed in at 1lb 8oz for second spot. Chris Copeland fished a waggler on peg 5 to finish third with just 1lb 4oz of small roach. In fact during the last hour not a single bite was registered by the competitors, amazing when you think about the number and quality of the fish that live here. That's fishing for you.

The first round of the Waggler Only trophy takes place at Ironbridge upstream on the Wallers Haven next Sunday, 4th October. We look forward to that and if you fancy coming along you can enjoy a slight lay in as well as it's the first of this seasons 9am draws, with fishing taking place between 10am and 3pm. Hope to see you there.


Sunday 20th September 2015, Roy Andrews Memorial Trophy

Venue: North Farm Pool, Marle Green

After suffering from heavy rain on most days during the week, it was great to be able to fish on a really pleasant September day, plenty of warm sunshine and a light breeze adding to the beauty at this club water.

Carp were again the order of the day and Steve Davey who fished at the last peg in the woods, landed one Carp of around the 7lbs mark, which, coupled with a number of net sized skimmer bream, won the match with 10lbs 1oz caught using a pole.

On peg 4 was Chris Copeland, who managed second place, by fishing with a waggler and big maggot bait, to catch small roach and skimmer bream to finish with 8lbs 2oz.

Tim Crowdy positioned on peg 9, was unlucky really, fishing with a pole, Tim managed to land two carp but unfortunately lost two as well, but held on for third spot with 7lbs 8oz.

Although the large skimmers failed to show, all competitors enjoyed plenty of bites.

We now look forward to the First Round of the Cuckmere Cup to be held at Churchlands, Arlington next Sunday, the 27th.


Sunday 6th September 2015, 3rd Marsh Shield KO Cup &

                                                    Match v Rye & Clive Vale

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

A lovely September day and the fishing was good too, especially for those fortunate enough to be pegged around the second bend close to the willow tree, in fact the top three on the day sat side by side.

Steve Davey targeted the smaller fish with a combination of pole and waggler. Catching consistently he went to win the match with 8lbs 2oz.

Patrick Newman got off to a flyer, trying a different tactic for here, tutti frutti boilies with a method feeder. The bream liked it and he landed two in the first hour or so, however they sloped off as quickly as they arrived, but with the aid of several more skimmer bream he claimed second with 7lbs exactly.

Dennis Ramsden, fishing for the visitors, caught roach and skimmers with a pole and his 6lbs 3oz gave him third place. With five anglers placed in the top 6 positions, Southdown won the interclub match.

The fishing along the match section can only be described as patchy but most of those participating enjoyed a good days sport.


Sunday 30th August 2015, Match v Hastings & Bexhill

Venue: North Farm Pool, Marle Green

Although the forecast had been for yet more rain, the weather turned out to be a very pleasant late summers day.

Fishing at peg 1, next to the dam, Southdown's Steve Davy targeted the carp and caught four. Fishing a pole with big maggot hook bait and along with a tench and a couple of small skimmer bream, he went on to win the match with 21lbs 8oz.

Chris Hitchings, fishing for Hastings and Bexhill secured second place with three carp for 14lbs caught at the end peg in the wood area. Also fishing for Hastings was David Brown whose patience paid off, as with just an hour remaining he managed to snare a carp of 8lbs to finish in third position. Southdown's Chris Copeland fished a waggler to catch small roach and the odd skimmer bream for 5lbs 9oz to claim fourth by the narrowest of margins as the oppositions Chris Playfoot employed the same tactics to finish close behind with 5lbs 7oz. Taking the top three anglers from each club Southdown won the match with several good back up weights.


Sunday 23rd August 2015, Club Match

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

With this stretch of the Haven continuing to fish well, all those taking part were confident of plenty of bites, as with glorious warm sunshine and a downstream breeze the day was perfect, especially so for Grenville Weston, who fished near the culvert in the second field.

Using a pole with big maggot bait, he caught roach and skimmer bream steadily throughout the match, to claim top spot with 15lbs 5oz. Second was Peter Gabbitas, who chose to use the feeder and also captured skimmers to finish with 12lbs 12oz. In third place, with another double figure catch of 10lbs 4oz, was Tim Crowdy.


Sunday 16th August 2015, Match v Haywards Heath

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

The weather was not too bad as after a grey start, the sun got his hat on and this coupled with a gusty downstream breeze made for decent conditions. However, fishing wise the Haven didn't quite play ball and for some a bite was hard to come by.

Pegged midway along the second straight and fishing the pole, Tim Crowdy managed to tempt several skimmer bream and small roach to take his maggot bait to claim top spot on the day with 7lbs 10oz. Trevor White also used a pole and landed 6lbs 9oz of mainly roach for second place and Steve Davey placed third with 5lbs 6oz. All were fishing for Southdown.

As a result, Southdown won the match with four anglers placed in the top five positions.

Sunday 2nd August 2015, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm

On a gorgeous summer day with clear blue sky and bags of sunshine, members enjoyed a good day on the lake at Curls Farm.

Fishing the method feeder to the far bank and alternating between dead maggot and sweetcorn on the hook, Steve Davey connected with 9 carp up to 10lbs to win the match with 49lbs 6oz. Finishing in second place, one carp behind, was Trevor Hoad, who's 8 fish weighed 36lbs 5oz, while Patrick Newman secured third with 32lbs 10oz.

Monday 27th July 2015, Pole Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

On what only be described as a rather dark and dreary evening, the fishing just about matched. A very strong wind and little colour in the water didn't help either.

Those pegged along the first straight struggled for bites and more action came from just past the willow tree. Peter Gabbitas targeted bream and his actions paid off with a good sized specimen and several large skimmer bream falling to worm on the hook, his weight of 4lbs 8oz being enough for victory. Trevor Hoad caught skimmers and small roach on and off throughout the two and a half hours of the match to finish second with 3lbs 6oz, while the patient game played by Graham Shrinkfield paid dividends in the last hour, as he slid his net under a nice bream, which, coupled with some small roach caught earlier, proved enough for third place with 3lbs 1oz.


Monday 20th July 2015, Sixth Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge, Upstream

The same river as yesterday but on a different section and with heavy rain and a chilly wind, the conditions were miserable and the fishing can only be described as poor.

Fishing towards the end of the first field, Steve Davey connected with some decent skimmer bream caught using the waggler and with 4lbs 2oz was easily top weight on the night.

Half way along the straight, Trevor Hoad fishing a pole, landed a mixed bag of silverfish to claim second with 2lbs dead, just enough to squeeze Ian Wicks into third spot, Ian finishing on 1lb 15oz.

A welcome back to Chris Higgins who's returned to the competition scene after several years absence, we wish you and your sons good luck during the coming months.

We now look forward to the Pole Shield next Monday evening, sadly the last of this seasons evening matches before the nights start to draw in. What a horrible thought! However there are still plenty of Sunday matches to look forward to, so if you'd like to participate, please continue to check here on the website or in your 2015 Membership Booklet.


Sunday 19th July 2015, 2nd Marsh Shield KO Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

The competitors were greeted by a grey and wet start to the morning, but spirits were not dampened for long as conditions improved to give a warm and sunny afternoon and excellent fishing.

Peter Gabbitas made the long walk to the end peg just before the famous Hogtrough straight and his stamina was rewarded with an excellent day spent catching bream. Alternating between using a waggler and a feeder, Peters weight of 24lbs 2oz was enough to win the match. Trevor Hoad used similiar tactics at the next peg to claim second with 19lbs 10oz, while Grenville Weston who was pegged opposite the culvert in the second field and chose to fish the pole with pinkie hookbait, came third with 17lbs 11oz.

On an incredible day with fourteen anglers fishing, only two weights under 10lbs were recorded, the catches not only including the odd 3lbs plus bream but also decent sized roach and skimmer bream


Monday 13th July 2015, Fifth Evening Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Churchlands, Arlington

The wind and rain continued for this match with a gusty unpredictable wind making conditions difficult. Steve Davey drew favoured peg 1 at the downstream end of the first field and made the most of it. Fishing with a small waggler and pinkie hookbait, he caught small roach and chub consistently to win with 2lbs 2oz. Michael Wood came close behind in second place, with a mixed bag of small silverfish for 1lb 13oz caught using a pole. Peter Gabbitas gave Michael a run for his money, again using the pole to the far bank in a swim half way along the second field, to finish with 1lb 11oz.


Sunday 12th July 2015, Roger Izzard Memorial

Venue: North Farm Pool, Marle Green

After some lovely summer days, it was sad that the weather had changed on Saturday night and the match was fished on a wet, windy and rather chilly day.

Trevor Hoad managed to find some skimmer bream and small roach using a pole with big maggot hook bait, to win the trophy with 10lbs 4oz. Second with 6lbs 14oz, using similar tactics was Tim Crowdy, while 4lbs 9oz was enough to secure third place for Malcolm Faulkner.

Friday 10th July 2015, Annual Night Match

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

With reports of good catches from the start of the season on this stretch of the Haven, all the brave and rather slightly mad anglers fishing the 12 hour all night competition, arrived full of expectation and they were not disappointed, as with conditions just about perfect, mild with an overcast sky and light breeze, the fishing was superb.

Gary Flint fished opposite the willow tree using a quiver tip with worm and maggot on the hook to win the match with 49lbs 4oz, the best weight recorded on the river for several years. Gary's catch was made up by 14 bream, 3 tench and several small silverfish.

Clive Copeland came second with a decent weight of 17lbs 4oz, comprising 6 bream, all taken between 5 and 8am. Several other bream were caught by competitors during the night, but with Gary and Clive so far in front, the anglers decided to release their catches and witness the weigh in.

A great nights fishing, if you've not entered the all nighter before it could be worth a try next year.

Monday 6th July 2015, Fourth Evening Cup

Venue: Pevensey Haven, Sheepwash

The glorious summer continues and the match was fished on a fabulous summers evening. With a good depth and reasonable colour on the Haven, expectations of a good evening were high and the fishing didn't let us down.

Fishing the whip midway along the first field, Trevor Hoad landed 5lbs 5oz of small roach and skimmer bream caught up in the water, to secure another Evening Cup match win.

Joint second were Graham Shinkfield and Chris Copeland each with 4lbs 7oz, Graham's weight made up by one nice tench, which was landed just five minutes before the final whistle, while at peg one, Chris used a whip to catch a silver fish mixed bag. Ian Wicks secured fourth place with small roach and rudd for 3lbs 12oz.

With the season barely three weeks old, a number of good sized tench have been recorded at Pevensey. At the moment, the annual weed problem shows signs of improvement, and our thanks are due to the small team of maintenance guys who cleared swims last Friday evening, so it’s a good time to fish here as there are plenty of swims that are fishable right along the first field section.

Also remember that any specimens caught can be recorded and qualify for the possibility of silverware at the end of the season.


Monday 29th June 2015, Third Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

A good turnout of 13 anglers had an enjoyable two and a half hours fishing on a glorious evening. Plenty of bites for most with several decent sized fish caught too.

Michal Stafanko chose to fish a pole at his peg just past the pump house and landed a tench of 5lbs 2oz plus a number of small roach to win with 6lbs 3oz.

Second place was secured by Michael Wood on peg 1 almost opposite the pump house. Fishing the waggler, Michael had bites from the off, to finish with 6lbs dead, while Tim Crowdy employed the same method to catch 5lbs 6oz of roach and skimmer bream, which was enough for third place. Several bream to over 3lbs were recorded and the river continues to fish well.

Welcome back to Gary Sutton and Steve Davey, nice to see you both again and good luck in future competitions.


Sunday 28th June 2015, 1st Marsh Shield KO Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge, Upstream

A lovely bright and sunny summer morning greeted the competitors, along with a pleasant upstream breeze, the Haven still holding a high level, with the colour also remaining good.

Fishing at peg 1, Neil Post fished the pole with big maggot hookbait and caught consistently throughout, to win the match with 10lbs 10oz made up of small skimmer bream, roach and rudd. Further along the first straight at peg 5, Grenville Weston finished close behind on 10lbs 2oz and Gary Flint secured third with 9lbs 13oz. Plenty of skimmer bream were caught along with some nice sized roach, with plenty of bites enjoyed by all the competitors.


Sunday 21st June 2015, Southdown Challenge Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

The very eagerly awaited first match of the new river season turned out to be a real belter and the fishing was good all along the river. A fairly consistent westerly wind along with overcast skies and a temperature hovering around 20 degrees made for perfect conditions.

Winner on the day was Chris Copeland who caught five bream on the feeder, plus some roach on the waggler, to finish with 17lbs dead, his last bream coming with just ten minutes of the match remaining.

Close behind with 16lbs 7oz was Trevor Hoad who fished the waggler to catch roach and skimmer bream, while third with three bream and a bonus jack pike for 14lbs 8oz was Sedley Underdown. Peter Stradwick just missed out on a top three placing by finishing with 14lbs 4oz.

This part of the Wallers Haven is already fishing well this season, with reports of a 5lbs 8oz bream being caught and with several showing up in the match, some being lost as well, if it's the slabs that do it for you, give it a go.


Monday 15th June 2015, First Evening Cup

Venue: Curls Farm

The first evening match of the new season took place on a warm and sunny evening with just a gentle breeze blowing across the lake. The conditions seemed perfect, but sadly the Carp didn't see things the same way and the fishing was tough.

Two Carp for 13lbs 2oz was enough to give Trevor Hoad victory. Trevor fished the method feeder to the far bank with corn on the hook. Securing second, also with two Carp, was Michael Wood who finished with 12lbs 11oz, again caught on the method feeder.

Tim Crowdy placed third with 10lbs 5oz, while Peter Gabbitas and Chris Copeland tied for fourth place, each with 8lbs 1oz.

It was pleasing to welcome back Neil Post, who's missed the last two years but is keen to get back to match fishing again. All the best for the new season Neil.

Sunday 17th May 2015, Club Match

Venue: North Farm Pool, Marle Green

Weather wise a very pleasant day, with bags of sunshine and a gentle breeze, but fishing wise not quite so good unless your swim was near the damn and had a good splattering of lilies. Fishing at peg 1 with a pole and targeting the carp, Peter Gabbitas showed everyone the way home, catching seven in total plus a few bits, for a winning weight of 26lbs. On the other side of the lake, opposite Peter was Trevor Hoad, who secured second place with 13lbs 8oz, made up by a cracking carp of 11lbs 3oz plus a small tench and a skimmer bream. Michael Wood at peg 2 came third with two carp and several roach for 8lbs 4oz.

For everyone else the silver fish population failed to show, bites being at a premium and with not too many fish placed in the net.

The first Evening Cup match of the 2015 season is scheduled for Curls Farm on Monday 15th June, with the draw at 6pm and fishing from 6.30 until 9pm. We then look forward to the start of the river season, with, on the following Sunday, the 21st June, the ever popular Southdown Challenge at Boreham Street. If you'd like to join us, the draw takes place at 8am with fishing from 9am to 2pm.

Water maintenance has been carried out to clear the swims at this venue. Many thanks to all the members who turned up to help. This means there should be plenty of pegs to fish and with winning weights in this match ranging from 18 to 45lbs in past years, we could be in for an exciting competition.

Sunday 3rd May 2015, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm, Ripe

After almost a week of glorious sunshine the area of low pressure promised by the forecasters came sweeping in with heavy rain on the Saturday night and stayed around for the duration of the match. Coupled with a very gusty wind and low temperature conditions were far from ideal. It was very good to welcome Gary Flint and Kevin Dunkeld, both fishing their first match at Curls Farm, shame it was on such a miserable day.

Michael Wood fished the method feeder with corn on the hook and after a slow start managed to tempt five carp with four caught in the last two hours to win the match with 23lbs 12oz.

Also fishing the method feeder with corn and landing five carp was Peter Gabbitas who finished with 22lbs for second place. Trevor Hoad secured third with two carp for 12lbs 15oz. On a day when even the rudd failed to show, a couple of competitors suffered the dreaded blank with most others finishing with just one or two carp.

Our next club match will be fished on Sunday 17th May at the very picturesque Marle Green. At the moment the forecast looks like being sunny and mild, possibly perfect, so if you'd like to come along, the draw takes place at 9am by the lake, with fishing between 10am and 3pm. We hope to see you there.

Sunday 19th April 2015, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm, Ripe

Having received reports of good catches during the days running up to the competition, expectations of the competitors were high. The only slight worry was a very chilly North wind and although the day itself was sunny the temperature was certainly lower than forecast.

As the competition progressed it became obvious that the Carp didn't appreciate the chilly weather either and a run of bites was rare. However Peter Gabbitas managed to catch three carp in the last hour to win the match with 17lbs 4oz using the method feeder.

Well done to Michal Stefanko, a new member this year, fishing his first match, to secure second place with two carp for 16lbs 15oz. In third was Chris Copeland who managed two carp and several large rudd for 15lbs 9oz.

We hope the weather warms up a bit for our next match here in a fortnights time. It's always good to see new faces at our matches, so if you fancy coming along the draw takes place at 9am with fishing from 10am until 3pm.

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