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Match Reports 2020/2021

Monday 6th July 2020, 3rd Round Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

Summer 2020 returned and gifted us a lovely summers evening with just a light breeze and some warm sunshine. Unfortunately we were not gifted with a great evenings fishing and during the day it seems the Wallers is currently out of sorts.

Many competitors struggled for any sort of bite with just the odd roach or rudd showing from time to time. Gary Flint was a happy man however, as his grip on the Evening Cup tightened further. With a big eel and decent perch caught in the last 40 minutes added to several small roach caught earlier using a combination of pole and waggler, he won the match with 2lbs 13oz. That’s 3 out of 3 evening match victories, great fishing.

Amazingly “draw bags” Peter Gabbitas made it six, yes six end pegs on the trot and positioned himself next to the bridge for some whip fishing, catching roach and rudd with the odd perch chucked in for good measure, to secure second place with 2lbs 11oz, while towards the end of the first field, Chris Copeland fished the waggler to tempt small roach and rudd to finish third on the night with 1lb 13oz.

The fourth and final round takes place next Monday evening upstream at Ironbridge, with the usual draw time of 6pm.


Sunday 5th July 2020, 1st Round Marsh Shield and KO Cups

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

We have some excellent news to come, however we will start with the bad news first.

If you’ve ever fished at Middle Bridge you’ll know it’s not the place to be when it’s windy, and on this particular day it was very, very windy as with a persistent gale gusting up to 45mph, no flow and not much colour in the river, the fishing was absolutely dire.

However the excellent news is that 9 year old Frank Wilkinson won the match, maybe a future “Bob Nudd” in the making. OK then, for the older readers “Ivan Marks”.

Young Frank has been fishing matches for the past two weeks with his dad Wayne and by fishing the feeder at a peg just past the post with worm on the hook topped with a dead red maggot, he tempted an eel weighing 1lb 2oz and strolled to victory.

Well done Frank, hopefully the first of many.

It was a Wilkinson one-two as dad Wayne used the same tactics to clinch second place with a 13oz eel, just ahead of third placed Chris Copeland who persevered on the waggler for 12oz of small roach and skimmer bream .

Unfortunately there were several blanks and the competitors left wondering where all the fish had gone. A day to forget unless your name is Frank Wilkinson, well done again.


Monday 29th June 2020, 2nd Round Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

Not a pleasant evening to be fishing at Middle Bridge! The wind was incredibly strong, making for less than ideal conditions and it was chilly too for mid summer. At least the wind was blowing directly on to one’s back, but even still it was often difficult to stand up. Where’s the summer trotted off to?

Gary Flint slipped one hand on the trophy as he put in another sterling performance on a rather trying night. With a couple of eels and a small skimmer tempted on the feeder he won the match with 2lbs and with only two more rounds to go and victories in the first two, he’s in pole position to claim the silverware. Steve Davey placed second with 1lb 11oz,  while Peter Stradwick is chasing hard for the trophy, only three points off top spot as he secured third place on the night, with a couple of small skimmer bream and roach for 1lb 8oz, caught fishing the feeder.

We are hoping for an improvement in the weather and the fishing at this venue for this coming Sunday, when we will be holding the first round of the Marsh Shield and Knockout Cup matches, the draw for pegs taking place at the usual time of 8am with the fishing from 9am until 2pm.

If you would like to join us please make yourself familiar with the current match guidelines due to the COVID-19 restrictions. These can be found here on this website under the Competitions section, and also on our Facebook page:


Sunday 28th June 2020, Match v PACES

Venue: Pevensey Haven, Chilley End

With the scheduled match at the Hydnye cancelled due to a problem with weed and low water levels, the match was switched to the PACES’ water on the west bank of the Pevensey Haven at Chilley, a lovely part of the Sussex countryside.

After several glorious weeks the weather unfortunately changed overnight to leave an unseasonable chilly and very strong wind. In fact as we packed up, we witnessed two adults and a child flying kites in the fields!

Amazingly Peter Gabbitas drew end peg for the third match running. (watch out for those high numbers coming your way in the winter Gabby!). His luck must runs out sometime, well at least that’s what all the other competitors hope. Sitting at his peg very comfortably in the second field where the river had a lot more colour, Peter caught 13 bream and a tench using waggler tactics and absolutely slaughtered the rest of the field. In fact he landed two bream in the first 30 minutes and the winning weight added up to a very nice 44lbs, great fishing that man.

Meanwhile at the other end of the match straight, positioned next to the footbridge, Tony   “the machine” Brown plugged away with the short pole and maggot bait to claim second place with 7lbs 1oz of silverfish and Pat Newman at peg 6 landed two early bream and a couple of bits on the feeder for third with 6lbs 5oz.

For many others it was a day of toiling away on feeder, waggler, whip, pole, what have you without much success, apart from the odd small roach or rudd. On such a windy day it was hard to present the bait properly and the water in the first field was certainly not as coloured as it was further down, probably due to all the bream munching away in Gabby’s peg! There’s something to be learned here, if you want to locate the bream shoals, look for the coloured water.


Monday 22nd June 2020, 1st Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge Upstream

A truly lovely summers evening with just a light breeze, clear blue sky and oodles of sunshine, the only things missing were the bream and tench. The eels however were hungry along with the odd roach and skimmer bream.

At peg 6 which on the night was halfway along the second straight, Gary Flint decided to fish with a pole. After struggling early on for a consistent run of bites he targeted the eels by fishing close in and near to the lilly pads with worm on the hook and chopped worm cupped in. With 4 chunky eels, several rudd and roach he romped to victory with 4lbs 1oz.

Next door at peg 7 Peter Stradwick chose the feeder tactic and landed 3lbs 2oz of skimmers and roach to claim second place, while Trevor Ramsden fishing at peg 3 towards the end of the first straight, fished the waggler to place third with a mixed bag of silverfish for 2lbs 12oz.

Due to popular demand, although not originally scheduled, there will be an additional Evening Cup match at Middle Bridge on the Wallers Haven next Monday, 29th June.

Arrangements as normal with the draw at 6pm and fishing from 6:30 to 9pm.

If there are any pleasure anglers already present it won’t be a problem as we will give them a wide berth and peg around them.


Sunday 21st June 2020, Southdown Challenge Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

Now there’s good news and bad. We’ll start with the good.

The match went incredibly smoothly whilst keeping to the new guidelines in place due to Covid-19, mainly thanks to the efforts of match organisers Steve Izzard, Chris Copeland and Peter Gabbitas. Thanks also to all in attendance who acted professionally and stuck to the guidelines to keep everyone safe during these unusual times.

The new competition season has begun and it was lovely to see our mates again, some sporting interesting hair styles (thank goodness hairdressers open again soon) whilst some of the guys seem to have chomped on more pies during lockdown than others, say no more!

Now the not so good news. In a word the fishing was rubbish!

The river was at least a foot lower than normal for this time of year, had only a tinge of colour, didn’t flow, and to cap it all it was raining for the first couple of hours. Now we don’t mind the rain but it’s not great to get ready for the match whilst being somewhat soggy. Fortunately the sun came out later to dry things out.

With Steve Izzard doing the draw for everyone and the guys social distancing, it was amazing when he drew the peg everyone wanted, peg 1 near the willows, for his friend and work mate Peter Gabbitas. “Fix” shouted some, others, “the peg disc was up his sleeve”, whilst several competitors shouted things we really can’t print!

Peter went on to win the match and Challenge Trophy with small roach and skimmer bream tempted on the waggler for a winning weight 4lbs 3oz. Well done Peter, nice start  to your season.

At peg 11, just past the pumphouse bend, Phil Tichbon fished a combination of whip and waggler to land a similar bag of fish to finish just 1oz behind with 4lb 2oz. Several big eels were caught on the day, Phil having one in his catch estimated to be around the 2lb mark. Meanwhile positioned at peg 4, Peter Stradwick chose to feed heavily, his 10 balls of groundbait to begin with, topped up later, paid dividends, securing him third place with a decent bag of silverfish for 3lbs 10oz.

Others struggled for the odd roach for an ounce or two and sadly a couple of blanks were recorded. Let’s hope things are better in the weeks to come.

Remember, if you’d like to start coming to the matches we’d love to see you. Please check out the match calendar in your club card and on the website, whilst also checking the new rules and regulations relating to matches, including safety, pools and booking in.

For all the very latest info you can also check out the SAA Facebook at page at:

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The River Weaver hosted the third round of RiverFest qualification and with the river holding good summertime flow, a few bigger weights were expected. Lee Kerry certainly didn’t disappoint from peg 2 on White Hulses Island and put together an impressive 46lb 15oz and 12drams of river bream, which he took on groundbait feeder at 30m on worm hookbaits.
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