Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


September 2022

Despite the carp deaths seen earlier in the year, there are still plenty of fish left in the lake at Marle Green and Chailey Stowe has been enjoying some soccess since the water re-opened. All the fish would now appear to be in good condition.


Chailey reports: After Marle Green re-opened I made my way down to the lake for an afternoon session. A plum and monster crab pop up from Origin Baits and a pva bag of

pellet was enough to tempt this low double ghostie out of the snags. Similiar tactics also accounted for the mirror and common.

August 2022

Despite the very hot weather with no rain to speak of  and water levels some 18 inches or so below normal, the Pevensey Haven has been fishing extremely well with members capturing some superb tench and bream.

Chris Holvey enjoyed catching these fine specimens above, while Mick Worsfold also did well with a fine bream weighing 5lb 12 oz and a tench of 6lb 10oz.

5 July 2022

Mick Worsfold enjoyed good sport on the Pevensey Haven, his catches including a

5lb 4oz bream and a 4lb 2oz tench

1 July 2022

Chailey Stowe has turned his attention to the River Cuckmere, capturing an 8lb common carp and two tench weighing 5lb and 6lb respectively, the latter being a personal best.

5 March 2022

Chailey Stowe sent in this report & photo.

The weather was miserable but at least the fishing wasn't!

After arriving at Marle Green I did my usual lap of the lake, quickly located some carp and put my rods into position using Origin Baits Antarctic Red 16mm bottom baits with a small pinch around the hookbait every half and hour or so.

Unfortunately I lost one straight away but I only had to wait a few hours till my right hand rod ripped off. A strong fight began which lasted a good 15 minutes before the fish slipped into my net. A very respectable 12lb 14oz and my first mirror of the year.

24 October 2021

Chailey Stowe sent in this report and photos.

"I recently I got out in the horrible weather for a session at Marle Green and

was rewarded very nicely. The carp fed big time on Origin Baits Antarctic Red,

resulting in nine fish, my biggest ever haul at this venue.

I battled through 3 feet of floodwater from the Cuckmere and a fallen tree

just to get there, but it was really very worth it in the end."

We should mention that Chailey travels to his fishing on his bicycle!



21st October 2021


Dave Simmonds sent in this report and photo

"This 10lb 8oz carp was the first ever fish

caught by Aidan Keenan age 11.

We were fishing at Curls Farm and needless to say he’s now hooked."


Isn't it great to see the youngsters out

and catching fish.



9th July 2021

Mick Worsfold enjoyed an early morning session on the Chilley Stream, landing these two fine tench weighing 6lbs and 7lbs respectively.



21st June 2021

Chris Copeland captured this beautiful

1lb 5oz roach during the evening match

on the Wallers Haven on the 21st June.

It's great to see a good sized roach from

the Wallers, there's always been plenty of small fish. Let's hope there will be plenty

more larger specimens showing up in

the future. 


It's also nice to see fish other than carp!


June 2021

Chailie Stowe must be the keenest of all of our young members and has sent in these reports and photos of recent sessions at Marle Green and Curls Farm


Marle Green, 13th June 2021.

The other evening I checked off one of my target fish at Marle Green, having heard

about a big mirror carp residing within this lake I've always wanted to catch it, however

with people showing me no pictures I was sceptical of its existence, but safe to say I'm

a sceptic no more. After setting the hook this fish took me everywhere, almost lost it in

the lillies about 6 times, but I kept calm and applied steady pressure during the long half

hour fight. As I landed it I thought it may have been a fish named "Barbie" which I had previously caught at 16lb 9oz but it wasn't, as this fish weighed in at a whopping

18lb 5oz, the only downside being that I caught it as it was turning dark so I

couldn't capture the best photo.


 Marle Green, 6th June 2021.

After a long and hard day at work I decided to ride my bike up to my favourite Southdown water and was rewarded with two stunning fish, the mirror weighing in at 12lb 10oz and

the common at 13lb 2oz. Both were caught on free lined bread and fought incredibly

hard after me setting the hook, with the common stripping half the line off my reel!


Curls Farm, 29th May 2021.

A lovely 15lb mirror caught from Curls Farm, my biggest mirror from this lake and

maybe the best looking too.




10th May 2021

Chailey Stowe was pleased with this

11lb golden coloured mirror carp

from Marle Green



10th May 2021

12 year old Louis Hunt with a superb

22lb 8oz common carp captured from

Curls Farm on the 9th May..



March 2021

Robbie Joad was delighted with this fine 16lb 6oz Common Carp from Curls Farm

March 2021

Russell Freeman, Keith Francis, Guy Francis (junior member) and Robbie Joad joined the SAA for the winter season at the beginning of 2021. Despite the awful weather conditions at times they seem to have enjoyed their fishing and had this to say.

Russell - “Firstly I'd just like to say thank you for admitting the four of us to join the club for the winter season.

We've had some great adventures and caught some wonderful fish, particularly at Curls Farm and Chilley Stream. It's been a fulfilling introduction to angling for Guy for his first season and the discipline and planning involved has taught him some great skills”.

Keith - “Just to add to Russell's words, a massive thanks for the club membership through the winter, we have absolutely loved our fishing over the last few months.

I attach a picture of Guy with his first carp from Curls Farm, caught and unhooked by himself.

As you can see by the conditions, we have been in all weathers and tried to make the most of it.

It is tough enough getting children out in the fresh air and away from screens these days and I have been so pleased how much he has enjoyed and stuck at fishing even in the worst of the conditions”.

March 2021

Despite the miserable weather the carp at Marle Green were still feeding,

Chailey Stowe capturing several including these.

9 January 2021

Hardy stuff these carp anglers. Despite the cold weather the carp still fed at Curl's Farm, Jack Graves enjoying a dreat day, capturing commons weighing 20lb 8oz and 15lb 9oz and a beautiful linear mirror of 10lb 5oz.

Jack reports that the biggest fish gave a great battle.




28 November 2020

Chailey Stowe with a pretty

8lb golden coloured Mirror Carp

caught at Marle Green





4 October 2020

Graham Hewlett was pleased as punch with this lovely PB Common Carp from Curls Farm weighing in at 11lb




1 September 2020

Steve Ray was chuffed to bits with this lovely 15lb Mirror Carp from Marle Green



1 September 2020

Chailey Stowe reports that the other day was probably the best ever session he had had with the carp at Curls Farm, catching 2 fish weighing in at 16lb and 17lb. Both were caught on a snowman rig with a pva bag filled with hemp oil soaked pellet.

He's dead keen that young man, notice the pushbike in the background.




18 August 2020

Jack Graves has been enjoying success with the carp at Curls Farm including this fine specimen






August 2020

Chailey Stowe was pleased with this 4lb 4oz pesonal best bream capturing during a

night session on the Wallers Haven




July 2020

Gary Flint enjoyed a great session

on the Cuckmere at Shermans Bridge, capturing a fine brace of tench and

an 8lb bag of roach.


14 July 2020

It’s fantastic to see little carp showing in the Wallers Haven.
.Chris Copeland is a very happy man,
as he ended a 40 year wait to catch his first ever carp at this venue during a
night time July bream session.
Fishing a 6mm wafter to the far bank
lilies he tempted this beautiful 4lb
common along with numerous bream.
In his case, size doesn’t matter !





July 2020

Charlie Watkins with a fine brace of

lovely tench from the Wallers Haven




4th July 2020

It's great to see younger members enjoying success with their fishing, Chailey Stowe capturing this

10lb Mirror Carp at Curls Farm.



June 2020

Another youngster doing the business was Louis Hunt, aged 11, with this lovely

common carp from Curls Farm.


19th June 2020

Having fished the Cuckmere for

53 years, Ian Turner was delighted to capture his first ever tench from the river weighing a shade over 5lb




June 2020

Young Harry Johnson was pleased

with this pretty Mirror Carp

caught at Marle Green.

It’s been a fantastic start to the 2020 season on the rivers,

Steve Hunt having a great day on the Cuckmere at Shermans Bridge,

here’s his report and photos.

16th June 2020

Just thought I'd check in and share my catch with you, particularly as it was a PB for me for both tench and bream. Unfortunately, the only thing I didn't take were my scales but having pb'ed my tench of 5lb 1oz last year (my first year back with the club since 1986 when it was Hailsham AA), this was somewhat bigger, so I am gonna take a stab at 5lb 8oz (optimistically possible going 6lb).

I have never had a bream anywhere near this size and I'm guessing at a weight around 5lb.

What a cracking start to the season, never mind one that has had a such a challenging set of circumstances but this seems to have brought a resurgence of numbers back to the sport (or new members), so that's fantastic.

Anyway, this was down at Shermans and a big thank you goes out to Keith who took the trouble to cut back a number of swims for us lucky anglers to roll up to.

Wishing you all the best


Steve Hunt




March 2020

Chailey Stowe was pleased with this

tench from Cinderford Pond



February 2020

Despite the awful weather,

Matt Kingdon has been amongst the carp at Marle Green, including this fine double figure mirror.




January 2020

Clive Copeland with a fine mid double pike from the Wallers Haven at Boreham Street




27 December 2019

Matt Kingdon ended the year in fine style at Curls Farm, capturing this fine Common Carp weighing in at 21lb.

October 2019

Continuing his success with the Wallers Haven Carp, Clive Copeland has caught this stunning common weighing 23lb 12oz.

How much longer before we see a

30 pounder recorded ?




October 2019

The Wallers Haven has certainly been producing the goods this season,

Matt Kingdon capturing this magnificent Mirror Carp weighing in at 24lb 14oz, on a Scopex Squid boilie.


September 2019

Following a short pre baiting campaign Clive Copeland targeted Carp on a recent 24hr session on the Wallers Haven at Ironbridge and landed this stunning 16lb 2oz mirror carp from a snaggy swim.

It was caught on a snow man rig and landed after a tense 10 minute struggle. Clive said the fish was in absolutely pristine condition and suspected it had never been caught before.

Strong and appropriate tackle is needed to land these fish on Wallers as they are incredibly wily and fight like demons, just look at the paddles on it !





28 July 2019

Mark Gilbert captured this fine 14lb 6oz

Common Carp from Curls Farm



28 July 2019

Another great Tench from the Wallers Haven, Matt Kingdon capturing this 7lb beauty


7 July 2019

Still more from the Wallers Haven.

Clive Copeland fishing a 24 hour session at Iron Bridge, landed 15 tench, the best this superb female weighing 7lb 7oz, thereby breaking

his own club record.

The tench are getting bigger, how

long before we see an eight pounder.




27 June 2019

The Wallers Haven continues

to produce the goods,

Nathan Smith capturing this

beautiful 17lb 8oz common carp.






June 2019

Scott Summers was another member fishing a night session on the

Wallers Haven, capturing this fine

6lb female tench along with 23 bream ranging from around 1lb up to 4lb.

June 2019

What a fantastic start it's been to the new river season.

During the day the bream shoals on the Wallers Haven can be elusive, but if you want to find our slimy friends in numbers, then have to think about fishing at night.

Fishing at Middle Bridge on such a session last weekend, Chris Copeland, who loves the smelly creatures, landed 25 bream ranging from about 1lb to around 4lb 8oz. Using his favourite method of cage feeder full of particles, with corn or bread on the hook, the sound of his Delkim alarms kept him awake throughout the night and with most fish averaging over 3lbs, he reckons he landed over 65lb of fish.

Here’s Chris, just before sunrise, holding a reasonable sized fish plucked out of one of his keepnets. Although looking tired, he says that he can’t wait until his next night session in two weeks time, meanwhile his wife continues to refuse to enter the garage due to the smell of all that lovely bream slime on his keepnets!


June 2019

Another member having a great  opening day of the new river season. was Luke Ripley who captured this magnificent common carp from the Wallers Haven.

Weighing in at 26lb 14oz, his fish would constitute a new Association record if claimed for & validated.





June 2019

Scott Piper enjoyed a great session on the opening day of the new

river season.

Fishing at Middle Bridge on the Wallers Haven, his catch included this fine 4lb 8oz bream and the

6lb 6oz tench shown below.




June 2019

Scott's 6lb 6oz Tench.

August 2018

Matthew Kingdon again, this time with a fine 22lb 12oz common carp captured from the Wallers Haven at Boreham Street.

Previous to the capture, Matt had been pre baiting with boilies and spooked a large fish which jumped clean out the water, so he baited with 0.8kg of 15mm scopex squid at that spot, returning 48 hours later when he put out another 0.6kg and fished with a gooed up single white scopex squid pop up on a stiff hinge rig just off the bait.

Matt was catching tench and bream and then at 2am, got another bite, just two beeps on the alarm, so he got on the rods and with the bobbin lifting gently picked up the rod, thinking it was another bream.

Feeling a solid resistance, Matt set the hook and the carp shot off about 40 to 50 yards up river and gave a hell of a fight, it just wouldn't give up, taking some 20 to 30 minutes to finally bring to the net.

Matt’s fish, if ratified, would be a new club record, beating the old record by 12oz. That fish was also caught at Boreham Street, but way back in March 2003, right at the end of the river fishing season.






July 2018

Neil Angell with a beautiful 9lb 4oz wild carp, captured from a marsh drain on the Pevensey Levels.





July 2018

Laura Angell caught this fine 5lb 4oz specimen bream from a marsh drain on the Pevensey Levels.





         May 2017

Sunrise over Marle Green, courtesy of Matthew Kingdon,

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