Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


Match Fixtures and Venues

Recently the Association had a match scheduled for upstream at Ironbridge.

On arriving early on the Sunday morning the competitors were greeted with the sight of four night shelters/bivvies set up in the first field. Fortunately on the day, we did not have a vast number of competitors and we were able to peg around them, however on another day we could be fishing against one or more other clubs with a much greater attendance and this could then present a problem.

The Fixture List in the Membership Year Book clearly requests that on the day of matches the water specified should be left clear, so if you are planning a trip to one of our waters on a Saturday night or Sunday, please remember to check your Year Book or the website for match fixtures before deciding on the venue.

We of course want everyone to enjoy their fishing, but please choose a venue to fish that is not involved with a competition, we have plenty of other excellent waters for members to enjoy a days angling.

Match Reports 2017/2018

2017 / 2018 Competition Season Review

The club competitions throughout the season continued to attract good attendances, even in the depths of winter. It seemed that from the start of November to the middle of March the weather has been very up and down as in general, most weekends we've had to suffer gale force winds and rain, or a biting easterly wind coupled with very low temperatures.

Remember the Beast from the East?, well, as this piece is being penned, we are awaiting the arrival of the Son of the Beast, another weekend of sub zero temperatures is forecast, with a chilly wind and snow showers and it's mid March !

Pleasingly, the regular match guys have enjoyed many great competitions throughout the year.

The first match of the season back in June at Boreham Street was won by Malcolm Faulkner with a decent bag of bream, Malcolm securing the Southdown challenge trophy with 36lbs of our slimy friends.

At the same venue a month later 27 anglers turned out for the Roger Weston memorial match, when the bream showed again with Nigel Parks romping home with 55lbs and Tim Relf at the next peg landing 53lbs while losing a further 8 fish. Chris Copeland won the night match at Middle Bridge with 24lbs of bream, and Neil Post had 15lbs of them in the first round of the Marsh Shield, again at Middle Bridge in August.

It's not only been all stretches of the Wallers Haven producing, decent weights were also recorded on stretches of the Cuckmere, with a number of good sized carp also being landed here along with tench and bream.

At Marle Green the carp are certainly putting in an appearance, Peter Gabbitas securing the Roger Izzard memorial trophy with 24lbs and in late summer Gary Flint the Roy Andrews memorial trophy with 25lbs.

Even during the winter months the weights on the Wallers Haven held up pretty well with 10lbs of roach and skimmers winning a match in January.

If you want to fish the matches, the competition guys are a nice friendly bunch who will gladly welcome you along. All fixtures are listed in the annual Membership Booklet and on this website, with details of times and venues. Pools entrance is optional, but if you like to enter the pools, the cost is generally £5. Matches are held on most Sunday's during the season, including several away matches fishing against other clubs. We also have a series of Evening Cup competitions during the summer along with a night match and a further evening match for the Pole Shield.

If you'd like more information please get in touch with either Steve Izzard or Chris Copeland whose contact details can be found in the Membership Booklet.

Sunday 11th March 2018, Bill Walder Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

For many it was like turning up to the show you'd excitedly been looking forward to, then driving home several hours later and wishing you hadn't bothered.

The 3 to 4 days leading up to the competition had been mild and mostly dry and with the Haven holding a good colour and level it was thought the whole match length would fish well. Fishing can sometimes let you down though!

Heavy rain greeted the early arrivals, but thankfully by the time of the draw, this had drifted away, to leave a pleasant day, spoiled only by a chilly south easterly breeze which got stronger as the day wore on.

Rod Brown enjoyed himself at peg 2, fishing with a pole and pinkie on the hook, he caught small roach and perch consistently throughout the five hours to win the trophy with a respectable weight of 4lbs 1oz, well done Rod.

Second place went to Peter Gabbitas at peg 6 who employed similar tactics and landed a similar bag of fish to finish with 3lbs 10oz, while a fine day for the "Brown brothers" was complete by Tony at peg 1 securing third place with 2lbs 12oz.

Unfortunately a couple of blanks were recorded and several other competitors weighed in just ounces. Bait presentation for those positioned away from the bridge was difficult in the breeze with the float travelling upstream and towards the near bank and with the river rising by around six inches then flowing hard for the last 30 minutes or so, it was not quite the match on which to finish the river season.

Overall though we have had a fabulous competition season with some decent weights recorded and now look forward to some stillwater matches before the return of the glorious 16th in June.

Our thanks are due to Match Secretary Steve Izzard for doing a sterling job again through the year, it’s much appreciated.


Sunday 4th March 2018, 5th & Final Round Marsh Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

Well the "beast of the east" certainly sunk its teeth into the whole of the UK last week and as all the recent news reports have told us,  it was an incredibly cold week with plenty of snow, although here in the South East it seems we escaped fairly lightly compared to many others.

We expected the Haven to be frozen over, however with a relatively quick thaw through Friday night and Saturday, it was lovely to see the river was ice free when the anglers turned up for the competition, but although not frozen, there was very little colour in the water, it was a couple of feet higher than last Sunday and overall looked pretty unappealing ! The match itself turned out to be a non event, quite plainly it was rubbish and in a chilly South Easterly breeze and rain all day, no one enjoyed themselves.

Fortunately for Chris Copeland, the only bite of the day fell for his waggler presented pinkie and he didn't miss it. He won the match with just one roach for 2oz.

Although everyone else tried all methods from whip to pole to feeder the fish we in no mood to feed and blanks were the order of the day. At the end, Match Secretary Steve Izzard added up the points from the series of five matches and the winner of the Marsh Shield this season was Chris, well done.

We'll say no more and look forward to the last match of the season to cheer us up and hopefully end on a high note.


Sunday 25th February 2018, 4th Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

With forecasters predicting the "beast of the east" is on the way (i.e. severe cold weather from Siberia !) and those travelling to take part fearing a frozen river, it was pleasing that only thin ice around the rivers edge was evident as the sun rose.

Although a biting easterly wind kept the wind chill to around minus 5, the fishing was O.K. with all competitors enjoying plenty of bites and bearing in mind that due to the extremely cold wind, the match duration was reduced to four hours and not the usual five, the weights were good. The river held a perfect colour with a gentle flow which seemed to appeal to the roach and this stretch of water once again produced on a very chilly day.

Rod Brown fishing at peg 1 tempted small roach and skimmers to his pinkie bait fished with a waggler and won the match with 4lbs 12oz, very commendable on such a hard day.

At peg 3 Chris Copeland employed similar tactics to catch all small roach for 2lbs 3oz for second place, while Rod's brother Tony made it a good day for the Brown family, securing third with 1lb 9oz. With all the points totalled up after the four rounds, the trophy this year belongs to Chris Copeland, well done Chris.

Although it seems commercial / still waters appeal more to the majority of anglers these days, during the winter months the Wallers can offer great sport. Admittedly the fish landed are generally smaller but bites are often plentiful, certainly enough to make you forget about how chilly it is. Surely there's nothing better than seeing your float moving gently in the flow downstream before slowly disappearing from view as another silverfish in pristine condition falls for the bait.

We have only two more river matches left before the end of the season, so if you'd like to take part, please be at Ironbridge next Sunday for a 9am draw with fishing from 10 to 3. If you own an ice breaker make sure it's packed safely with all your other gear, it may be required ! Lets just hope the "beast" will not have frozen things solid.


Sunday 18th February 2018, Away Match v Isfield

Venue: Wilderness Middle Lake

At last a half decent day weather wise, with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.

Southdown’s Steve Izzard followed up his fine win several weeks ago with another stunning performance. Fishing the method feeder with big maggot bait, he caught carp from the start to win the match with 43lbs 2oz. The battle for a top four place was fierce, with Isfield anglers claiming second and third places, all with carp, Paul Best had 38lbs 8oz and Peter Sells 36lbs 4oz, while Southdown’s Gary Mason was close behind in fourth with 35lbs 12oz.


Sunday 11th February 2018, 3rd Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

Well those weather gods we mentioned last week are still not listening !

After a mainly very cold and frosty week, Saturday decided to give us best part of a day of rain, which left the Haven high and flowing like a train, not good for trying to present a tempting bait and those taking part also had to cope with a chilly and brisk downstream wind, which, coupled with the fast flowing river, just added to the frustration.

At peg 6 Chris Copeland persevered with a waggler and big maggot bait all day and managed to tempt several small skimmer bream and roach to feed, to win the match with 1lb 1oz and he now has one hand firmly on the trophy with just one more round to go.

Meanwhile at peg 2, Rod Brown swopped between waggler and pole to land 5oz of small roach and a perch for second place, with Peter Nest at peg 8 securing third with 3oz.

We can't dress it up any better, it was seriously tough going.


Sunday 4th February 2018, 3rd Round Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

My goodness it was cold! How we pray to the weather gods for a run of half decent weather at least one weekend before we reach the end of the season. It was yet another day of punishment as the north easterly wind blew relentlessly into the faces of the competitors, with a highest temperature of just 3 degrees, but in the wind chill feeling like minus 2, most miserable.

Sadly the fish felt miserable too and were in no mood to feed. With many fearing a blank it is good to report that most caught but it was tough going.

Winner on the day was Patrick "gripper" Newman, fishing at peg 2, who secured victory with the aid of a decent roach netted within the last ten minutes, to finish with a bag of roach and skimmers for 1lb 6oz.

That was tough on Rod Brown who caught small roach on and off all day to finish second with 1lb 2oz from peg 8, while Chris Copeland at peg 4 didn't have a bite until two hours in, but managed to scramble to third with 10oz. Although the river held a decent colour and level the wind chill certainly put paid to the idea of good weights being recorded.

Let's hope that next Sunday brings just a touch more warmth.


Sunday 28th January 2018, 2nd Round Percy Baron

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

A great winter day to be fishing the Wallers. After much rain during the week the Haven held a good level, perfect colour and decent flow, the only downside being that the heavy rain on Saturday had left the banks incredibly muddy, resulting in most anglers and tackle going home much filthier and heavier than when they first arrived !

The day itself was perfect for fishing too, being overcast, with a gentle south westerly wind and feeling mild for late January and the top four anglers on the day made the most of the conditions, all finishing with over 5lbs in the net.

At peg 2, Chris Copeland, fishing with a waggler, enjoyed bites from the off and caught small roach and skimmers, falling for pinky on the hook, to win the match with 10lbs 6oz.

Meanwhile, at peg 9, Rod Brown fished a combination of whip and waggler to secure second place with 5lbs 10oz, while close behind in third, was brother Tony at peg 4, who chose to use the pole and landed 5lbs 7oz of silverfish.

It was a close battle along the first straight as Trevor Ramsden, fishing at peg 7, finished 4th with 5lbs 4oz.


Sunday 21st January 2018, Away Match v Isfield

Venue: Wilderness Lakes

On a grey and mild day that rained continuously the fishing was good.

Southdown Match Secretary Steve Izzard won the match with exactly 50lbs of carp caught using a method feeder, with Isfield anglers claiming the next two places, Club Chairman Nick Greenwood placing second with 46lbs 4oz and Trevor Hoad third with 30lbs.

There were also good back up weights from the other competitors, with the fish landed being mostly carp around the 2 to 3lb mark taken on either wafter or big maggot bait, although Trevor included a couple of 8lbs fish in his catch.


Sunday 14th January 2018, 1st Round Percy Baron & Match v PACES

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

A day when the weather turned out to be better than the forecast which made a pleasant change. Instead of a grey dull day with a chilly north easterly wind, the anglers enjoyed a day full of sunshine and clear blue skies. The wind however was still rather chilly and sunrise gave way to a very light frost.

The weather forecasters were not the only ones to get things wrong, pre match banter centred around where the best pegs were likely to be, and being chilly, it was generally agreed that being near the bridge would be favourable. How wrong we were !

Positioned at peg 9, which is three quarters of the way along the first straight, Southdown’s Chris Copeland chose to use a waggler fished fairly close in, to win the match with 5lbs 3oz of small roach and skimmers falling for pinkie on the hook.

Southdown Match secretary Steve Izzard used a pole at peg 4 with big maggot bait, landing a nice tench plus several small roach, to claim second with 4lbs 13oz, while in third position was Gary Mason, fishing for PACES, fishing a pole at peg 10, with pinkie hookbait, to finish with a bag of silverfish for 2lbs 11oz. Southdown won the match by virtue of having three anglers within the top five positions.

At the moment the Haven holds a good winter level and decent colour all the way from Boreham Street to Middle Bridge, so if you have some spare time and fancy and hour or two on the bank it may be worth a go.


Sunday 7th January 2018, New Year Challenge & Match v Clive Vale

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

A day to challenge even the most hardly and experienced fisherman.

For the past two months the match angler on a Sunday has endured either freezing cold and frosty conditions or gale force winds with heavy rain, with nothing in between.

Winter this time around offered up a really biting North Easterly wind blowing consistently at 25mph, gusting to 40mph, with the temperature just above freezing but feeling like minus one. At Iron Bridge that meant the wind blowing right into the competitors’ faces, not very pleasant at all.

Fortunately for Southdown angler Tim Crowdey, he drew peg 9, next to the bush at the end of the first straight and he was fairly sheltered, with some welcome winter sunshine and it even offered him a little calm river to fish, much to the envy of everyone else. Fishing a whip to hand with pinky bait, he caught small roach and small skimmer bream on and off, to win the match and trophy with 1lb 11oz, a fine performance considering the conditions. Well done Tim.

For the other competitors it was a case of more off than on. Tim Relf for Clive Vale had a run of small fish late on to claim second with 1lb 5oz, caught using a pole at peg 7, while Southdown’s Patrick Newman managed third with 9oz, Southdown winning the interclub match by having four anglers in the top five positions.

Although conditions were pretty harsh, at least everyone caught, certainly a day to blow any Christmas and New Year lethargy away. Bring on summer 2018.

Sunday 17th December 2017,

3rd & Final Round Christmas Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

The final round of this year’s Christmas Cup lived up to all expectations and was an exciting challenge for all participants.

With only a handful of points separating a number of anglers it was felt that a draw near the bridge was a necessity, but as it turned out this wasn't the case, although amazingly, on turning up in the early morning gloom, the competitors were surprised to see thin ice along the whole match length, so, with everyone breaking small holes in the ice with poles or landing net handles, the match started in freezing and foggy conditions. The temperature did rise later and the fog disappeared, then however it rained, what a mixture.

Positioned at peg 10 just before the end of the first straight, Tony Brown caught small roach and skimmer bream from the start and went on to win the match with 4lbs 7oz.

Grenville Weston on peg 8 landed a similar bag of fish to claim second with 3lbs 11oz, just nudging ahead of Tim Crowdy who secured third place with 3lbs 8oz. Everyone on the day caught close in by either using whip or pole tactics.

When match secretary Steve Izzard had finished totting up the points from all three matches, winner of the Christmas Cup this year was Chris Copeland, well done Chris.

A raffle at the end of he match allowed the lucky anglers to choose prizes which had been purchased from raffle money raised throughout the year. Many thanks to Steve Izzard for procuring the prizes and for all his hard work during year, it's much appreciated.

As darkness descended everyone wished each other a Happy Christmas and Good New Year and we now look forward to the mid week challenge taking place on Wednesday 27th December.

Meanwhile we wish you all a Merry Christmas and tight lines if you will be making the most of several days holiday during the festive period.

Sunday 10th December 2017, 2nd Round Christmas Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

A day to test the best of fishing equipment and clothing and the mental state of those that took part, as the weather forecast for the day was spot on, the wind gusting to 60mph with heavy relentless rain, in fact the river rose by around a foot during this 5 hour endurance competition.

This is the Christmas Cup however and nothing would deter those eager to get fishing after a week at work. At least Ironbridge upstream is almost guaranteed to produce the goods, even in the worst weather and thankfully every angler who endured the pain enjoyed plenty of bites.

Positioned three quarters of the way along the first straight at peg 7 was Gary Flint, who used a combination of pole and whip to win the match, with a nice bag of small skimmer bream and roach weighing 5lbs 3oz. His neighbour for the day at peg 8, Patrick Newman, employed similar tactics to claim second place with 4lbs 4oz., while third place went to Tony Brown with 3lbs 10oz of silverfish caught on the pole at peg 1.

The final round takes place, again at Ironbridge, next Sunday and with just a handful of points separating the top 5 anglers it's all to fish for. With the forecast for the week ahead as changeable as its been for the past few weeks, there'll be more prayers offered up during the coming days for a good draw, meanwhile it's back to trying to dry the clothes and rid the gear of all that mud !


Sunday 3rd December 2017, 1st Round Christmas Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

At last a Sunday that wasn't freezing cold and with the temperature forecast to be 10 degrees with a gentle breeze and a bit of sunshine all seemed good, especially as the Haven held a tinge of colour and with reasonable depth.

The 20 anglers taking part excitedly put their hand in the draw bag to find out which peg would be home for the day, as the weather was so reasonable for early December, most thinking that the river would produce along the whole match length. However it's been said before, but fishing can be very strange and the fish do not always play the game, as sadly a couple of anglers suffered a five hour blank with several packing up early.

As is so often the case this time of year, the first straight tends to be where you can guarantee bites, however the winner on the day, with an impressive 7lbs 4oz, was Gary Mason fishing a pole at peg 16 to the left of the willow tree, catching roach and small skimmer bream. Meanwhile, at peg 1, Steve Izzard enjoyed fishing a whip all day with pinkie on the hook to claim second place with 5lbs 13oz of roach and perch, while next door at peg 2, Peter Easton fished a short pole to hand, to finish third with 5lbs 3oz.

Section winners on the day were Michael Wood and Chris Copeland, both catching over 4lbs of silverfish.

We now look forward to Round 2 at Middle Bridge with more valuable Christmas cup points up for grabs. The weather forecast looks like it’s turning very cold, so a tough day may be on the cards. That's winter fishing for you though.


Sunday 26th November 2017, 4th Round Marsh Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

A fabulous stretch of water at anytime of the year but particularly when on other venues it may be tough going on a cold winters day.

After another very mild week, the weather changed again for the weekend and Sunday morning greeted the competitors with a thick frost and nagging North Easterly breeze which made for a chilly start. Despite the temperature however, it did turn out to be a lovely day with stacks of sunshine and clear blue sky.

So it may have been cold, but yet again the match stretch from the bridge to the first corner didn't disappoint and plenty of bites were enjoyed by all competitors.

Positioned at peg 5, Chris Copeland fished the waggler and caught small roach and skimmer bream from the off to win the match with 6lbs 13oz. Meanwhile at peg 2, Tony Brown used a pole to land 4lbs 13oz of roach, skimmers and perch to claim second place, while brother Rod Brown at peg 4 came third with 4lbs 9oz, again caught using a pole and Fred Clews at peg 1 sneaked into fourth place with 3lbs 10oz.

We now start thinking of the tinsel and turkey as we prepare for round one of the eagerly awaited Christmas Cup. The venue will again be Ironbridge upstream and a number of anglers will already be sending notes to Santa asking for a draw near the bridge, especially as the forecast for the next week or two is COLD !


Sunday 19th November 2017, 3rd Round Marsh Shield & KO Cup Final

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

Whilst watching the fabulous Blue Planet on the TV last night there were thoughts about trying to get David Attenborough down to Sussex to let us know what happens to the fish in the Wallers Haven after a couple of frosts, as on a gorgeous late autumn day that started frosty and misty, then bathed us all in sunshine, the fish for most just did not show.

At this venue, so often we find that the fish seem to vacate the top end of the first straight and move down towards the bridge, a chain reaction, which at some stage, starts with the angler at peg 1 catching, then peg 2, a bit later then at peg 3 and later again etc. Can it be that the water nearer the bridge stays warmer, but why the chain reaction?

Mr Attenborough please help us out!

Peter Easton drew the peg most wanted, peg 1, right next to the fence and went on to have a very enjoyable five hours. Fishing a short pole to hand with big maggot bait, he caught consistently throughout to win the match with ease, finishing with a fine bag of roach and perch for 7lbs 14oz.

At peg 3 Tony Brown also used a pole but fished further out and landed second place with 4lbs 15oz of roach perch and rudd, while next door at peg 4, Chris Copeland fished a waggler half way across to come third with 3lbs 14oz. After peg 4 the fish seemed to stop and bites for most were hard to come by.

Neil Post won the knockout cup final with 11oz, pipping opponent on the day Rod Brown who had 5oz. Well done Neil !

Regardless of the weather, Ironbridge should produce next weekend and with the forecast of some rain in the early part of the week but remaining mild for the time of year, we are expecting some decent weights, so long as we stay away from that chilly north / north easterly wind.


Sunday 12th November 2017, 3rd Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Churchlands, Arlington

The cold snap that was forecast arrived on time in the early hours of Sunday morning and the competitors were greeted with a biting northerly wind, but at least it was bright and sunny.
Due to some much needed rain on Saturday, the river had a steady flow and more colour than of late, and thankfully those fishing were kept warm by having a steady run of bites.
Winner on the day was Malcolm Faulkner, who was positioned just into the second field and landed a nice bag of roach and perch plus a small skimmer bream of around 10oz. Fishing the pole with big maggot bait, Malcolm's winning weight was 5lbs 4oz, very commendable on a chilly winters day.
Fishing a peg half way along the first field, Steve Izzard also had a good day to secure second place with a decent bag of silverfish for 4lbs 15oz, again using a pole with maggot bait, while
Trevor Ramsden fished at peg 1, the first swim to the left of the first field to place third with exactly 4lbs, good news for Trevor his third place on the day was enough for him to win the Cuckmere Cup for this year, well done Trevor. His son Craig won it last season, so no doubt Mrs Ramsden will be kept busy with the Silvo for another year. If that sounds sexist it's not meant, just a bit of fun !

Sunday 5th November 2017, Away Pairs Match versus Isfield
Venue: Dormans Lake, East Grinstead

The individual top two anglers on the day were both from the Isfield club, A Simpson winning with 65lbs 2oz, with M Stains second with 49lbs 8oz. The top pair on the day were T Hoad and B Marshall, both representing Isfield.


Sunday 29th October 2017, 2nd Round Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the day was spot on, with some sunny spells, but with a chilly north wind taking the edge off the temperature and sadly, it took the edge off the fishing as well, as, although the Haven held a decent colour, at winter level with a gentle flow, bites were hard to come by.
Top weights on the day came from the pegs nearest the bridge, even though the brisk and unpredictable wind blowing straight downstream made casting difficult at times.
Rod Brown fishing at peg 2, caught small skimmer bream, roach and perch, using pinkie as bait to win the match with a respectable weight of 3lbs 11oz. Neighbour for the day at peg 3, Chris Copeland landed a similar bag of fish to claim second with 2lbs 12oz, aided by a perch of around 5oz caught just before the final whistle, which was unfortunate for Dick Griffin at peg 1, as Dick finished just behind in third place, with 2lbs 10oz. Tony Brown at peg 6 netted a lovely perch around the 1lb mark which helped him nudge up to 1lb 12oz for fourth place.
The rest of the competitors struggled for weights under 1lb, a real pity, as the weather during the week up to the Friday had been very mild.


Sunday 15th October 2017, 2nd Round Marsh Shield & KO Cup,                                                                                            Clive Vale visiting

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

With the winter league fixtures now in full swing and several members deciding to fish in those rather than club matches, the turnout was never expected to be large.

Pleasingly however, as many as 15 anglers turned up to participate on a truly lovely October day, with a very warm south easterly breeze and long sunny spells, all was set for a perfection on the river bank. Sadly for some however, the weather turned out to be far better that the sport available !
Congratulations go to Clive Vale member Peter Nest, who's only recently returned to match fishing after several years absence, who, positioned at peg 15, just to the left of the willow tree, landed several roach plus two plump tench, to secure victory with 8lbs 8oz.

Meanwhile at peg 10, half way along the second straight, Southdown angler Trevor Ramsden continued his recent good form, also tempting two tench to take his pinkie bait fished with a pole, to claim second place with 8lbs 5oz.

Tim Relf placed third for the visitors, with 3lbs 3oz of small roach and perch caught half way along the first straight at peg 6, with next door at peg 5, Southdown’s Malcolm Faulkner close behind in fourth with 3lbs exactly.
For the majority of the rest it was a case of scratching around for any sort of bite, but at least everyone landed a fish or two.
Well done to Rod Brown and Neil Post and who have made it through to the final of the Knock Out Cup, by, on the day, catching slightly more than their opponents Chris Copeland and Tony Brown. There’s still plenty of points available in the coming three rounds, so it’s still all to fish the competition for the Marsh Shield.


Sunday 8th October 2017, Roy Andrews Memorial

Venue: Marle Green

A very pleasant day to be on the bank, plenty of sunshine, with a light breeze and still too warm for the thermals thank goodness, although those days are probably not too far away.

Carp seemed to be the order of the day and Gary Flint positioned at peg 1 next to the dam wall, used a pole with big maggot bait to land four, plus several decent skimmer bream, to win the trophy with 25lbs 11oz. Well done Gary.

Rod Brown fishing at peg 6 on the same bank (the swim on the point before the woods) also landed several carp caught using a pole, to claim second place with 19lbs 11oz, whilst competition secretary Steve Izzard, stationed at peg 2, alternated between pole and feeder to snatch third with 8lbs 8oz, consisting of one carp plus a couple of small roach.

A number of other carp were hooked but unfortunately lost and most competitors caught a number of smaller fish.

We now look forward to next weeks match which will be on the Wallers Haven upstream of Ironbridge, the first time on this venue this season. The long range forecast looks good, so hopefully the river will offer a decent days sport. If you'd like to take part the draw will be at 9am with fishing from10am to 3pm. Hopefully we’ll see you there.


Sunday 1st October 2017, 2nd Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Raylands Farm, Arlington

Summer suddenly seemed a long time ago, as a grey and threatening sky, strong wind with heavy showers was the order of the day. The river had a tinge of colour and gentle flow and with reports of large chub and bags of small carp landed here recently the autumnal weather certainly didn't deter those taking part. Several competitors did target the larger specimens, but sadly they didn't show, although everyone enjoyed plenty of bites at this very picturesque venue.
Winner on the day was Trevor Ramsden, who fished a peg in the first field downstream of Sessingham Bridge and by feeding hemp with big maggot on the hook he landed a very nice bag of mainly roach for 4lbs 14oz. Also positioned nearby in the second field, was Tony Brown to claim second with 4lbs 4oz caught using a pole, while brother Rod Brown snatched third place with 2lbs 13oz.
With a final round to go its a tight race for the trophy, Trevor being just a single point ahead of Rod, with Tony Brown and Chris Copeland snapping at their heels.
The Cuckmere often throws up surprises, so the match at Sherman's Bridge in several weeks time could be very interesting indeed.


Sunday 10th September 2017, Match v Haywards Heath & Hassocks

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

Oh how rivers can change. After several large competition weights had been recorded on this stretch of the Haven in the last few months, the 20 anglers attending couldn't wait for the start whistle. However, for many though, after six fruitless hours they couldn't wait for the final whistle to end the pain!

Those pegged towards the willow tree had plenty of bites and enjoyed their day, the winner being P Gibson with an impressive 9lbs 14oz of skimmers and roach caught using a pole.

In second place was N Cragg who also used a pole, to land a nice bag of silverfish for 7lbs 9oz, while Southdown’s Tony Brown secured third with 6lbs 9oz.

The competitors pegged in the first field and those right along the pump house stretch, barely had a bite between them, in fact as many as 9 blanks were recorded. All very strange really, the weather was O.K., starting off very sunny but clouding over later, it was quite warm and the river held a reasonable colour.

One can never be sure as to why the fish sometimes just switch off, but it could possibly have been due to heavy rain on the Friday and part of Saturday, plus Saturday evening did turn colder. Who knows really, but not a day to remember for many of the competitors.


Sunday 3rd September 2017, Match v Hastings & Bexhill

Venue: Marle Green

Last year this match produced over 90lb of carp for the winner but this year they failed to show in any quantity although several were hooked but unfortunately lost by several of the competitors.

However Chris Hitchins of Hastings and Bexhill, using a pole, managed to hang on to a couple caught from the surface, to easily win the match with 14lbs 4oz.

Colin Pague, also from Hastings and Bexhill, finished with 6lbs 11oz of skimmer bream, roach and hybrids for second place, while Peter Gabbitas fishing for Southdown, claimed third with 6lbs 4oz with a similiar catch.


Sunday 27th August 2017, 1st Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Churchlands, Arlington

This match was originally scheduled for the Shermans Bridge section of the Cuckmere, but as that particular stretch was currently suffering with a serious dose of duckweed, Competition Secretary Steve Izzard decided it was in everyone's interest to fish further upstream at Arlington where the river was much clearer. It’s one of the prettiest stretches of water we fish but sometimes one of the hardest to fathom out.

The sky was blue, the wind light and how the sun shone, a truly gorgeous day, but as we know, when conditions are favourable for a decent suntan the fishing is not always that great and with little in the way of colour or flow in the river, the competitors with the deeper swims and more cover faired better on the day.

Gary Mason fished towards the end of the first field and caught consistently all day, to win the match with a fine bag of roach and perch weighing 4lbs 5oz caught using a pole and big maggot bait. Using similar tactics and also fishing a swim in the first field was Rod Brown to claim second place with 3lbs 12oz, just ahead of third placed Trevor Ramsden who finished with 3lbs 11oz, again using a pole.

For many of the other guys taking part, having worked through from plans A to F trying to get a bite without success, it was a case of yawning, stretching, sunbathing and saving the odd dragon fly from death by drowning. In fact one competitor spent at least five minutes gently caring for the creature in his landing net making sure it was fine with wings dry before waving it goodbye. What a kind and caring bunch we anglers are.

Everyone did catch but it was a struggle, a lovely day to be on the bank though.


Sunday 13th August 2017, 1st Round Marsh Shield & KO Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

Due to the present situation of heavy weed growth in the swims along the first field of the Pevensey Haven, the scheduled match due to be held at this venue was switched to Middle Bridge on the Wallers Haven, where a misty morning greeted the competitors and with the river holding a good colour and level due to recent heavy rain, expectations of a good day were high.

As it turned out the weather was glorious but the fishing a bit patchy, most of the anglers targeting the bream which have been regular visitors along this stretch this summer toiling away in the sun with almost no success whatsoever, with the exception of Neil Post, who certainly enjoyed himself, as fishing with a pole and big maggot bait half way along the first straight he landed exactly 15lbs of bream and skimmers to win at a canter.
Positioned next door for the day, Rod Brown also used a pole to claim second place with a mixed bag of skimmers roach and perch weighing 5lbs, while brother Tony placed third with 3lbs.

For the rest it was a scramble for little fish for a place in the next round of the Knockout Cup and Chris Copeland joins Neil, Rod & Tony for what will in effect be the semi final on the 15th October at Iron Bridge.


Monday 24th July 2017, Pole Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

The last match of this season’s evening calendar turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, certainly for those who drew the pegs nearest the bridge.

With a change in the weather which brought a brisk north easterly breeze, bites for some were hard to come by, the anglers positioned in pegs 1 to 5 barely managed a small perch each in the first hour or so, there seemed to be little in the way of colour in the river there and not much of a ripple on the surface. Meanwhile from peg 6 onwards, the river seemed different, plenty of chop on the surface and a decent colour, quite weird really.

Match Secretary Steve Izzard at peg 8 fished a 3 metre whip with big maggot bait, got stuck into some decent roach and skimmer bream from the off and cruised to victory with 4lbs 15oz, well done Steve. Next door at peg 9, Peter Gabbitas using a pole, landed a similar bag of fish to claim second with 4lbs 9oz and third place went to Gary Flint at peg 7 with 4lbs 1oz.

The remainder of the field struggled with just several ounces between them, amazing when you consider the big bags of bream that have been weighed in from this stretch during the last month or so.

We now look forward to some still water fishing against local club PACES at the Hydneye lake next Sunday 30th July. It’s always good to have a tussle with a local club, we’re sure some large bags of bream and several tench will be recorded


Monday 17th July 2017, Evening Cup Round 6

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

Another decent summers evening with just a light breeze and sunny spells, however the fishing itself couldn't really be described as decent, bites being hard to come by for all those competing, even though this section of the Wallers has produced some good fishing since the start of the season.
Winner on the evening and fishing with a whip at 3 metres with big maggot bait was Malcolm Faulkner, who managed to find some small skimmer bream and roach to finish with 2lbs 8oz. Second place went to Peter Gabbitas who fished with a pole to catch mainly roach and the odd skimmer for 1lbs 2oz, while Gary Flint claimed the Evening Cup Trophy for this season with just 3oz for third place. Well done Gary.

Sunday 16th July 2017, Roger Weston Memorial

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

There was a big turnout for the annual Roger Weston Memorial match, this year held at Boreham Street on the Wallers Haven. Some 27 anglers, including guests and visitors from Clive Vale and Seaford, eagerly lined up on a venue that has been in sparkling form recently, with big bream weights since the season started in mid-June and once again, the venue did not disappoint, despite the hot and muggy conditions. There were big weights throughout with a staggering 310 lbs of fish weighed in overall, topped by a magnificent 5lbs 4ozs Tench caught by Peter Gabbitas.  Steve Izzard did a brilliant organising job as ever, but must have gone home with sore arms after weighing in so many fish!

Topping the field and pegged beyond the overhanging willow tree was Nigel Parks, with a very impressive 55lbs 10oz, his winning bag comprising a number of decent bream and one solitary small skimmer.

In second, a few pegs further upstream, nearer the tree was Tim Relf of Clive Vale, fishing a pole, who had another big bag of 52lbs 15oz and but for loosing 8 fish, would otherwise have won easily.

Fishing just below the pump house, Grenville Weston was third with 30lbs 12oz,, while nearby, Peter Stradwick came fourth with 14 lbs 5oz, while G Robson of Seaford placed fifth with 13lbs

All these weights included bream between 3 and 4lbs and nearly everyone caught big skimmers and roach.

As part of the proceedings, before the start whistle, the competitors had a go at predicting their catch weight after the five hours of the match.

In the event, many guesses were wildly astray by as much as 30lbs, but Chris Copeland pipped Bob Nesbit by just 1oz to be within 6 ounces of his initial estimate. Well done to Chris and hard luck for Bob.

The match raised £110 for charity and winner Nigel requested that it be donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and all agreed that this was a good choice.  The event finished with a raffle and nearly everyone went home with something to eat or drink.  Many thanks to all who attended and we hope to see you all again next year.

Friday/Saturday 14th/15th July 2017, Annual Night Match

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

For those old enough to remember front covers of the Angling Times and Anglers Mail showing pictures of match men posing with huge catches of bream laid out on tarpaulins, the brave guys competing in this ten and a half hour marathon had tarpaulins on order from local builders merchants and photographers booked! Sadly the night didn't really turn out that way, but it was still pretty good, the weights on the night consisting mainly of bream, but thank goodness not quite enough to place on a tarpaulin, fish welfare these days is a hot topic.
Chris Copeland had to wait until 2.30am for his first bite, but landed 8 bream caught using a feeder, with corn on the hook, to win the match with 24lbs 14oz. He didn't fall asleep either. Also fishing with a feeder and using a combination of corn and maggot, Neil Angell secured second with 21lbs 7oz, consisting of several bream and skimmers and a plump tench of around 4lbs. Several other bream and eel catches were also recorded.
Overall it was a lovely night, misty and mild, with several satellites and shooting stars to be seen in the heavens, perfect really.
If you enjoy night fishing and want some company, this is a match to put in next year’s calendar, great banter and generally good fishing. Roll on next summer!


Monday 10th July 2017, Evening Cup Round 5

Venue: Pevensey Haven

It seems everyday is another day in paradise as the sun shone again on yet another scorcher of a day. Great weather, but not particularly good for fishing and a brisk unpredictable wind along with little colour in the river made things interesting too.
Tim Crowdey fishing half way along the first straight at peg 8 put on a fine display of waggler fishing and cruised to victory, catching roach, rudd and perch to finish with 3lbs 11oz. Brave chap Tim, turning up in just a pair of shorts and a teeshirt, he was frozen by 8pm as the sun dropped towards the horizon. A word of warning here folks, even on a hot evening, take a fleece or coat along just in case. Fortunately we anglers are a caring bunch and someone lent Tim a fleece before hyperthermia set in. I'm sure he gave them a couple of quid from his winnings later, or maybe not!
Occupying peg 1 for the evening, Malcolm Faulkner fished a whip at three metres to land 1lb 9oz of roach and rudd for second place, while close behind, but almost certainly clinching the evening cup this year, was Gary Flint who secured third place with 1lbs 8oz caught using a pole. Sadly for a number of others it was hard to get the float to go under, watching Raphael Nadal in a 5 set thriller at Wimbledon may have been a better option.

By the way if you like a challenge be sure to join us for the annual night match taking place at Middle Bridge this Friday 14th July. Draw for pegs at 7pm, with fishing from 8.30pm until 7am the following day. Please try to arrive in plenty of time (at least 20 minutes beforehand). I for one feel confident that it will be a bream feast with the odd tench and eel putting in an appearance as well, mind you I've been wrong before!


Sunday 9th July 2017, Waggler Only Round 1

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Downstream

Originally scheduled for upstream of the bridge, on arriving early on the Sunday morning, the competitors were met with the sight of four night shelters/bivvies set up in the first field, so, as we did not have a vast number of competitors the match was fished downstream instead.

It was another scorcher of a day weather wise, pity the fishing didn't match, as the blisteringly hot conditions with little breeze made the going tough and for the majority of competitors it was a case of toiling away in the sun for little reward.

Some targeted the big fish from the off, but after several biteless hours had to change tactics and chase whatever small stuff they could. Even tempting a bite close in or up in the water was difficult, the fish just didn't want to know.

After introducing 9 jaffa size balls of groundbait at the start whistle, Peter Stradwick confidently sat down and awaited the action. The positive approach worked and he went on to win the match with 5lbs 15oz, consisting of a couple of the larger skimmer bream, plus several smaller ones along with small roach. Second place went to Fred Clews, who weighed in 3lbs 15oz of small skimmers and roach caught fairly late on, while tied in third were Tim Crowdey and Chris Copeland, both with 3lbs 6oz, again both catching their fish late into the match.

Thanks must go to Match Secretary Stephen Izzard, who, after the match, went to go and clear swims on the Pevensey Haven ready for the evening match the following day, Monday the 10th. Thanks again Steve, your work is much appreciated.


Monday 3rd July 2017, Evening Cup Round 4

Venue: Cinderford Pond

A perfect evening to spend a couple of hours fishing on a picturesque stillwater, warm, with just a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.
Gary Flint placed one hand gently on the trophy after another fine performance. Fishing small cubes of meat with a pole, he landed 9lbs 10oz of small carp (brown goldfish actually!), roach and rudd. Not bad in two and a half hours fishing and with only two rounds to go it seems nothing short of a total collapse in the remaining rounds will stop him lifting the cup.
In second place was Peter Gabbitas who fished similar tactics to finish with 3lbs 11oz, while Malcolm Faulkner fishing with a whip placed third with 2lbs 4oz.
With the season now in full swing it will be good to get back on the rivers, competitors eagerly awaiting the match on the Wallers Haven next Sunday at Ironbridge upstream, the first this summer and the first round of the Waggler Only trophy.
If you'd like to join in the fun, you'd be made most welcome. The draw takes place at 8am with fishing 9am to 2pm. We hope to see you there.


Monday 26th June 2017, Evening Cup Round 3

Venue: River Cuckmere, Churchlands, Arlington

On a glorious summers evening bites were hard to come by on this lovely stretch of the Cuckmere which always seems to present a challenge in the Evening Cup match.

Due to the lack of any recent rain, the river held little in the way of colour or flow, but at least still had a good depth.

Nigel Parks continued his good run of form with a small carp around the 3lb mark caught within the first twenty minutes and went on the win the match with 3lbs 12oz consisting of the carp plus several small roach all falling for pole and maggot tactics.

Second was claimed by Chris Copeland, using a whip at 4metres he caught several small roach and chub plus two chunky eels caught late on to finish with 2lbs 4oz, while in third place Gary Flint who also fished a pole to land a mixed bag of silverfish for 1lb 14oz.


Sunday 25th June 2017, R K Izzard Memorial

Venue: Marle Green

For several years competitions on this venue were dominated by good bags of skimmer bream, but more recently matches here have become carp fests and so it was on this day. Peter Gabbitas claimed the trophy with a fine bag of six carp and one skimmer caught using a method feeder cast to the far bank, for a winning weight 24lbs 2oz. Well done Peter.

In second place with 15lbs 1oz was Gary Flint who used a combination of pole and feeder tactics to land several carp and skimmers, while third went to Nigel Parks who netted two carp for 10lbs 15oz, just ahead of Chris Copeland who came fourth with 10lbs 14oz.

On a warm but cloudy day, the carp were in the mood to play, several competitors had a chance to win the match late on with a number of large fish hooked but sadly not landed, for their size they certainly put the best of tackle and anglers to the test!


Monday 19th June 2017, Evening Cup Round 2

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Downstream

Summer 2017 continued, what a scorcher, with the temperature at 6pm hovering around 27 degrees, the fish were more interested in swimming gently just below the surface while showing no interest in any bait whatsoever and bites were very hard to come by.

Using a pole, Peter Gabbitas won the match with 1lb 15oz with the aid of an eel caught late on, plus several small skimmer bream and roach. Nigel Parks had the best part of two hours without a bite, but suddenly with thirty minutes to go, using the waggler, he started to connect with several small roach to finish with 1lb 1oz and second place, while Gary Flint placed third with 12oz.

After yesterdays fine catches at Boreham Street, it was hard to believe it would be such hard going on a really nice summers evening, in fact one competitor suffered a blank with others weighing in just ounces. However, that's fishing for you.


Sunday 18th June 2017, Southdown Challenge

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

A gorgeous day to start the new season, with temperatures up to 30 degrees, a slight breeze and not a cloud in sight, fabulous for sunbathing and for fishing too so it proved.

The bream were in the mood to feed and Malcolm Faulkner, successfully defended the trophy he won last year. Pegged halfway along the first straight, he snared 12 of the beasts by fishing a whip at 3 metres with maggot bait, to win convincingly with 36lbs 1oz. Well done!

Second place went to Tim Crowdey who also caught bream and skimmers near the Hogtrough Straight to finish with 24lbs 1oz, while third was Rod Brown, fishing near the bridge at peg one, finishing with three bream and several skimmers for 18lbs 4oz.

Many competitors enjoyed plenty of bites and there were some good back up weights.

A tremendous stretch of the Wallers Haven, especially at this time of year.

Who said rivers are dead!


Monday 12th June 2017, Evening Cup Round 1

Venue: Curls Farm
The new seasons competition fixture list kicked off with a visit to Curls Farm on a very pleasant summers evening, with only tee shirts and jeans required.
Fishing the peg at the dam end of the lake, Gary Flint landed two big carp plus a couple of rudd to win the match with 22lbs 6oz. In second place was Malcolm Faulkner who caught 3 Carp for 20lbs 8oz, while Tim Crowdey snatched third place with one carp and several rudd to finish with 17lbs 2oz.

All the competitors chose to fish the method feeder, everyone caught, although it was not an evening when the fish were really in the mood to feed and several fish were hooked but unfortunately lost.


Sunday 21st May 2017, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm

A very pleasant early summer day with bags of sunshine, a light breeze and warm too at around 20 degrees. The carp also seemed to enjoy the weather as much as the competitors and were in the mood to feed, in fact all those taking part each plonked over 20lbs on to the scales.
Victor on the day was Gary Flint, who caught 10 carp plus several rudd to finish with 57lbs 10oz, all his fish falling for boilies fished on the method feeder.

His neighbour for the day, Peter Gabbitas, also fished the method feeder and caught more Carp (12 in total) but sadly his were slightly smaller and he fell just short with 57lbs 5oz for second place, while Michael Wood grabbed third spot with 31lbs 2oz.
As the guys packed up, the talk centred around the start of the new river season on June 16th, with excitement building with each passing day, as the first match back on the rivers is on the following Sunday 18th June at Boreham Street, we are hoping for a bream and tench feast, unless of course the fish have other ideas !
Before that, kicking of the new season in earnest, we will have the first of the Evening Cup matches here at Curls Farm on Monday 12th June with the draw at 6pm and fishing between 6.30 and 9pm.

It's always great to welcome new members to the match scene, so we hope to see some new faces this coming summer.


Sunday 7th May 2017, Club Match

Venue: Marle Green

On a day when the sun shone brightly and the wind was light, the competitors enjoyed a pleasant days fishing at this very pretty lake.

Graham Shinkfield went after the skimmer bream and roach and was rewarded with a fine bag weighing 14lbs 2oz caught on the pole with big maggot bait. Second place was secured by Grenville Weston who employed similar tactics to finish with 12lbs 15oz.

Derek Gell managed third with a respectable 8lbs 11oz.


Sunday 23rd April 2017, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm

A nice day weather wise and a decent day on the bank too, with a light westerly breeze coupled with the occasional sunny spell, a temperature hovering around 15 degrees and with plenty of colour in the lake.

Michael Wood won the match with ease, finishing with 40lbs 9oz. Fishing on the dam wall swim he caught 5 carp and a couple of rudd, the biggest carp being over 12lbs, using a method feeder to the near side reeds all fish falling to sweetcorn on the hook.

Second place went to Chris Copeland with 22lbs 10oz, again using sweetcorn, also catching 5 carp plus 5 rudd, but unfortunately his carp were smaller than those of the winner. Craig Ramsden claimed third with two carp and two rudd for 14lbs 10oz.

All competitors caught either carp or rudd and a good day was had by all.


Sunday 9th April 2017, Club Match

Venue: Marle Green

For pleasure anglers and match fishermen alike this lovely venue often throws up more questions than answers. On a fabulous spring day with the temperature touching 22 degrees and just a light breeze the fishing was good for some but not so for others.

Those banking on carp worked hard all day without success and not one featured in the weights. Grenville Weston however targeted the skimmer bream and put on another fine display. Fishing in the woods on the near bank, he used a pole to win the match in some style, popping an impressive 26lbs 14oz on the scales.

In second place with 7lbs 2oz, was Graham Shinkfield, fishing on the opposite bank near the dam wall, again using a pole, netting about 12 skimmers plus a couple of small roach. Meanwhile at peg 3, Chris Copeland fished the waggler, to finish third with 6lbs 2oz, his catch comprising small roach, perch and a couple of skimmers, with Michael Wood close behind in fourth with 5lbs 14oz.

For the rest of the field it was a case of just the odd bite here and there, sometimes you can sit and fish here and think there's no fish in front of you at all! Or maybe there's just several skimmer shoals that don't seem to move around very much. Grenville it seems has it figured out, hopefully he will divulge it all at some point in the future.

Thanks must go to Peter Gabbitas Michael Wood and Steve Izzard who have replaced the four aging platforms on the near bank.

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