Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best



The Association offers a diverse selection of waters to suit all tastes.


The tabs to the left describe each of them individually, with map attachments showing directions and parking.


Much of our water is tranquil and unspoilt in comparison to the commercial fisheries. Please respect the environment and enjoy the surroundings. Remember, take only pictures and leave only foot prints,

please take your rubbish home. 


As an angling club, we are keen to promote further angling opportunities throughout East Sussex.Should you be looking to offer your land/waters

to an angling club, please contact us.


Water maintenance work parties are held throughout the year as required. Please give a few hours of your time and help out when possible.

Contact the Water Maintenance Manager to offer your services.

Remember, waters are only fishable because of the work put in by a few volunteer members.


From time to time, for various reasons, waters may need to be closed to members, the dates being shown on the annual membership booklet, here on this website and advised to members via newsletters and local tackle shops.

A notice will also be affixed at the fishery entrance.


Closures currently scheduled in 2019 due to other activities taking place on site, all dates inclusive, are:


North Farm Pool, Marle Green, Closure Dates

Somewhat late in the day, the landowners have advised some changes to their event dates at this water. We advise members to treat these dates as closures as the site will be busy and parking space restricted.

This is the updated list of dates and supersedes those listed in the Year Book and previously on this website:

Thursday 13th to Monday 17th June 2019 inclusive;

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June 2019;

Saturday 13th July 2019;

Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August 2019 inclusive;

Sunday 1st September 2019; and,

Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd September 2019 inclusive.

The club matches scheduled for the 23rd June and 1st September 2019 will be re-arranged. Please contact the Match Secretary.

Sorry for any inconvenience but this is beyond our control.



We are sorry to have to report some unexpected bad news:

River Cuckmere at Arlington, Raylands/Churchlands Farm (East Bank)  and Raillands Ditch on the Pevensey Levels

Unfortunately we have been unable to secure the fishing rights on this section of the Cuckmere that initially Hailsham AA and afterwards SAA have held for many, many years and on Raillands Ditch on the Pevensey Levels. We know that these two venues were not fished that much, but were well loved by a few members, but nevertheless, this is very disappointing.

To be clear, on the Cuckmere, this is the part on the east bank that we previously accessed down the lane past the Yew Tree Inn, adjacent to Arlington Church (see page 12 of your Year Book) comprising the first field, the ne xt short field upstream and then the further two  fields upstream to Sessingham footbridge.

This has occurred because the original landowner sadly passed away and the new owner has exercised his wishes not to allow fishing anymore. Regrettably there was nothing we could do to persuade him otherwise and accordingly, all our signage has now been removed.

We now have no legal right to fish these venues, so members should desist from visiting these locations.

We are currently trying to renegotiate the fishing rights for the west bank further upstream that includes Sessingham Weir. Further information  will be posted as soon as things are finalised.

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