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Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best




All members shall abide by Association rules. Any member disregarding the rules shall be reported to the Committee who shall have the power to expel any member for conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Association. Before any such expulsion the member shall have the opportunity should they wish, to appear before the Committee to explain his or her case.


No alteration or addition to the Constitution or Rules shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting of the Association. Notices of any proposal for alteration or addition to the Constitution or Rules must be given in writing to the Secretary before 1st December for consideration at the following Annual General Meeting.


The Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of the Rules and for any decision not provided for in the Rules.




Membership of the Association (other than Life or Complimentary Membership) shall be annual, from 1st May to 30th April of the following year and is conditional upon a subscription having been paid for that year.


There shall be eight classes of membership of the Association, as follows:


Life Member. An honorary designation which may be granted to any person subject to approval at a General Meeting of the Association.


Full Member. A person who is aged 18 or over on 1st May in any year.


Young Member. A person age 14 to 17 on 1st May in any year.


Senior Citizen Member. A person aged 65 or over on 1st May in any year.


Disabled Member. A person qualifying for and in possession of a current Concessionary Rod License issued by the Environment Agency. Such members may be required to submit a copy of their rod licence if requested by the Association.


Spouse member. Membership for a spouse or partner of a Life, Full, Senior Citizen or Disabled Member.




Junior Member. A young person aged under 14 on 1st May in any year.


Parent/Guardian Member (Non Fishing).  A non fishing parent or guardian of a junior member, accompanying and responsible for that junior when fishing on Association waters.


The Committee shall have the right to refuse membership to any person where it is considered that their membership would not be in the best interests of the Association.


Junior members may only fish Association waters when accompanied by a Life, Full, Senior Citizen or Spouse member of the Association.


At the discretion of the Management Committee, Complimentary membership on an annual basis, may also be granted to persons having served to benefit the Association in some way.


As decided by the management Committee, all new members, with the exception of Young, Spouse or Junior members, may be required to pay a joining fee. A new member is a person who was not a member in the previous membership year.


Officers and Committee


The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall serve for a period of two years, the President and Treasurer retiring on even years, the Secretary retiring on odd years.


Vice Presidents shall serve for a period of one year.


All Officers shall be ex-officio members of the Management Committee.


A Committee of not less than eight members shall be elected at the AGM to serve for a period of one year, all being eligible for re-election at the following Annual General Meeting.


The period of service of all Officers and Committee members shall commence on election at an AGM, ending at the subsequent AGM, as applicable, dependent upon the period of office.


The Secretary and Treasurer shall not serve in the same capacity for more than three consecutive terms of office.


Additional management posts may be appointed from within the Committee as considered necessary for the efficient running of the Association.


All Officers and Committee members must be members of the Association at the time of election and while serving on the Committee.


Nominations for Officers and Committee members, shall reach the Secretary, in writing, before 1st January prior to the Annual General Meeting each year as appropriate.
The nomination shall include the signature of both the proposer & seconder who must both be Association members.


Subject to approval by members at the Annual General Meeting, Honorarium payments may be made to Officers and Committee members in recognition of work executed for the Association during their previous year of service.




The management of the Association shall be conducted by the Officers and Committee.


Association management meetings will be held at intervals of not greater than three months, a minimum of six members present constituting a quorum.


At the first management meeting after the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall elect two of their number to be respectively, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Committee, to serve in this capacity until the following Annual General Meeting.


The Committee shall be empowered to co-opt a member to fill any Committee vacancy that occurs or for any reason or purpose if it be of benefit to the Association.


Any Committee member failing to attend three successive management meetings without a reasonable excuse shall forfeit his office.


The Committee shall be empowered to carry out the following tasks:-


Day to day management of Association waters, land and other assets.


Making suitable financial arrangements with landowners in respect of new and existing fishing rights.


To enforce the Rules of the Association.


To purchase, care for, replace and maintain Association equipment, stationary and consumables necessary for the efficient management of the Association.


To insure Association assets where appropriate.


To make regulations (Angling Regulations) governing the conduct of members and the methods of fishing permitted on Association waters.


To provide competitions for members on Association waters and records of specimen fish captured by members on Association waters during each membership year, include the maintenance of a record of the best specimen of each species captured from Association waters during the lifetime of the Association.


To make regulations (Competition Rules) governing the organization of Association competitions.


To authorize and supervise the formation, entry and selection from Association members, of representative teams in national and local team competitions, any such teams being self financing and incurring no financial liability to the Association.


To temporarily close Association waters for any reason, including maintenance, water bookings and major competitions, provided adequate notices to this effect are posted at the entrances to the water or advised to Association members in the membership booklet, newsletter or other correspondence.


To appoint an independent examiner to scrutinize the Association accounts at the end of every financial year, prior to presentation at the Annual General Meeting for approval.


To set Annual Subscription rates and Joining Fees each year.


To act in the best interests of the Association in any matter not covered by these rules.


General Meetings


The Annual General Meeting of the Association will take place during the second week of February each year for:


Presentation and adoption of Officer’s reports.


Presentation, approval and adoption of the Association Accounts for the previous Financial year.


Setting of any Honorariums for Officers and Committee for the preceding year.


Approval of any Constitutional or Rule changes.


Election of Officers and Committee members for the following year.


Approval of Life Memberships.


Consideration of any motions from the membership, in writing, signed by the proposer and a seconder, having been received by the Secretary before 1st January prior to the Annual General Meeting.


All members of the Association have the right to attend General Meetings of the Association.


All members are entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Association. Proof of membership may be required before voting takes place.


A minimum of ten members present will constitute a quorum at any General Meeting of the Association.


An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association may be called by resolution of the Committee, or at the request of a minimum of ten members giving their reasons for such a meeting in writing to the Secretary. Any Extraordinary General Meeting shall take place not less than two or more than six weeks after receipt of any written request by the Secretary.


Guest Permits, Day Tickets and Water Bookings


Guest Permits will be made available to members on a daily basis, from selected outlets, for friends and associates to fish all Association waters, at a fee to be determined each year by the Committee. Members will be responsible for their guests at all times when fishing on Association waters. All such permits must be purchased in advance of fishing.


Day or weekly permits may be made available at the discretion of and at a fee to be determined by the Committee. Any such tickets must be purchased in advance of fishing


Water bookings by other angling organizations, requiring complete closure of a section of Association water, will be accepted at the discretion of the Committee. Such closures will be advised to members in accordance with rule 6.6.10.


Awards and Trophies


Perpetual Trophies will be awarded annually for the period commencing 1st February and ending the following 31st January.


To participate in awards for Specimen fish, members must return their specimen forms to the Secretary no later than 1st February following the year in question.


Any member failing to return cups or trophies to the Trophy Steward, in the same condition as received, by 1st February after presentation, will be barred from holding any Association award for a period of two years.


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