Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best

20th May 2023, NEW MERGED CLUB

Following the recent Extraordinary General Meetings, the newly merged club, the Southdown & Hydneye Community Angling Club (SHCAC) officially came into being on the 1st April 2023 with the Southdown Angling Association (SAA) ceasing to exist on the 31st April, with all assets and responsibilities then being transferred to the newly merged club.

All the fishing waters previously held by the SAA will now be under the control of the SHCAC, although they will not be renewing membership of the Rother Fisheries Association.

This SAA website will no longer be maintained apart from notices or news items with relevance to the SHCAC and will therefore be closed down in the near future.

Membership of the SHCAC is now only available online via Clubmate on the SHCAC website, or if this proves difficult, in person through the Polegate Angling Centre in Eastbourne.

The SHCAC website can be accessed at: and all queries or enquiries should now be addressed there

30th March 2023, NEW MERGED CLUB

Following the recent Extraordinary General Meetings, the newly merged club, the Southdown & Hydneye Community Angling Club (SHCAC) officially started on the 1st April 2023. Please refer to the home page for details od how to sign up.

12th February 2023

Proposed Merger between the Southdown A A

and the Hydneye Community Angling Club

At the second Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 31st Jan 2023, to vote on the proposed recommendation to merge the Southdown Angling Association and Hydneye Community Angling Club and attended by members of both clubs, the proposal was accepted unanimously without any amendments, by a separate vote of both club’s members present at the meeting.

The new merged Club Committee will now convene to make the necessary arrangements for the SAA and HCAC to transition into the new Southdown and Hydneye Community Angling Club from the 1st April 2023.

Further communications will follow over the coming weeks.

Watch this space.

20th January 2023

Proposed Merger between the Southdown A A

and the Hydneye Community Angling Club

Following the Extraordinary General Meeting on the 28th July 2022, attended by members of both the Southdown Angling Association and

the Hydneye Community Angling Club, when it was agreed that both organisations should jointly investigate the possibility of a merger to form a single club, a Merger Working Party was set up comprising members from both clubs in order to sort out all the details necessary in order

for the merger to go ahead.

To this end, the Merger Working Party has worked hard behind the

scenes to formulate the documents required to activate the merger,

with the result that a second Extraordinary General Meeting will be

held on the 31st January 2023 at the Fisherman’s Club in Eastbourne

for the members of both clubs to give their approval.

The relevant documents relating to this meeting can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the titles below.

SHCAC EGM 28.07.22 Minutes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [69.7 KB]
SHCAC EGM2 Agenda.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [41.4 KB]
SHCAC Merger Proposal.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [89.3 KB]
SHCAC Proposed Constitution and Rules.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [91.0 KB]
SHCAC Proposed Committee.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [35.2 KB]

1st November 2022

Rother Fishery Pike Matches

The Rother Fishery Association have had the possible offer of additional fishing on the Rother adjacent to the existing stretch at Newenden and the landowner has kindly agreed to some exploratory fishing to assess the potential of the water.

To this end, a series of Pike matches have been proposed to which all RFA members are invited, which includes Southdown AA members.

There will be around 30 pegs available at each match, it will be first come first served, so any SAA members interested in participating are advised to register their interest without delay.

A flier and registration form giving details of these matches can be viewed or downloaded by clicking below.

RFA Pike Match.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [134.4 KB]

23rd October 2022

Winter Membership

Reduced winter subscription rates are now available giving

SAA membership from the 1st November 2022

right through to the 30th April 2023.

Please refer to the Membership Page for details and to join.

23rd October 2022

Curl’s Farm Fish Deaths and Temporary Closure

The work party on the 1st October removed and buried the dead fish, but regrettably the water will still remain closed to fishing until further notice.

Further updates will be issued in due course. Many thanks in anticipation

12th September 2022

Curls Farm Water Closure

Following the hot and dry weather in July and August with water levels falling, although we have had some most welcome rain, often in the form of thunderstorms, we have now seen quite a number of recent fish deaths at this water, mainly the carp being affected with the surviving fish are also showing signs of distress.

The Environment Agency has been informed and have investigated, suggesting that the fish have succumbed to a sudden crash in the dissolved oxygen levels, caused by a sudden fall in the air pressure associated with the thunderstorms, which can often be quite localised in nature.

We are not alone in this as there has been a number of similar incidents recently.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to alleviate the situation, the lake  being too shallow for effective aeration, we just hope that it doesn’t get any worse.

In view of the above, we have decided to temporarily close the water to members with immediate effect.

We will be monitoring the situation and re-open for fishing as soon as

it is safe to do so.

31st August 2022

Marle Green Water Re-opening

It’s now over a month since we closed North Farm Pool at Marle Green to fishing due to an increase in the number of dead carp seen at the fishery. Since then, we have also had a couple of periods of extremely high temperatures and the water level in the lake had dropped significantly. We have been regularly monitoring the situation and liaising with the Environment Agency accordingly.

Thankfully, with cooling temperatures and some most welcome rain, although still not up to the level of the outlet sill, the water level has risen significantly and we have seen very few dead fish in recent weeks.

We therefore feel that it is safe to re-open the venue to SAA members, effective  on the 1st September, but no keepnets or carp sacks are to be used and all landing nets should be thoroughly dried and if possible disinfected, before visiting a different fishery.

Members should also moderate the amount of groundbait, boilies, particles and the like being used until the weather is less hot and water levels are higher as if they are not eaten by the fish, as they decompose, they can have a detrimental effect on dissolved oxygen levels.

16th July 2022

Marle Green Water Closure

We have seen more than normal fish deaths at this venue this spring comprising mainly carp, with very few silver fish being affected. We have checked the dissolved oxygen levels of the water and they appear to be more than adequate for the survival of the fish. If low oxygen was the problem then it would have affected the silver fish far more than carp as the latter can tolerate low levels far better than other fish. Several of the carp have ugly lesions on their skin and this suggests that there is something else going on. There are several diseases which can affect carp and we have contacted the Environment Agency for their advice and help.

In view of the situation, we would not wish to risk the transfer any virus or disease present at Marle Green to any other waters and with the current heatwave and extreme hot weather forecast for the next few days, we have decided it is only right to CLOSE THE VENUE TO FISHING with immediate effect until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and pending the advice of the EA re-open for fishing as soon as possible.

16th July 2022

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Notice is given that an EGM of the Southdown Angling Association (SAA) will be held at:

The Fishermen’s Club, Royal Parade, Eastbourne, BN22 7AA

On Thursday 28th July 2022,

Commencing at 7.30pm sharp.

At this EGM the following resolutions shall be considered and resolved by vote:

  1. That the SAA Management Team, in partnership with the Hydneye Community Angling Club (HCAC) management team, be authorised to negotiate and jointly produce all necessary details for a proposed merger between SAA and HCAC to create a new single club; and
  2. To present finalised details to a further EGM, to be scheduled in due course, for the membership to vote on the recommended proposals for enacting the merger.

NOTE: Both the current and future EGMs referred to above will be attended by officers and members of both the SAA and HCAC. The intention is for a single presentation / discussion across both memberships followed by two separate votes of the respected memberships.

The background to this resolution follows.

The HCAC is a relatively new local club to Eastbourne and Hailsham that has waters on the Pevensey Marshes as well as their flagship water, the Hydneye Lake. They have been formed from PACES who previously managed and controlled these waters and have an established management team, many of whom are also members of the SAA.

The SAA was formed from the merger of the Compleat Angler Fishing Club and the Hailsham Angling Association in 1997.  It currently has increased membership levels on the back of circumstances associated with the Covid pandemic. Despite this, the management team is significantly depleted that hinders development and basic day to day management. The SAA has waters on the Pevensey Marshes, on the River Cuckmere and two small enclosed waters. It currently “shares” some of these waters with other clubs based in East Sussex.

The major perceived benefits of the proposed merger are:

  1. The opportunity to offer better value and a more diverse range of waters to members together with some rationalisation;
  1. The establishment of a stronger management team;
  1. The opportunity to review and update current Constitution and Rules; and
  1. A stronger emphasis on our local area and community engagement.

Subject to the resolution of these EGMs, the merger would develop as follows:

  1. The HCAC and SAA continue to be run independently for the 2022 to 2023 membership year (SAA’s run from 1st May to 30th April) with no significant changes to the SAA or HCAC during this period;
  2. During this period, a sub-committee, formed from the HCAC and SAA, will review current Constitutions and Rules and identify a route to harmonisation of the same;

During this same period the sub-committee, formed from the HCAC and SAA, will consider membership structure and fees, waters, asset transfers and other arrangements;

  1. In early 2023, EGMs will be held to propose all above changes to enable the new merged club to be in place for the new membership year starting in 2023.

The above timescale is ambitious. If successfully concluded, the merger could take effect from 1st May 2023.  If not, HCAC and SAA will continue to operate independently for a further year.

Representatives of both clubs will be present to answer any queries about the proposed merger.

The proposed further General Meeting where the merger plans will be presented for final approval will only go ahead if the votes across both club memberships at these formative Extraordinary General Meetings are favourable.

A PDF version of this notice can be viewed or downloaded below.

EGM Notice 16.07.22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [78.2 KB]

11th July 2022

Marle Green

We have been experiencing greater than normal numbers of fish deaths at this venue in recent weeks. All appear to be carp, so some of this may be due to spawning problems.

The landowner and the Environment Agency are aware. A possible cause also is low oxygen levels (confirmed by the EA), high temperatures and the shallowness of the lake. The build up of silt doesn’t helping either.

For the time being we continue to monitor the situation and the venue remains open. However, the following steps are needed now:

Please consider going fishing elsewhere for a few weeks until hopefully the situation normalises;

If you do fish at the venue, just go for short sessions only, limit the amount of loose feed/groundbait that you use as this can be an aggravating factor;

Make sure your landing nets are dry and or disinfected before you visit the venue. Do the same before you go anywhere else. Absolutely no use of keepnets.

Please also be extra vigilant. If the situation does not improve and the current very hot weather won’t help, we may have to temporarily close the venue.

Further updates will be issued in due course.

May we remind members of some of the rules for this venue and indeed both of our stillwaters

No carp to be retained in keepnets or carp sacks or the equivalent other than in SAA sanctioned competitions.

Barbless hooks only.

Fishing between the hours of one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset,


No fishing from the dam wall at Marle Green


Wallers Haven Iron Bridge Downstream

Another couple of reminders regarding the arrangements for fishing at this venue.

Disregard these at your peril as you will be confronted by the landowner and SAA may lose the water. No night fishing is allowed.

It follows from this that bivvies and the like are also not allowed; and there is absolutely no access on to the wooden jetty towards the end of the water for any purpose whatsoever.

5th July 2022

On a number of our waters, the adjacent fields contain livestock.

For this and other reasons, we do not allow members to bring dogs onto Southdown AA waters whilst fishing.

There are no exceptions, even if the dog is on a lead and this rule applies equally to all the other clubs with which we share the water.

Any member found with a dog on SAA waters whilst fishing, will have their membership cancelled and they will be banned from re-joining in the future.

This reminder is necessary as there has recently been a confrontation between a landowner and a “fisherman” who had a dog with him.

Failure to comply could easily mean we lose the fishing rights.


We have reports that there is a large bull in the first field upstream of Iron Bridge on the Wallers Haven. He seems friendly enough but members should be aware and perhaps not get between him and his ladies.


It has also been reported of anglers, possibly Hastings & Bexhill members, accompanied by a dog, night fishing downstream of Iron Bridge.


a) Downstream of Iron Bridge, or upstream for that matter, are not shared with 

     Hastings and Bexhill.

b) Dogs are not allowed on any SAA waters (see above) and;

c) Night fishing is not permitted downstream of Iron Bridge at the request of the


So, if the person was a Hastings & Bexhill member, they were poaching and breaking the rules on at least two counts.

It may be the case that members of Hastings & Bexhill are unsure of the waters they share with the Southdown AA, which are: Middle Bridge and Boreham Street on the Wallers Haven and the Pevensey Haven and Chilley Stream, so should any Southdown members encounter their members fishing illegally, a polite word might be in order, but don’t put yourself at risk and please report any antagonism or threatening behaviour.

May 2022

We hope all is well with all current and prospective members and that you enjoyed some good fishing last year.

Current members are reminded that their membership of the Southdown Angling Association (SAA) expired on 30th April 2022 and you will need to renew your membership if you want to fish SAA waters on and after the 1st May.

This year we will be sending current members a pre-addressed return envelope. All you need to do is apply a stamp. If you forget to apply a stamp, we will charge you any excess SAA has to pay. You will also not need to supply a self-addressed envelope for the return of your 2022 Membership Yearbook.

To renew membership or join, please go to the membership page where full instructions, application forms etc. can be viewed and downloaded.

Please note that no Year Books will be issued until we have received completed membership form(s) and payment.

The purpose of this notification is:

To remind / inform members about some normal restrictions on angling activity – some of our members will possibly have fished for the first time in 2021/2022

To tell you about our arrangements for 2022/2023.

To remind you of some important information about Marle Green.

There are a few other pieces of news / information too.

Coarse fishing close season

The annual close season for coarse fishing is 15th March to 15th June inclusive. This applies to all SAA waters except Marle Green and Curl’s Farm

This means that all our other waters (Boreham Street, Ironbridge, Middle Bridge, Pevensey Haven, Chilley Stream and the River Cuckmere) are closed to fishing from midnight on 14th March 2022,   re-opening after midnight on 15th June 2022. The fishing close season is a legally enforceable byelaw for freshwater fishing with a rod and line across England and if you are caught fishing during this period you could face prosecution and be fined up to £50,000.


If you see people fishing illegally, pollution incidents, or dead or distressed fish, call the Environment Agency 24-hour incident hotline: 0800 80 70 60


Covid-19 restrictions

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we have closely followed the guidance of the Angling Trust, closing waters to angling and re-opening in controlled ways as required. We have seen national lockdowns and more local restrictions with tiers based on County and District Council boundaries. We will continue to follow any new restrictions should they be re-introduced, but at the present time that appears unlikely. Details of the any likely protocols will be published in our Year Book and on this website.

Plans for 2022 - 2023

There are no significant changes for the forthcoming membership year and membership subscription rates remain unchanged;

Because of Covid restrictions we were not able to hold an AGM in 2020 or 2021. Whereas the club’s finances remain healthy, operational aspects are restricted due to a lack of a Secretary (long-term vacancy) and a full Committee. With this in mind we will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting later this year where proposals for the future structure and management of the SAA will be discussed.

All waters are retained (correct at going to press), with no new waters this year; and the SAA have again affiliated to the Rother Fisheries Association which gives our members access to much additional fishing on the eastern River Rother and Royal Military Canal in Kent, providing different challenges, are well worth exploring  and complement traditional SAA waters well.

The 2022/2023 SAA Year Books will have a RFA sticker on the front page that is your authority to fish RFA waters and the RFA Booklet, Rules and Water Maps are all on this website. You must follow their rules when fishing these waters, all of which are subject to the annual close season.

The waters that are available include:

River Rother at Robertsbridge, Salehurst Church, Udiam Bridge, Bodiam Bridge, Newenden (note change to extent of water access this year) and Blackwall Bridge. Potman’s Heath Channel and the  Royal Military Canal north bank from Appledore Dam to Iden Lock along Military Road.

The lengths of water are given in more detail on the RFA maps (see our website).The Rother at Blackwall is a wide deep river, whereas further upstream at Bodiam and above it is much narrower.  Expect boats and non-fishing recreational use particularly at Bodiam and Newenden during warmer months. The Royal Military Canal and Potman’s are relatively shallow and can be weedy during the summer months so it’s well worth using a weed cutter before fishing.

Marle Green

We introduced some new restrictions at Marle Green last year in response to some avoidable unacceptable behaviour. Lowlights included:

Litter, discarded line entangling and killing a bird and line/braid left hanging from a tree.

Verbal confrontation with a landowner adjacent to the access and the car park, including expletives.

It is impossible to justify any of this behaviour and if it re-occurs we are likely to lose the water. You have been warned.

To mitigate some of the above; the following apply:

No dropping off or picking members up in front of the locked gate at the entrance to the venue.

Either use the car park, or drop off / pick up at the top of the lane;

Minimise movements through the locked gate – no toing and froing during the day;

Keep noise to a minimum, even in the car parking area as there are residences that directly overlook the site.

Be polite and respectful if engaged by residents. Do not use offensive language; and, If you get line, rigs, hooks etc. entangled in trees remove them immediately. If they are out of your reach, inform one of the Water Maintenance Officers.

A reminder that we do not have exclusive use of the water; instead we have to work around any planned events run by the landowner (Sacred Earth). It is this way or no access at all.

Please note and observe the closure dates for this water that have already been agreed with the landowner:

Saturday 14th May, Friday 3rd June,

Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th June, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July,

Saturday 23rd July, Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th August,

Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th August, Saturday 10th September

and Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd September.

All dates are inclusive

14th December 2021


The Association's Gmail address has changed.

Please visit the Contacts Page for details

22nd June 2021


Unless absolutely necessary, we no longer send information out to members

by post anymore, so, if you are, or wish to be, a member of the Southdown

Angling Association, we need to be able to contact you via email and to do

this, your email address and other contact details need to be included in

our secure membership database.

Via our membership of the Angling Trust we are in the process of moving to

the "Clubmate" platform to manage membership details, communications

and membership renewals.

This is an off-the-shelf management system designed for fishing clubs which

will reduce our administration time and facilitate direct membership payments

Further information will be posted once it is all fully up and running.

17th March 2021


Members please note that Cinderford Pond is regrettably no longer

a Southdown AA water.

Incident at Marle Green on Saturday 26th September 2020

We have received a complaint from a householder adjacent to the access track at Marle Green who is rightly upset about what happened. The gist is that someone was picking up a young person (presumably an angler and a member) from in front of the access gate that has the combination lock to restrict access and in doing so, the person with the vehicle blocked the bridleway.

When confronted, the driver was horribly abusive to the person who complained (a woman).

We have no more details than this, but clearly this is unacceptable and stupid behaviour by an adult who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If anyone knows the persons involved or has any other information about this incident, please contact a club official.

The club has a number of live threats to our existence (low water levels, boaters, model aircraft, poaching, litter etc) without adding to them with this self-inflicted kind of thing.

So, a reminder about our arrangements for Marle Green and how the club expects you (and anyone transporting you to the water) to behave:

1. Parking/idling in front of the locked access gate is only permitted to unlock/lock and

    open/close the gate. You should not stop there to drop-off or collect anyone, even for

    a few minutes. If someone needs to be dropped off or collected either gain access

    through the gate and proceed to the assigned car parking area, or drop-off or pick-up

    further up the track away from the houses. No excuses or exceptions;

2. Drive slowly along the access, maximum 5 mph; slower is better, particularly if it is dry

    and dusty. Be prepared to encounter pets, horses and livestock and keep them safe.

3. Be considerate to all other track users and occupiers of residences. As a member, you

    represent the club, and the club will be judged by your actions; and;

4. If confronted by any of the householders, be humble, polite and apologetic. Don’t be

    abusive. Remember you don’t know who they are, how they are connected and what

    they are capable of doing.

A further incident like this could lead to us involuntarily losing the water or voluntarily having to give it up because of the actions of a few inconsiderate persons.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

3rd June 2020


During the past few weeks there have been numerous cases of people fishing illegally on Southdown Angling Association stretches of the rivers, especially on the Wallers Haven, all the way from Middle Bridge to Boreham Street.

It’s great to report that we hear a group of people were arrested by the police last weekend because they were fishing during the close season, this being as a result of several members seeing tents / bivvies/ barbecues / and rods etc positioned in the first field at Middle Bridge and reporting the matter.

If you happen to witness illegal fishing on any of our waters in the future, for safety reasons, please do not take action personally, but,


Even if the Agency cannot respond quickly, they do contact the police and action is taken, evidence being that of last weekend.

We need to protect our waters and fish and put these illegal poachers under pressure, that way hopefully they will get the message.


which is also on the reverse of your rod licence.


Please can all members remember not to leave their vehicle in front of any gates when parking up for a fishing session.

We have had a number of reports recently about vehicles blocking farm gates at the Pevensey Haven and at Middle Bridge and Ironbridge on the Wallers Haven.

The farmers from whom we tease the fishing rights are now getting very annoyed and are voicing their opinions to the club. They need daily access to their land to tend livestock etc and if the situation continues we may well lose the use of some of our lovely waters.

Also, should there ever be an emergency the emergency services will also need access.

Now while we acknowledge that some parked vehicles may belong to dog owners or walkers in general, it would seem that the majority belong to anglers and the people responsible are not only selfish but quite frankly ignorant and stupid!

Shown is a vehicle blocking the gate at Ironbridge upstream on Sunday 15th September, apparently the angler concerned was fishing an overnight session.

So please NEVER park in front on any gate.

The Committee will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis for the rest of the season and should a member be found to be blocking a gate with their vehicle, it could result in a lifetime ban. Therefore if you value being a member of the Southdown A A and enjoy the great fishing that our waters can offer please park sensibly and never block gates.


The HMFC own the field opposite our land at Middle Bridge and use this for flying radio control model aircraft. These aircraft vary in size, but some are very large, heavy and fast flying.

The club run a number of airshows during the year and apart from these, the most intense activity is at a weekend.

Unfortunately there have been a number of instances of these models crashing both near to anglers and in the Wallers Haven itself. For this reason we have agreed a number of measures with HMFC in order to lessen the risk to SAA members.

(a)   For their own safety, when flying is taking place, anglers should not fish near           the take off / landing  zone currently marked, particularly at weekends.

(b)   We have asked that HMFC check there is no one fishing in the direct line of           the current take off zone. If there is, they are to attract the person’s attention,           forewarn them about  the risks and politely ask that they consider moving.               Should this happen to you, please do not be offensive in return.

(c)   We advise HMFC of all our fixtures and bookings scheduled for this water              and where possible, HMFC will avoid flying on these days.

(d)     HMFC will advise us of the dates of their airshows when flying activity is most           intense and these will be communicated to SAA members via publication in             our membership yearbook, or newsletters, e-mail and our website.

          Members are advised not to fish this venue on these days, or at the very                   least not to fish in the first field, staying well away from the take off / landing               zone.

If you happen to be present when one of the models crashes on our land or in the river, please advise the Secretary or Treasurer. Records of these instances will strengthen our case in arguing the need for any changes to the current flying arrangements.

The dates for the HMFC Airshows are shown in your membership yearbook.


Whilst our stretches of the river Cuckmere are both beautiful and full of fish, some of which grow very large, everyone needs to take great care when settling down to enjoy a days sport, as although narrow in most places the river is deceptively very deep and can be up to 10ft at the waters edge.

Over the years quite a few anglers have unfortunately fallen in and have struggled to get out! In fact, already this season, a very experienced member suffered from an undercut bank which collapsed, resulting in him ending up in the water chest high and he's over six feet tall.

Please be very cautious and careful when deciding where to fish, if possible go with a fishing mate so at least there's someone on hand if an accident happens. Always have a really good prod and poke around with a bank stick to check the bank and find out where the waters edge actually is.

Most banks along the Cuckmere are now very overgrown. Years ago the banks were of mud and flat, but as the years have ticked by, the vegetation has grown, which actually now means we are sitting on banks where the middle of the river used to be, consequently that's why the water is very deep right at your feet.

Enjoy the river and all the surrounding countryside has to offer, but please tread cautiously and be very, very careful.

Curl’s Farm; Water Bank Clearance & Vehicular Access

A couple of things.

We are aware that someone has recently taken it upon themselves to fell a tree in one of the swims. This is strictly forbidden and is behaviour that could lose us the water. Clearance like this is only to be carried out by our Water Maintenance Manager.

We / you are not allowed to drive down to the lake edge beyond the designated parking area near the barn and this is prescribed in our lease. On application, we are able to grant vehicular access to those members with restricted mobility by exception only. This is closely controlled and only those with specific permission are permitted to drive down to the water.

Please comply with these arrangements. Your membership will be terminated if you don’t.


Wherever you are fishing on our club waters in the months ahead, please look out for hand lines or nets staked into the water. It seems some poachers are out and about and have been leaving these to snare fish, generally it seems on the rivers as recent reports include the Cuckmere and Wallers Haven.

If you come across any please remove and destroy or dispose of them in the right manner, making sure of course that you are safe on the river / lake side before taking any action.

Let us all be vigilant and stop these people taking fish from our waters.


The New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 come into force on the 25th May 2018.

In common with almost every amateur organisation in the U.K., Southdown A.A. members’ details are recorded and stored on a computerised database, with the contact details members supply to the Association being held securely for the sole purposes of administration and communicating with members by post, e-mail, telephone or other electronic means.

For more information and our Data Protection Notice, dated May 2018, please refer to the Membership Page


During the past week a club member reported having to pick up 5 Sweetcorn tins and other rubbish found scattered around the lake at Marle Green.

This is a serious matter as club rules clearly state that NO TINS OR CANS ARE TO BE TAKEN ONTO ASSOCIATION WATERS and members are to LEAVE NO LITTER.

Our landowners won't take too kindly to anglers leaving litter behind which is obviously bad for the environment and any livestock, wildlife etc. and waters have been lost before due to irresponsible anglers leaving litter and rubbish on the bank.

If the above is due to you please change your attitude and don't ruin things for others. If it's proved that a members has left litter where they have fished, it's highly likely that they will be banned from the club for life.

Please ensure that you take home everything that you took with you when you left for your session on the bank, that means bottles, groundbait bags, cigarette packets, sweet packets, plastic worm tubs, line, hooks, everything !

If you do come across litter on Association waters, even though you didn’t leave it, please clear it up and dispose of it properly when you get home. Generally our waters have remained pretty litter free, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil things for everyone else.

Respect the environment, please take your rubbish home, leave only foot prints.


With many tackle shops closing down these days it’s nice to see a new one starting up.

Green D.I.Y. on the Bellbrook Industrial Estate in Uckfield are setting up a fishing tackle section, opening on the 3rd March and will be offering a 10% discount to Southdown A.A. members on production of their current membership booklet.

We wish them well in their new venture.

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