Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best



The Southdown A.A. are now members of the RFA which gives our members access to several miles of the Eastern River Rother and Royal Military Canal.

SAA membership yearbooks will be endorsed with a RFA sticker on the front cover which must be carried at all times and is the member's authority to fish on RFA waters.               All Rother Fishery Association waters are subject to the statuary annual close season from 15th March to 15th June.                                                                                         The RFA Rules may be viewed or downloaded by clicking the tab on the left.

For more information on the RFA, visit their website at:

The Upper River Rother, from Robertsbridge to Bodiam, comprises about three miles of small stream fishing: narrow, fast flowing, with some deeper pools and dense weed beds. Ideally suited to roving fishing. Bankside vegetation can be quite dense in summer so ideally suited to roving fishing. Species present include Chub, Dace, Roach, Perch, Pike, Eels and Brown Trout.

The Lower River Rother, from Newenden to Blackwall Bridge,is much wider, deeper and slower flowing than the upper stretches and in addition to the species found upstream, bream, carp, rudd and tench can also be expected.

The Potmans Heath Channel is a man made dyke running into the Rother above Blackwall Bridge, with fairly shallow water and many lilies but provides occasional good pike, bream, carp and tench.

The Royal Military Canal from its confluence with the Rother at Iden Lock to Appledore Dam. Around 3 miles on north bank along Military Road. Slow flowing, 25 yards wide, 3 to 6 feet deep. A very productive water at times, containing Carp, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Pike and Eels, but can be weedy in summer, and difficult in winter when levels are dropped very low for flood defence reasons.

The RFA also have a water share arrangement with the Billericay & DAS on their stretch of the River Stour at Henny Street, in Suffolk. See the RFA website for details                   




All Rother Fishery Association waters

are clearly marked with signs as shown.

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