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30th March 2023, NEW MERGED CLUB

Following the recent Extraordinary General Meetings, the newly merged club, the Southdown & Hydneye Community Angling Club (SHCAC) officially started on the 1st April 2023. Please refer to the home page for details od how to sign up.

12th February 2023

Proposed Merger between the Southdown A A

and the Hydneye Community Angling Club

At the second Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 31st Jan 2023, to vote on the proposed recommendation to merge the Southdown Angling Association and Hydneye Community Angling Club and attended by members of both clubs, the proposal was accepted unanimously without any amendments, by a separate vote of both club’s members present at the meeting.

The new merged Club Committee will now convene to make the necessary arrangements for the SAA and HCAC to transition into the new Southdown and Hydneye Community Angling Club from the 1st April 2023.

Further communications will follow over the coming weeks.

Watch this space.

20th January 2023

Proposed Merger between the Southdown A A

and the Hydneye Community Angling Club

Following the Extraordinary General Meeting on the 28th July 2022, attended by members of both the Southdown Angling Association and

the Hydneye Community Angling Club, when it was agreed that both organisations should jointly investigate the possibility of a merger to form a single club, a further meeting is scheduled to ratify a merger.

Please refer to the Home or Notices page for full details.

23rd October 2022

Winter Membership

Reduced winter subscription rates are now available giving

SAA membership from the 1st November 2022

right through to the 30th April 2023.

Please refer to the Membership Page for details and to join.

15th October 2022 - Fred Clews

We have some very sad news on the passing of our President Fred Clews.

He had been poorly and in and out of hospital and in a hospice for some time.

Fred took over the Presidency following the untimely death of Roger Izzard back

in 2012 and he was a long serving supporter and administrator of angling clubs in our area, having previously held senior posts in the Hailsham A. A. for many years.

Up until his failing health limited his activities, Fred was a regular on the club matches and working parties and a thoroughly nice and genuine chap.

Our sincere condolences are extended to all his family and friends.

The funeral is at 10am on Thursday 20 October 2022 at the Langney Crematorium

15th October 2022

Curl’s Farm Fish Deaths and Temporary Closure

We held a working party on Saturday the 1st October when a large number of dead fish were removed from the water and subsequently buried on site.

It was a very unpleasant, difficult and sad task to undertake.

Thanks are due to the following members and helpers, some supplying equipment, who did a great job in difficult circumstances to support the club.

Peter Gabbitas, Stephen Izzard, Richard Bendall, Keith Lawrence & Dave Farley.

We now need to assess the next steps, beginning with a consultation with the landowners / land agents and possibly a fisheries consultant.

The fishery needs a lot of bankside clearance work and possibly restocking.

These tasks will take some time and it is unlikely that the water will be

re-opened until Summer 2023 at the very earliest.

In the interim, the water will remain closed to all members.

There will be a further update when we have more news.

12th September 2022

Curls Farm Water Closure

Following the hot and dry weather in July and August with water levels falling, although we have had some most welcome rain, often in the form of thunderstorms, we have now seen quite a number of recent fish deaths at this water, mainly the carp being affected with the surviving fish are also showing signs of distress.

The Environment Agency has been informed and have investigated, suggesting that the fish have succumbed to a sudden crash in the dissolved oxygen levels, caused by a sudden fall in the air pressure associated with the thunderstorms, which can often be quite localised in nature.

We are not alone in this as there has been a number of similar incidents recently.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to alleviate the situation, the lake  being too shallow for effective aeration, we just hope that it doesn’t get any worse.

In view of the above, we have decided to temporarily close the water to members with immediate effect.

We will be monitoring the situation and re-open for fishing as soon as

it is safe to do so.

31st August 2022

Extraordinary General Meeting, 28th July 2022

At the meeting held at the Fisherman's Club attended by members of both the Southdown Angling Association and the Hydneye Community Angling Club, management teams from both clubs were authorised to negotiate and jointly produce all necessary details for a possible merger between the two organisations to create a new single club and to formulate finalised details for further meetings, for their memberships to vote on the recommended proposals in order to enact  the merger.

31st August 2022

Marle Green Water Re-opening

It’s now over a month since we closed North Farm Pool at Marle Green to fishing due to an increase in the number of dead carp seen at the fishery. Since then, we have also had a couple of periods of extremely high temperatures and the water level in the lake had dropped significantly. We have been regularly monitoring the situation and liaising with the Environment Agency accordingly.

Thankfully, with cooling temperatures and some most welcome rain, although still not up to the level of the outlet sill, the water level has risen significantly and we have seen very few dead fish in recent weeks.

We therefore feel that it is safe to re-open the venue to SAA members, effective  on the 1st September, but no keepnets or carp sacks are to be used and all landing nets should be thoroughly dried and if possible disinfected, before visiting a different fishery.

Members should also moderate the amount of groundbait, boilies, particles and the like being used until the weather is less hot and water levels are higher as if they are not eaten by the fish, as they decompose, they can have a detrimental effect on dissolved oxygen levels.

16th July 2022

Marle Green Water Closure

We have seen more than normal fish deaths at this venue this spring comprising mainly carp, with very few silver fish being affected. We have checked the dissolved oxygen levels of the water and they appear to be more than adequate for the survival of the fish. If low oxygen was the problem then it would have affected the silver fish far more than carp as the latter can tolerate low levels far better than other fish. Several of the carp have ugly lesions on their skin and this suggests that there is something else going on. There are several diseases which can affect carp and we have contacted the Environment Agency for their advice and help.

In view of the situation, we would not wish to risk the transfer any virus or disease present at Marle Green to any other waters and with the current heatwave and extreme hot weather forecast for the next few days, we have decided it is only right to CLOSE THE VENUE TO FISHING with immediate effect until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and pending the advice of the EA re-open for fishing as soon as possible.

11th July 2022

Marle Green

We have been experiencing greater than normal numbers of fish deaths at this venue in recent weeks. All appear to be carp, so some of this may be due to spawning problems.

The landowner and the Environment Agency are aware. A possible cause also is low oxygen levels (confirmed by the EA), high temperatures and the shallowness of the lake. The build up of silt doesn’t helping either.

For the time being we continue to monitor the situation and the venue remains open. However, the following steps are needed now:

Please consider going fishing elsewhere for a few weeks until hopefully the situation normalises;

If you do fish at the venue, just go for short sessions only, limit the amount of loose feed/groundbait that you use as this can be an aggravating factor;

Make sure your landing nets are dry and or disinfected before you visit the venue. Do the same before you go anywhere else. Absolutely no use of keepnets.

Please also be extra vigilant. If the situation does not improve and the current very hot weather won’t help, we may have to temporarily close the venue.

Further updates will be issued in due course.

May we remind members of some of the rules for this venue and indeed both of our stillwaters

No carp to be retained in keepnets or carp sacks or the equivalent other than in SAA sanctioned competitions.

Barbless hooks only.

Fishing between the hours of one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset,


No fishing from the dam wall at Marle Green


Wallers Haven Iron Bridge Downstream

Another couple of reminders regarding the arrangements for fishing at this venue.

Disregard these at your peril as you will be confronted by the landowner and SAA may lose the water. No night fishing is allowed.

It follows from this that bivvies and the like are also not allowed; and there is absolutely no access on to the wooden jetty towards the end of the water for any purpose whatsoever.

5th July 2022

On a number of our waters, the adjacent fields contain livestock.

For this and other reasons, we do not allow members to bring dogs onto Southdown AA waters whilst fishing.

There are no exceptions, even if the dog is on a lead and this rule applies equally to all the other clubs with which we share the water.

Any member found with a dog on SAA waters whilst fishing, will have their membership cancelled and they will be banned from re-joining in the future.

This reminder is necessary as there has recently been a confrontation between a landowner and a “fisherman” who had a dog with him.

Failure to comply could easily mean we lose the fishing rights.


We have reports that there is a large bull in the first field upstream of Iron Bridge on the Wallers Haven. He seems friendly enough but members should be aware and perhaps not get between him and his ladies.


It has also been reported of anglers, possibly Hastings & Bexhill members, accompanied by a dog, night fishing downstream of Iron Bridge.


a) Downstream of Iron Bridge, or upstream for that matter, are not shared with 

     Hastings and Bexhill.

b) Dogs are not allowed on any SAA waters (see above) and;

c) Night fishing is not permitted downstream of Iron Bridge at the request of the


So, if the person was a Hastings & Bexhill member, they were poaching and breaking the rules on at least two counts.

It may be the case that members of Hastings & Bexhill are unsure of the waters they share with the Southdown AA, which are: Middle Bridge and Boreham Street on the Wallers Haven and the Pevensey Haven and Chilley Stream, so should any Southdown members encounter their members fishing illegally, a polite word might be in order, but don’t put yourself at risk and please report any antagonism or threatening behaviour.

5th May 2022

2022/ 2023 MEMBERSHIP

Membership for the year through to the 30th April 2023

is now available

Please visit the Membership Page for details

and to download an application form.

14th December 2021


The Association's Gmail address has changed.

Please visit the Contacts Page for details

22nd June 2021


Via our membership of the Angling Trust we are in the process of moving to

the "Clubmate" platform to manage membership details, communications

and membership renewals.

This is an off-the-shelf management system designed for fishing clubs which

will reduce our administration time and facilitate direct membership payments

Further information will be posted once it is all fully up and running.


Our latest Newsletter has now been issued.

Please go to Newsletters 2021 to download a copy.

6th April 2021


The Southdown AA are now members of the RFA giving our members access to several miles of fishing on the eastern River Rother and the Royal Military Canal. See the waters pages for details.

10th September 2020


There have been a number of fish deaths on the Wallers Haven reported recently, mainly carp. This is likely related to low water and dissolved oxygen levels that probably go hand in hand. If you see any evidence of this, please let us know.

The Environment Agency has been informed.

If you are a member that targets carp, you might also consider reducing the amount of feeding you are doing and / or spacing out your visits. The welfare of the fish is of the utmost importance.

10th September 2020


It's evident that increasing amounts of anglers litter is being left in the swims at Curls Farm. This is unacceptable and irresponsible. SAA have lost waters in the past due to littering. Please ensure you take your's and any other litter home with you after your visit. If the problem persists then the water may have to be closed.

15th June 2020


After a challenging few months due to the arrival of Covid-19 it’s great that the new river season will begin tomorrow on the 16th June, with glorious weather and that we are fishing again.

We are hopeful this year of sending out a more regular newsletter to keep you, our members, in touch with how our Association waters are performing, what baits or methods are doing the business, competition news, and also what we’ve been up to ” behind the scenes”.

To make the Newsletter even more special we need your input in the form of news from the start of your season along with photographs if possible. This will help tremendously with promoting our club and the variety of waters we offer.

Please don’t be shy, send your details and pictures to:

and we can then post them on this website, our Facebook page and include

them in the latest newsletter which we hope to send out at the end of June.

We look forward to hearing from you and tight lines for the season ahead.


While fortunately we don’t suffer greatly from litter left by anglers on our waters, most members acting responsibly and taking their rubbish home with them, occasionally a bad apple in the pack turns up to spoil this image.

One of our members was taking a walk along the Wallers Haven at Middle Bridge and came across a pile of rubbish left around the peg 4 area. It was about 15 metres back from the waters edge and clearly anglers litter as evidenced by a Copdock Mill bag and Breakaway tackle rig bead packaging. In addition, there were a number of Duracell batteries, empty plastic food packets and aerosol style gas cylinders, enough to fill two carrier bags which he thankfully took away and disposed of properly.

Such rubbish poses a serious danger to wildlife and livestock as well as being unsightly and cannot be tolerated.

While we cannot be sure that it was a Southdown member or members to blame as this water is shared with other clubs, please ensure that you leave no litter, if you brought it with you, then you can take it back home after finishing your session, after all, it should be much lighter by then and, if you do come across rubbish left by others, please clean it up and dispose of it properly.

Remember, responsible anglers leave no litter, only footprints!





A day when history was made!

Possibly the best ever weight on the Pevensey marshes in a match.

History maker was the man now known as

"The Slab Slayer" Mr Patrick Newman.

Fishing a club match on the Pevensey Haven and using a feeder with worm on the hook, Pat landed 24 bream to around four pounds, plus a tench a perch and a rudd

for a total match winning weight of 80lbs14oz.

Great angling fella!

Curl’s Farm; Water Bank Clearance & Vehicular Access

A couple of things.

We are aware that someone has recently taken it upon themselves to fell a tree in one of the swims. This is strictly forbidden and is behaviour that could lose us the water. Clearance like this is only to be carried out by our Water Maintenance Manager.

We/you are not allowed to drive down to the lake edge beyond the designated parking area near the barn and this is prescribed in our lease. On application, we are able to grant vehicular access to those members with restricted mobility by exception only. This is closely controlled and only those with specific permission are permitted to drive down to the water.

Please comply with these arrangements. Your membership will be terminated if you don’t.


Wherever you are fishing on our club waters in the months ahead, please look out for hand lines or nets staked into the water. It seems some poachers are out and about and have been leaving these to snare fish, generally it seems on the rivers as recent reports include the Cuckmere and Wallers Haven.

If you come across any please remove and destroy or dispose of them in the right manner, making sure of course that you are safe on the river / lake side before taking any action.

Let us all be vigilant and stop these people taking fish from our waters.


With many tackle shops closing down these days it’s nice to see a new one starting up.

Green D.I.Y. on the Bellbrook Industrial Estate in Uckfield are setting up a fishing tackle section, opening on the 3rd March and will be offering a 10% discount to Southdown A.A. members on production of their current membership booklet.

We wish them well in their new venture.


Recently the Association had a match scheduled for upstream at Ironbridge. On arriving early on the Sunday morning the competitors were greeted with the sight of four night shelters/bivvies set up in the first field. Fortunately on the day, we did not have a vast number of competitors and we were able to peg around them, however on another day we could be fishing against one or more other clubs with a much greater attendance and this could present a problem.

The Fixture List in the Membership Year Book clearly requests that on the day of matches the water specified should be left clear, so if you are planning a trip to one of our waters on a Saturday night or Sunday, please remember to check your Year Book or the website for match fixtures before deciding on the venue.

We of course want everyone to enjoy their fishing, but please choose a venue to fish that is not involved with a competition, we have plenty of other excellent waters for members to enjoy a days angling.

Changes to Angling Rules

Current Southdown A.A. Angling Rules limit members to the use of two rods only when fishing our waters. The Environment Agency have now introduced a new three rod license & it was felt that some members would wish to take advantage of this, particularly when fishing the Wallers Haven.

However we still feel that members should be limited to two rods when fishing the still waters, but the use of three rods will now be permitted on the Pevensey Levels fisheries.

In all cases, all the rods must always be positioned within easy reach of the angler.


Current rules also state that camping and the pitching of tents is not permitted on Association waters.

This rule still applies, however, with the arrival of the modern angling bivouac, there is some confusion over whether a bivvy is a tent or not. While we do not allow night fishing on any of the still waters or downstream of Iron Bridge, at the moment it is permitted on all our other waters and bivouacs are used by some members. The use of bivvies is therefore permitted and we have decided that the definition of camping would be a period exceeding 24 hours & fishing sessions be limited to maximum period of 24 hours, after which the angler must vacate the water.

The changes to these rules are clearly shown on the inside front cover of the 2017 Membership Booklet & the Angling Rules page of this website.


Non Fishing Parent/Guardian

Junior members under the age of 14 usually join the Association via the membership of their father, granddad or uncle etc, paying a subscription of just £2. However, we have had juniors wishing to join in their own right, without an adult membership involvement, although a parent or guardian would always accompany them when fishing. We obviously wish to encourage juniors, after all, they are the future of angling, however, for safety, insurance & behavioral reasons, our rules specify that juniors may only fish Association waters when accompanied by a responsible adult member

We have therefore introduced an additional membership category, paying a £10 nominal subscription, of Parent/Guardian (non fishing) to enable the parent or guardian of a junior, to accompany and be responsible for that junior when fishing on Association waters, even though the parent or guardian doesn’t fish themselves. As members, both will then obviously be subject to Association rules & covered by third party/civil liability insurance.


February 2016

Several years ago, before the credit crunch, we approached the Environment Agency to do something about the silting up of the Wallers Haven at Boreham Street, which had resulted in the first field & parts of the second becoming unfishable. Then along came the financial crisis, EA funding was severely cut & it didn’t seem that anything could be done to improve the situation.

However, it seems that we hadn’t been forgotten & thanks to some funding from the sale of rod licences, during the month of February, the river has now been dredged to remove the silt that has built up over the years. Gone are the days when dredging meant a complete clean out of the water leaving the banks devastated with a 45 degree slope & no safe access for anglers. Instead we have now got fishing swims sympathetically created every 20 yards or so, with much of the existing bankside vegetation between the pegs left undisturbed to the benefit of the wildlife & the fish.

It remains to be seen what effect this work will have on the fishing. Last year, despite the state of the river, this stretch of the Haven fished really well, so let’s hope it will now be even better.

Our sincere thanks are due to the Environment Agency staff & contractors who have carried out this work. We often hear anglers complaining about the EA, saying "what do we get for our licence money." This project should show all the moaners that some of the money does indeed get ploughed back into angling to improve the fishing for all to enjoy.


At one of our matches at Iron Bridge on the Wallers Haven during January 2015, members collected a snap tackle from a branch which was easily accessible for the person who had cast and left it there, and then one of the white geese present at this venue had somehow managed to get a lure stuck in its mouth!

With the anglers having hatched a plan to try and save it, fortunately the bird finally managed to free itself, but not before temporarily getting the lure stuck on it's chest. All very sad and worrying at the time but luckily it all ended well. Generally most anglers are responsible and really care about all wildlife; it just takes the odd one or two to spoil things for the rest of us.

If one of the many walkers who pass by had seen this bird going frantic for some time, we dread to think of what they would think or say about us anglers.

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