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Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


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Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

West Bank. Four fields upstream to one field beyond Dowles Corner as marked by notice board. Entrance over stile by bridge on the A259 Pevensey to Bexhill road.


This venue is shared with the Hastings, Bexhill and District Freshwater Angling Association and the Isfield and District Angling Club

Hastings Model Flying Club (HMFC)

The HMFC own the field opposite our land at Middle Bridge and use this for flying model aircraft. The aircraft vary in size, but some are quite large and fast flying. They run a number of airshows during the year and apart from these, the most intense activity is at a weekend.

Unfortunately there have been a number of instances of models crashing both near to anglers and in the Wallers Haven itself. For this reason we have agreed a number of measures with HMFC in order to lessen the risk to anglers.

If you happen to be present when one of the models crashes on our land or in the river, please advise the Treasurer. Records of these instances will strengthen our case in arguing the need for changes to the current flying arrangements.

(a)      For their own safety, when flying is taking place, anglers should not fish near the take off / landing zone  currently marked, particularly at weekends.

(b)      We have asked that HMFC check there is no one fishing in the direct line of the current take-off zone. If there is, they are to attract the person’s attention, forewarn them about the risks and politely ask that they consider moving. Should this happen to you, please do not be offensive in return.

(c)      We advise HMFC of all our fixtures and bookings scheduled for this water and where possible, HMFC will avoid flying on these days.

(d)      HMFC will advise us of the dates of their airshows when flying activity is most intense. These dates will be communicated to SAA members who are advised not to fish this venue on those days. Airshows / Fly-ins scheduled in 2014 are as follows:

       Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July.   Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September.


Middle Bridge Upstream
A frosty Wallers Morning looking back towards Middle Bridge
Upstream of Iron Bridge

Wallers Haven, Iron Bridge (Horse Bridge)

West Bank, Three fields upstream to Hogtrough bridge. Entrance over stile or gate by the bridge on the Horsewalk lane between Wartling and Hooe.


West Bank, Two fields downstream to notice board. Entrance over stile or gate by the bridge on the Horsewalk lane between Wartling and Hooe. No access to water beyond notice board & NO NIGHT FISHING.


These venues are shared with the Isfield and District Angling Club.

Wallers Haven Sunrise
Looking South towards Iron Bridge

Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

West Bank, Three fields downstream to Hogtrough bridge. Entrance over stile by the bridge on the A271 road between Boreham Street and Ninfield.


This venue is shared with the Hastings, Bexhill and District Freshwater Angling Association

Early Morning Downstream of Boreham Bridge
Boreham Street Downstream

The Angling Trust | NEWS

Angling Trust announces NEW Boat Fly Fishing Competition - The Angling Trust Tri-Masters (Thu, 23 Jan 2020)
The Angling Trust are pleased to announce the launch of their NEW Boat fly fishing competition the Tri-Masters, following on from the success of the Loch Style Team Championships which it launched three years ago. The Tri-Masters is for teams of three anglers, whether these are established teams of three or three fishing friends who wish to get together to try their hand at competition fishing.
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