Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


1. All paid up members of the Southdown Angling Association are eligible to enter all Association competitions.

2. Competitors should meet at the match venue as published in this booklet or Association newsletter. Change of venue due to adverse water or weather conditions will be at the discretion of the match organizer.

3. A draw for peg numbers or order of walk-off will take place 45 minutes before start of competition. (30 minutes before start in evening matches).

4. All competitors must report to the match organizer and pay match fees before drawing number.

5. At peg down matches latecomers may only draw if there are vacant pegs available.

6. Any competitor obtaining draw number by unfair means will be disqualified and reported to the Committee for further action.

7. No breaking of water before starting signal, except to wet groundbait, clear undergrowth and weeds etc., plumb depth or position keepnet.

8. Competitors may use one rod with one hook only at any one time. Other rods may be made up but their hooks must be unbaited.

9. Any angler leaving their swim must remove their line from the water and bait from hook.

10. Lines must be withdrawn from water promptly on signal for the finish of the competition. Any angler hooking a fish before the end of the finish signal will be allowed a further 15 minutes to land it.

11. All competitions will be fished "all-in". Scales will be taken to the fish. All catches must be returned alive to the water. Dead fish or trout will not be weighed.

12. At roving matches, competitors must not:-

12.1 Fish nearer than 15 metres to any other angler already established in their chosen swim.

12.2 Fish outside boundaries indicated by match organizer.

12.3 At walk-off, pass competitors with lower draw numbers until the latter have selected their  swim.

12.4 Move to a different swim during the first hour of the match.

13. All competitors will be liable to disqualification if litter is found at their peg and will be reported to the Committee for further action.

14. The match organizer’s decision is final at all Association competitions.

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