Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best


With the new river season just under a week old, we are already hearing of some great catches.

A beautiful common carp of over 26lbs has been landed on the Wallers Haven at Ironbridge, which, if claimed for and validated, will be a new Association record.

A couple of smaller carp have also being recorded and at last weekend’s match at Boreham Street, a competitor witnessed a lovely golden coloured common carp torpedoing out of the water on several occasions, its size being estimated at around the 20lb mark, while a couple of guys who were pre baiting on the Wallers before the 16th, witnessed at least two carp in the margins, estimated to be over 30lbs. Who will be the first member to land a 40lb Carp from this fabulous piece of our water? We are sure they are on there.

Two members night fishing near Hog Trough on the Wallers Haven enjoyed great sport by tempting over 12 bream apiece and 10 tench in total between them, while also on the Wallers, a member landed a bream of just over five and a half pounds. Who said the bream had disappeared from the Haven?

The match at Boreham Street was won with 8 bream and 2 tench and 7 tench were weighed in on the day.

Red eyed beauties (tench that is) are also showing at Pevensey Haven and the Cuckmere.

If you have any catch news from your start to the new season that you'd like to share, please send us any information and photos and we will post details on the website.

Tight lines for the coming year.



February 2020

Despite the awful weather,

Matt Kingdon has been amongst the carp at Marle Green, including this fine double figure mirror.




January 2020

Clive Copeland with a fine mid double pike from the Wallers Haven at Boreham Street




27 December 2019

Matt Kingdon ended the year in fine style at Curls Farm, capturing this fine Common Carp weighing in at 21lb.

October 2019

Continuing his success with the Wallers Haven Carp, Clive Copeland has caught this stunning common weighing 23lb 12oz.

How much longer before we see a

30 pounder recorded ?




October 2019

The Wallers Haven has certainly been producing the goods this season,

Matt Kingdon capturing this magnificent Mirror Carp weighing in at 24lb 14oz, on a Scopex Squid boilie.


September 2019

Following a short pre baiting campaign Clive Copeland targeted Carp on a recent 24hr session on the Wallers Haven at Ironbridge and landed this stunning 16lb 2oz mirror carp from a snaggy swim.

It was caught on a snow man rig and landed after a tense 10 minute struggle. Clive said the fish was in absolutely pristine condition and suspected it had never been caught before.

Strong and appropriate tackle is needed to land these fish on Wallers as they are incredibly wily and fight like demons, just look at the paddles on it !





28 July 2019

Mark Gilbert captured this fine 14lb 6oz

Common Carp from Curls Farm



28 July 2019

Another great Tench from the Wallers Haven, Matt Kingdon capturing this 7lb beauty


7 July 2019

Still more from the Wallers Haven.

Clive Copeland fishing a 24 hour session at Iron Bridge, landed 15 tench, the best this superb female weighing 7lb 7oz, thereby breaking

his own club record.

The tench are getting bigger, how

long before we see an eight pounder.




27 June 2019

The Wallers Haven continues

to produce the goods,

Nathan Smith capturing this

beautiful 17lb 8oz common carp.






June 2019

Scott Summers was another member fishing a night session on the

Wallers Haven, capturing this fine

6lb female tench along with 23 bream ranging from around 1lb up to 4lb.

June 2019

What a fantastic start it's been to the new river season.

During the day the bream shoals on the Wallers Haven can be elusive, but if you want to find our slimy friends in numbers, then have to think about fishing at night.

Fishing at Middle Bridge on such a session last weekend, Chris Copeland, who loves the smelly creatures, landed 25 bream ranging from about 1lb to around 4lb 8oz. Using his favourite method of cage feeder full of particles, with corn or bread on the hook, the sound of his Delkim alarms kept him awake throughout the night and with most fish averaging over 3lbs, he reckons he landed over 65lb of fish.

Here’s Chris, just before sunrise, holding a reasonable sized fish plucked out of one of his keepnets. Although looking tired, he says that he can’t wait until his next night session in two weeks time, meanwhile his wife continues to refuse to enter the garage due to the smell of all that lovely bream slime on his keepnets!


June 2019

Another member having a great  opening day of the new river season. was Luke Ripley who captured this magnificent common carp from the Wallers Haven.

Weighing in at 26lb 14oz, his fish would constitute a new Association record if claimed for & validated.





June 2019

Scott Piper enjoyed a great session on the opening day of the new

river season.

Fishing at Middle Bridge on the Wallers Haven, his catch included this fine 4lb 8oz bream and the

6lb 6oz tench shown below.




June 2019

Scott's 6lb 6oz Tench.





December 2018

Matt Kingdon has been

amongst the carp

at Marle Green






December 2018

Another fine winter carp

for Matt Kingdon

from Marle Green






December 2018

Yet another winter carp

for Matt Kingdon

from Marle Green







October 2018

Nick Ducatel again, with another fine 4lb tench, this time captured from the

River Cuckmere.



August 2018

Despite the hot weather, Nick Ducatel has been enjoying some great sport on the Pevensey Haven, his catches including this fine 4lb Tench amongst several others.

August 2018

Matthew Kingdon again, this time with a fine 22lb 12oz common carp captured from the Wallers Haven at Boreham Street.

Previous to the capture, Matt had been pre baiting with boilies and spooked a large fish which jumped clean out the water, so he baited with 0.8kg of 15mm scopex squid at that spot, returning 48 hours later when he put out another 0.6kg and fished with a gooed up single white scopex squid pop up on a stiff hinge rig just off the bait.

Matt was catching tench and bream and then at 2am, got another bite, just two beeps on the alarm, so he got on the rods and with the bobbin lifting gently picked up the rod, thinking it was another bream.

Feeling a solid resistance, Matt set the hook and the carp shot off about 40 to 50 yards up river and gave a hell of a fight, it just wouldn't give up, taking some 20 to 30 minutes to finally bring to the net.

Matt’s fish, if ratified, would be a new club record, beating the old record by 12oz. That fish was also caught at Boreham Street, but way back in March 2003, right at the end of the river fishing season.






July 2018

Neil Angell with a beautiful 9lb 4oz wild carp, captured from a marsh drain on the Pevensey Levels.





July 2018

Laura Angell caught this fine 5lb 4oz specimen bream from a marsh drain on the Pevensey Levels.




July 2018

Matthew Kingdon again with a nice

mirror carp also caught off the top,

this time at Marle Green




July 2018

Matthew Kingdon this time with a nice tench from the Wallers Haven





July 2018

Matthew Kingdon with a nice

mirror carp caught off the top at Curls Farm





July 2018

Clive Copeland with another fine

tench from the Wallers Haven





July 2018

Clive Copeland with a fine 6lb female tench from the Wallers Haven




July 2018

Mark Gilbert with another

Common Carp weighing 13lb 11oz from Curls Farm.




June 2018

New member Mark Gilbert was pleased with this beautiful 10lb 4oz Common Carp from Curls Farm.




April 2018

Mathew Kingdon has again been amongst the carp at Marle Green, capturing several nice doubles including this mirror.



February 2018

Despite the cold. Charlie Watkins captured this fine

19lb 2oz pike from the

Wallers Haven at Iron Bridge






January 2018

Another winter double from Curls Farm for Matthew Kingdon.




January 2018

Matthew Kingdon has again been amongst the carp at Curls Farm, capturing several nice doubles including this beautiful mirror.





December 2017

Matthew Kingdon has again been amongst the carp at Marle Green, capturing several nice doubles including this beautiful mirror.

Summer 2017

Terry Smith has been catching some fine fish from the River Cuckmere

at Arlington





Summer 2017

Charlie Watkins captured this fine 4lb 11oz chub from the River Cuckmere at Raylands Farm





September 2017

Another superb tench from the

Wallers Haven for Clive Copeland.





Clive Copeland has enjoyed much success with the tench on the Wallers Haven this summer with several over the 6lb mark, including this beautiful lady.

Just look at that tail!

New Season Fishing Report

The 2017/2018 season on the rivers is now well under way and we have had reports of good catches from the Wallers Haven and the stillwaters, including a 21lb carp captured by Tim Crowdey at Curls Farm and several others approaching the 20lb mark.




        June 2017

Alan Law with a superb near 20lb common carp from Curls Farm




           May 2017

Mathew Kingdon has again been amongst the carp at Marle Green, capturing several nice doubles including this beautiful mirror.





         May 2017

Sunrise over Marle Green, courtesy of Matthew Kingdon,



April 2017

Tim Crowdey weighed in this fine 21lb Common Carp

from Curls Farm

End of Season Fishing Report

Sadly the 2016/2017 season on the rivers has now come to a close, however we are pleased to report that the end of the season on the Wallers Haven in particular has been very productive for tench and bream. Several anglers have been successful at Middle Bridge, the tench being in the mood to feed, with up to 5 recorded on a number of days, the biggest, a beauty of 6lbs 1oz. Bream to 4lbs 5oz, eels to 2lbs 4oz and a nice bonus small carp of just over 8lbs have also turned up and plenty of great sport has also been enjoyed by those fishing the waggler, for good catches of roach, rudd and skimmer bream.

From time to time we hear anglers suggesting that the Wallers is long past its best, but the end of season catches are proof indeed that the Haven is in fine form. In fact, all our rivers have produced well over the season, with good catches also being recorded on the Cuckmere and Pevensey Haven.

Specimen fish reported during the year include a carp of 20lb 4oz from Curls Farm, the Wallers Haven producing a pike of 20lb 10oz, a tench of 6lb 7oz and a perch of 3lbs, with the Cuckmere at Shermans Bridge also weighing in with carp of 19lb 4oz and 12lb and a bream of 5lb 4oz.

We are sure that many more fine fish are caught but not reported, please let us know of your catches, better still, enter them for the specimen fish awards every year.

Let’s all hope that we can look forward to this good fishing continuing into the future.

Roll on June 16th and the new season.



January 2017



Clive Copeland with a superb 19lb 12oz pike

from the Wallers Haven. Note the frost on the ground!



December 2016



Another fine winter double

for Matthew Kingdon

at Marle Green



December 2016



Matthew Kingdon with

a lovely winter mirror carp

from Marle Green

October 2016


Dean Harmer enjoyed a great session with the perch at Iron Bridge at the end of October, his best fish being a beauty of 3lb, here seen held by his son Charlie, who claims it was a team effort as he helped in netting the fish.

Despite the low level & clear water in the river, we also have reports of good catches of roach up to the 1lb mark, with plenty of pike also being captured.




September 2016


Clive Copeland with a

nice carp from the

river Cuckmere above Shermans Bridge.

July 2016

It’s good to see the larger bream starting to put in an appearance on the Wallers Haven after an apparent absence of a few years.

Peter Stradwick enjoyed a nice bag at Boreham Street recently, biggest just over 3lb. Part of his catch is shown in the photo.

July 2016

Matthew Kingdon has again been amongst the carp at Curls Farm. He reports:

“Fished Curls yesterday. Landed 12 fish for a total weight of 97 lbs and a few oz, nearly 15lb being the biggest. Lost 9 as well.”

June 2016

Matt Kingdon has been amongst the bigger carp at Marle Green including a fifteen and a bit mirror. Matt reports that it was a stunning clean fish, which took him straight through two sets of lillies.







June 2016

Clive Copeland has started the new rivers season in good form with some good tench from the Wallers Haven, including this fine brace of six pounders.






May 2016

Mathew Kingdon has enjoyed good fishing for carp over the past year including this near 18 pound common from Curls Farm.

May 2016

Mathew Kingdon fished Curls Farm on 7th May and landed 16 fish for a total weight well in excess of 120lb, including a 20lb & a few oz common, a 14lb common, a 12lb common, a 12lb mirror and twelve other low double high single figure fish, also losing at least another ten fish, including another very large common under the rod tip. A brilliant days fishing. The photo of the twenty doesn't do the fish any justice as it was so fat he couldn't hold it up.

Winter 2015/2016

Over the winter months Mathew Kingdon has had some success with the carp at Marle Green, landing several double figure fish.



Kevin Saunders from Anglers Cabin in Hailsham, enjoyed a couple of early season sessions on the Cuckmere above Shermans Bridge, capturing 9 tench up to 5lb, a couple of carp, the best 8.5lb and bream up to 4.5lb, sweetcorn being the successful bait.

Recent Catches

All the rain we experienced since the back end of 2013 has meant that all our river fisheries have been in spate with extremely high flows & coloured water making any sort of fishing a bit of a gamble, although thankfully we have not suffered so much as other areas of the UK.

Although the Cuckmere has been out of sorts, once the levels had dropped and the water cleared a bit, members fishing the Pevensey Levels have reported some good sport during the last couple of weeks of the season.

A Wallers Haven Double, March 2014



During this last week or so, Clive Copeland fished numerous sessions on the Wallers Haven upstream of Iron Bridge, capturing several large pike, the best being a very pregnant old lady weighing in at 22 lbs 8oz.

Kevin Dunkeld, 4lb Tench, Wallers Haven, March 2014




Clive reports that the fish was ready to spawn, probably about 4 lbs over normal summer weight and was very carefully handled before being safely returned.




All large pike are female and as these fish are the future for stocks in our waters, they therefore need to be treated with real care.

5lb Tench, Wallers Haven, March 2014


During one of these sessions, some good tench were spotted rolling, so Clive & fishing buddy Kevin Dunkeld returned the following day, to capture several, the best being a fish of 5lb 12oz.

13lb 2oz Pike, Pevensey Haven, March 2014

Meanwhile, on the last day of the season, Fred Crook fished the Pevensey Haven at the confluence with Chilley Stream  and reports a good days pike fishing, catching three fish, 8lb, 10lb with the best being 13lb 2oz, sardine being the successful bait.

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