Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best
Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best

Match Reports 2021/2022

Sunday 12th September 2021, 2nd Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Shermans Bridge

The Cuckmere is often thought of by many club members as being tough going with a limited stock of fish, for whatever reason we are never quite sure. Very large carp, tench, pike, bream, chub and roach live in the deep water and there’s an excellent number of smaller fish too.

With the sun shining and just a pleasant breeze, the fish were in the mood to feed and Graham Shinkfield, fishing with a pole, tempted a gorgeous looking carp around the 8lb mark, which, coupled with several roach, earned him victory with 9lbs 1oz.

Also using a pole fished to the far bank, Chris Copeland landed 6lbs 15oz of small roach and chublets to claim second place, while very close behind in third was Rod Brown, who fished the deep pool, again with a pole to finish with a very respectable 6lbs 10oz. A couple of nice tench were also landed by others during the match.

With the Long Man of Wilmington and Sussex Downs in the distance, the Cuckmere is a lovely place to fish. If you’ve not tried it before why not give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised. However, please be careful on the banks as the water is very deep close in and the bank vegetation often masks an unsafe bank. Have a prod around with a bank stick before you settle in.


Our regular match reporter is now back in harness!


Sunday 5th September 2021, Match v Hassocks & Haywards Heath

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

Summer returned at last and gifted us with a clear blue sky, light breeze and a sweltering 25 degrees. Unfortunately, most of the fish seemed to have taken a late summer holiday and vacated the Haven, leaving many of the 17 anglers struggling for any sort of bite.

At peg 5 however, Hayward’s Heath angler Sam Beckinsale managed to tempt a number of “stay at home” skimmer bream and roach to munch corn on the feeder, popping a respectable 4lbs 11oz on the scales as he cruised to victory.

Meanwhile, at peg 17 near the willows, Southdown’s Rod Brown toiled away in the heat fishing a waggler to claim second spot with 3lbs 15oz, while next door at peg 16, Roly Smith secured third place with 2lbs 10oz 4drms.

With this most welcome sunshine set to continue into the days ahead, next Sunday’s fixture on the Cuckmere could also be somewhat of a challenge. Watch this space !


2nd August 2021 - Unfortunately we don’t have any reports on the matches so far this season, just the top three placings. Never the less, from the weights acheived it would seem that both the Wallers and Pevensey Havens have been fishing really well.


Sunday 1st August 2021, 3rd Marsh Shield & KO Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

1st M Wood 15-4-0

2nd P Easton 6-1-4

3rd N Ducatel 6-1-0

Michael Wood wins the Knockout Cup


Monday 26th July 2021, Pole Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

1st P Gabbitas 8-4-12

2nd M Wood 6-4-8

3rd C Copeland 5-9-0


Sunday 18th July 2021, 2nd Marsh Shield & KO Cup

Venue: Pevensey Haven

1st P Stradwick 27-11-12

2nd M Wood 5-3-14

3rd D Griffin 4-1-12


Monday 12th July 2021. 4th Evening Cup

Venue: Pevensey Haven

1st P Gabbitas 8-1-12

2nd T Hoad 4-5-0

P Gabbitas wins the evening cup


Sunday 11th July 2020, Sweepstake

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

1st M Wood 13-6-0

2nd R Brown 13-2-0

3rd W Wilkinson 5-10-12


Monday 5th July 2021, 3rd Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

1st P Gabbitas 10-1-12

2nd C Copeland 8-15-8

3rd T Hoad 3-15-12


Sunday 4th July 2021, 1st Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Downstream

1st R Brown 14-10-0

2nd S Martin 8-15-4

3rd P Gabbitas 6-8-4


Monday 28th June 2021, 2nd Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

1st S Davey 5-10-0

2nd P Gabbitas 4-12-0

3rd C Copeland 4-8-0

Chris Copelands third place catch included a fine

roach weighing 1lb 5oz


Sunday 27th June 2021, 1st Marsh Shield & KO Cup

Venue: Pevensey Haven

1st T Hoad 19-1-0

2nd S Davey 6-15-0

3rd G Flint 5-13-0


Monday 21st June 2021, 1st Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

1st P Gabbitas 7-2-0

2nd G Flint 5-4-0

3rd S Izzard 3-14-0


Sunday 20th June 2021, Southdown Challenge Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

1st N Parks 35-11-0

2nd S Izzard 23-12-0

3rd P Stradwick 20-4-0

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