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Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best

Match Reports 2019/2020

Sunday 13th October 2019, Match v Isfield & Lewes

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

With a fair bit of rain and a strong wind coupled with a serious lack of bites, we’re sure some of the 24 competitors were thinking of the song "Heaven knows I'm miserable now". (For the younger generation that was a big hit for The Smiths in the summer of 1984!)

Similar to last week the Haven had little colour, was high and didn't flow. As the wind blew some anglers gripped their umbrellas whilst trying to fish, just to make sure the brolly didn't end up in heaven under the section of "fisherman’s umbrellas not secured properly"

In a word, the only way to describe the day was grim, however Rod Brown seemed to enjoy himself. Having drawn peg 3 for the second week running, he popped in a sterling performance on the waggler and whip and won again with 4lbs 14oz of small skimmer bream and roach. Lewes angler Mark Sains came second with 4lbs 2oz and Isfield’s Wayne Walters secured third with 4lbs dead.

Several anglers did not weigh-in, with many others scrambling for ounces. Unless you were in the top three it was a day to forget fairly quickly.

Let's hope the unsettled Autumn weather settles down soon and the fishing improves.


Sunday 6th October 2019, 5th Round Marsh Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

Surprisingly after all the rain we've endured during the past week the Haven held little in the way of colour and didn't flow. The level however was higher than is normal for this time of year and although the day itself was mainly cloudy and windy it was mild and thankfully did not rain.

The fishing along the whole match length was patchy to say the least, with a couple of anglers struggling to make 1lb.

At peg 3, Rod Brown fished a combination of whip and waggler to put together a decent net of small skimmer bream and roach to cruise to victory with 5lbs 8oz. It was a Brown brothers 1-2 as Tony, who was positioned at peg 5 and fished with a pole, secured second place with 4lbs 4oz, and Michael Wood at peg 7, near the end of the first straight, also fished a pole to claim third with 3lbs 11oz,  Michael cursing his luck as he missed the first thirty minutes of the match due to returning home to collect the bait he forgot. He has history though, we remember him doing the same thing a year or two ago, that time to collect his wellies !


Sunday 29th September 2019, Away match v Isfield & Lewes

Venue: Wilderness Lakes

Again, results only we’re afraid, no Southdown anglers featured in the top three.

1st Alan S: 62lbs 6oz

2nd Adam P: 54lbs 8oz

3rd Adam S: 50lbs 4oz


Sunday 22nd September 2019, Away match v Hassocks & Haywards Heath

Venue: Decoy Lake

Results only we're afraid.

1st Chris Humphrey-Smart, Hassocks, 50lbs 8oz

2nd Pat Newman, Southdown, 39lbs 14oz

3rd Colin Skeel, Hassocks, 34lbs 8oz

4th Steve Pead, Hassocks, 32lbs 14oz

Combined weights from the top six anglers of each club:

Hassocks: 179lbs 14oz,  Southdown: 81lbs 5oz,  Haywards Heath: 73lbs 10oz


Sunday 15th September 2019, 4th Round Marsh Shield

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

Another Sunday and another roasting hot day, up to 24 degrees with just a slight breeze. Although we still require a decent amount of rain, unlike last week at Boreham Street, at least the Haven gifted the anglers a reasonable colour in the river at Ironbridge.

Top dog on the day was Chris Copeland who was pegged two along from the willow tree, where he fished a waggler with big maggot bait to tempt plenty of rudd, roach and a bonus tench to finish with 7lb 4oz.

Tony " The Machine" Brown followed up last weeks victory with second place, catching small skimmer bream, rudd and roach for 4lb 13oz, just ahead of brother Rod who came third with 4lb 5oz. As they share the car to matches, that would have been an interesting journey on the way home, especially as they were pegged next to each other too. Certainly some good humoured brotherly banter !

Plenty of bites were enjoyed by most of those fishing, courtesy of the rudd which were feeding just off the surface, at least they certainly seemed to like the hot weather.


Sunday 8th September 2019, Match versus Hassocks & Haywards Heath

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

The gorgeous summer continued with another day of blazing hot sunshine, which coupled with a gusty wind and almost no colour in the water, made for a very hard day for many of the 18 anglers competing, with the top weights on the day all coming from the furthest downstream pegs where there was more colour in the Haven.

Southdown’s Tony Brown had a decent day fishing the long pole to catch consistently and romped to victory with 7lb 14oz of small skimmer bream and roach.

Peter Gabbitas for Southdown claimed second place with 4lb 15oz with a similar bag of fish tempted on the waggler and feeder, with Haywards Heath angler Roly Smith placing third with 2lb 14oz, and David Harper from Hassocks fourth with 1lb 10oz.

Southdown won the match with a total weight of 13lb 3oz, Hassocks were second with 3lbs 2oz and Haywards Heath third with 2lb 14oz, the total weights reflecting just how hard a day it was for most.


Sunday 1st September 2019, Match versus Hastings and Bexhill

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

1st: Grenville Weston (Southdown) 6lb 8oz

2nd: Lewis Leonard (Hastings & Bexhill) 3lb 8oz

Joint 3rd: Tony Brown & Peter Nest (both Southdown) 3lbs 4oz

With three members placed in the top four, Southdown won the match.


Sunday 25th August 2019, 1st Round Waggler Only

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

The summer sunshine shone gloriously on the Haven and the heat was stifling, with the temperature up to 26 degrees and just a light breeze. There was very little colour in the water and coupled with the clear skies, the fishing was never going to be easy.

At peg 9, just past the wooden post in the first field, Chris Copeland decided to fish on the bottom rather than up in the water and after introducing four balls of groundbait and a handful of pinkies he began to catch. Bites slowed somewhat around midday as the heat built, but his bag of small skimmer bream and roach weighing 7lbs 1oz was enough to win him the match. Second place went to Patrick Newman who landed a similiar mixed bag for 6lbs 7oz, while 4lbs 1oz gave Peter Nest third place.

Many others struggled for a decent run of bites but on such a lovely day we didn't moan about the weather, with autumn and winter rapidly approaching we were most grateful.

Sunday 18th August 2019,

3rd Round Marsh Shield & Knock Out Cup Final

Venue: Pevensey Haven

A day when history was made ! The best ever weight on the marshes in a Southdown Angling Association match.

After a couple of days of rain with gusty winds the Haven looked perfect with a decent colour and good summer level, with 7 to 8 feet depth in most swims, the day itself being warm with sunny spells

History maker was the man we now call "The Slab Slayer" Mr Patrick Newman.

Patrick drew a decent peg, the last swim before the gate at the end of the first field and decided to fish the feeder with worm on the hook three quarters of the way across. The first twenty minutes were biteless, but there on after, his quiver tip hardly kept still, with 10 bream arriving in the first hour and a half. Amazingly at the end of the five hour match, Pat had landed 24 bream to around four pounds, plus a tench a perch and a rudd. His total match winning weight was an incredible 80lbs14oz. Great angling fella!

A fabulous result and well done, we may never see that weight recorded again anywhere on the marshes.

Peter Gabbitas came second with 3 bream and a tench plus several bits tempted on the pole to finish with 12lbs 10oz, while third place on the day went to Grenville Weston who also fished a pole to land 2 bream and bits for 10lbs 14oz, just enough to win the Knock Out Cup ahead of Chris Copeland who also tempted 2 bream, several roach and a perch for 9lbs 10oz and fourth place. Very well done Grenville and hard luck Chris.

An interesting venue that is often over looked which is a pity. The river holds large carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, eels, pike and perch, and now boasts the top river match weight plus the club flounder record !

If you've not fished it for a while it's worth a go, pleasingly, the fringe lilly still features in most swims, and the weed on the bottom that used to be a problem has now gone.

We must thank Michael Wood once again for more sterling work clearing the swims, many thanks. Sunday was a day that will live long in the memory..

Sunday 11th August 2019, 1st Round Cuckmere Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Shermans Bridge

With the tail end of a recent storm brushing the South Coast the day was always going to be difficult as although the rain showers were few and far between, the wind gusting at 30mph, coupled with some pegs on a high bank, while others were tucked away in the reeds, made things hard for those taking part.

Winner on the day was Chris Copeland, who put together a nice bag of small roach and one chublet for 4lbs 6oz, tempted on big maggot bait using a whip at 8mtrs.

Peter Stradwick fished a small cage feeder cast to the far bank to catch a large eel and several roach to claim second with 2lbs 13oz, with third place being shared between Patrick Newman and Peter Gabbitas, each with 1lb 13oz apiece, Peter cursing his luck as a tench hooked late on managed to evade capture and most probably cost him first place. That's fishing for you!

Eagerly awaited is next weekend’s trip to the Pevensey Haven for the third round of the Marsh Shield and the final of this years Knockout Cup. We imagine those involved will not sleep on Saturday night due to the excitement!


Sunday 4th August 2019, Roy Andrews Memorial

Venue: Marle Green

Carp were the order of the day on a glorious summer day with bags of sunshine and a light breeze.

Plenty of carp showed themselves on the surface and some were in the mood to feed as Peter Gabbitas it seemed, tempted most of them with his wafter bait kindly supplied by his mate Patrick Newman as Peter had only bothered to pack corn, maggots and meat! Fishing the method feeder close to the lilies at the dam end, Peter caught ten carp and sailed to victory with an impressive 38lbs to claim the trophy, well done matey.

Also on the method and fishing on his lonesome in the woods, Steve Izzard landed seven carp to claim second with 17lbs 12oz, while meanwhile, Chris Copeland at peg 4 near the brick hut, caught two carp and two skimmer bream for 12lb 6oz and third place.


Sunday 28th July 2019, Away Match v PACES

Venue: Hydneye Lake, Eastbourne

After heavy rain on Friday and Saturday, many platforms swims were under water and a serious weed problem in others made for a challenging day. However the day itself was lovely, with plenty of sunshine and a gentle westerly wind.

The Southdown anglers in general enjoyed themselves and took the top three places, Patrick Newman fishing at peg 8 showing everyone how to catch the bream on the feeder, to put an impressive 48lbs 6oz on the scales to claim victory.

At peg 15, Peter Stradwick again fishing the feeder, also tempted a nice bag of bream to finish in second place with 30lbs 2oz, with Peter Gabbitas following close behind in third with 29lbs.


Monday 22nd July 2019, Pole Cup

Venue: Pevensey Haven

It’s always a pity when the last evening match of the summer is over but what a beautiful evening. Clear blue sky, 24 degrees and a gentle breeze, with long shadows cast as the sun went down and the sound of the local church bells peeling, perfect. The river looked great too with a decent colour, little in the way of flow and good summer depth.

Usually a waggler man, at peg 6, half way along the first field, Chris Copeland used a whip at 8 metres with big maggot bait and caught small roach, rudd and skimmer bream to claim the trophy this year with 4lbs 11oz. Well done Chris.

Michael Wood at peg 11 used a pole to land a similar bag but finished just behind on 4lbs 4oz, while Gary Flint at peg 12 placed third with 3lbs 12oz.

Some competitors fished for the tench which have been showing in numbers here this summer. Two were hooked and lost, likewise a big carp also put in an appearance but not for long !

Yet another new face has joined our match scene, welcome to Bill Snow, good luck in the forthcoming competitions.

So that's it for the evenings this season, but there is still a full calendar of Sunday matches to look forward to, starting with a trip to the Hydneye this coming weekend. Places are limited and the match is already fully booked.


Monday 15th July 2019, 6th Round Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

The match was fished in the first field thanks to excellent work carried out by Michael Wood, Steve Izzard and Peter Gabbitas who between them cleared 13 swims, Many thanks guys, a great job.

Perfect then that the13 anglers attending enjoyed the evening sunshine and most were rewarded with a good number of bites.

Positioned towards the end of the field between the rushes, Patrick Newman fished a waggler down the middle with treble maggot and gave a great performance to win the match convincingly with a number of bream for 20lbs 13oz, not bad going in just two and a half hours!

Meanwhile, half way along the field, Tony Brown used a pole and maggot to claim second place with a bream and several skimmers for 7lbs 4oz and at peg 3, Chris Copeland, fishing the waggler, placed third with 5lbs, consisting of a decent bream caught late on and several skimmers.

Patrick’s victory in this match secured his win over the six rounds of the competition and he was duly presented with the Evening Cup for this year, well done that man.

We welcome another new face to the competition scene in the form of Les Wicks, good to see you Les and tight lines in the forthcoming matches.


Sunday 14th July 2019, Bill Walder Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream, 2nd Field

Due to a serious weed problem the scheduled away match against Seaford at Piddinghoe Pond was cancelled, so it was therefore decided to fish for the Bill Walder trophy at Ironbridge and for a change, the match would be held in the second field, requiring a bit more of a walk to reach the swims.  

This stretch of the Wallers has been fishing really well recently, with big catches of bream and tench, so all 16 competitors were full of joy and optimism before the start.

However, five hours later as the final whistle blew, some were full of a big fat dollop of doom and gloom, possibly something to do with very few bites and a rather long hike back to the car in the blazing sunshine.

Steve Izzard drew the peg everyone wanted positioned just before the end of the second field and made the most of it. Fishing the feeder with worm or maggot bait, Steve landed a couple of bream and several skimmers to canter into first place with 14lbs 10oz.

Well done Steve !

We welcomed a new face in Wayne Wilkinson who came second, using a pole, to catch 7lbs 7oz of roach and skimmer bream. Good to meet you Wayne, you can come again.

Rod Brown snatched third with a small tench and a number of roach and skimmers for 3lbs 14oz.

Many thanks are due to Steve Izzard and Peter Gabbitas, who put in some sterling work clearing the swims several days before the match.


Monday 8th July 2019, 5th Round Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Middle Bridge

Another lovely warm evening to enjoy if you like the sun, but for some reason the fish seemed to be hiding and the competitors toiled away in the heat.

Positioned half way along the first straight, Peter Stradwick choose to fish a feeder to the middle and using either worm or corn hookbait, caught a number of small skimmer bream and roach to win the match with 3lbs. Also using the feeder but with wafter bait, Chris Copeland landed several skimmers to claim second with 2lbs 1oz, while Gary Flint managed third with 1lb 5oz, consisting of an eel and several small roach and perch.


Sunday 7th July 2019, 1st Round Marsh Shield & Knock Out Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

An amazing match! Having pulled out peg 1 again, Rod Brown raced off to the culvert swim which produced for him a fortnight ago and he gave another stunning repeat performance. Fishing the waggler down the middle with either corn or worm as bait, he landed 45lbs 5oz of bream and cruised to victory.

Grenville Weston also fished the same peg as last time, right next to the gate at the end of the first field, catching a tench and bits on the pole for 10lbs and second place.

In third was Chris Copeland who also caught a fine tench and several skimmer bream fishing the feeder, to finish with 9lbs 4oz.


Monday 1st July 2019, 4th Round Evening Cup

Venue: Wallers Haven, Ironbridge Upstream

On a truly gorgeous summer evening, the fish were in the mood to play and bites plentiful.

At a peg just along from the willow tree, Chris Copeland fished a feeder to the far side lilies with wafter on the hook and after a bite less first hour, was rewarded with 5 bream for a winning weight of 15lbs 14oz.

Meanwhile, at a peg along the second straight, Phil Tichbon fished with a pole and worm on the hook to claim second place with 8lbs 5oz, his catch including a fine tench and several skimmer bream. Third place was a tie, with both Rod Brown and Peter Gabbitas weighing in 6lbs 8oz.


Monday 24th June 2019, 3rd Round Evening Cup

Venue: River Cuckmere, Shermans Bridge

On a rather damp and dull evening, in general the fishing matched the weather with very little in the way of excitement and competitors struggling for a consistent run of bites.

Rod Brown romped to victory with one tench and several roach and perch caught using a pole to finish with 7lbs 6oz, while brother Tony Brown snatched second place, also using a pole, to land to 2lbs 10oz of bits, just ahead of Peter Gabbitas in third with 2lbs 8oz.

The long range forecast is for a return to summer weather, so we look forward to the match at the Hydneye next Sunday and the next evening cup match at Ironbridge in a weeks time.


Monday 17th June 2019, 2nd Round Evening Cup

Venue: Pevensey Haven

On a glorious summers evening, it being warm with blue sky and a light breeze the fish were in the mood to feed.

Steve Izzard's recent good form continued with victory coming late on as with just half an hour to go and only several small fish in the net, his pole float shot under twice in quick succession, resulting in two tench landed and a winning weight of 8lbs 8oz.

In second place was Tony Brown who also fished with a pole and finished with a nice bag of skimmer bream, roach and perch for 5lbs. The battle for third was very close with Michael Wood just edging it by weighing in 4lbs 12oz to Patrick Newman’s 4lbs 11oz. Pat actually cursing his luck as he lost a tench late on and having landed a decent eel, found out just how slippery the blighters can be as after unhooking, it managed to wriggle free and promptly jumped back home and not into Pat's net which most probably cost him a podium position. That's eels for you.


Sunday 16th June 2019, Southdown Challenge Trophy

Venue: Wallers Haven, Boreham Street

The first match of the new river season kicked off in style with Rod Brown defending and retaining the trophy he won last year.

Fishing from a swim near the culvert in the second field, Rod had a great day fishing the waggler, alternating between worm and maggot on the hook and landed 8 bream and two tench to cruise to victory with 34lbs 4oz, well done Rod.

Meanwhile, positioned near the willow tree, Peter Gabbitas, fishing a feeder with worm, tempted three tench and several small roach and skimmers to claim second with 16lbs exactly and Grenville Weston positioned next to the fence just inside the second field and using a pole, caught a tench, a bream, two chunky eels and several bits to finish third with 11lbs 11oz.

All 14 competitors enjoyed plenty of bites and the weather was reasonable too, overcast, mild and breezy, perfect for bream and tench really. A great day to start the season.


Monday 10th June 2019, 1st Round Evening Cup

Venue: Curls Farm

Just two competitors took part in round one of this years Evening Cup and they must be commended for their gallantry.

Match Secretary Steve Izzard and Patrick (“Gripper”) Newman braved terrible conditions as the rain continued to pour down, in fact it rained all day and evening.

Special mention must go to Pat who travelled from Kent and to Steve for carrying out his duty professionally, possibly fearing (or hoping!) that no one else would show up. Well done guys.

Both anglers were rewarded with three carp apiece and tied with 21lbs each, rather fitting that no one won outright. All the fish fell for wafters fished with a method feeder.

After what seems like an eternity the start of the river season on the glorious 16th June is almost here, great news, The first match of the new season taking place on Sunday 16th June on the Wallers Haven at Boreham street as we compete for the Southdown Challenge Trophy. Over the years this match has fished well with bream being the order of the day, let's hope it's the same this year.

If you are planning on entering, the draw takes place at 8am, with fishing from 9am to 2pm and it’s highly likely to be a "walk off". We look forward to seeing you there.


Sunday 19th May 2019, Club Match

Venue: Marle Green

Again just the results, no other details given.

1st S Izzard, 27lbs

2nd T Crowdey, 25lbs

3rd P Elms, 22lbs


Sunday 5th May 2019, Ron Allchin Memorial

Venue: Curls Farm

Again just the results, no other details given.

1st M Wood, 52lbs

2nd R Brown, 46lbs

3rd P Gabbitas, 32lbs


Sunday 21st April 2019, Club Match

Venue: Marle Green

Again just the results, no other details given.

1st S Izzard, 25lb 12oz

2nd P Newman, 16lb 6oz

3rd P Elms, 9lb 13oz


Sunday 7th April 2019, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm

Just the results we’re afraid, no other details given.

1st S Izzard 51lb

2nd M Wood 32lb

3rd P Gabbitas 29lb


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