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Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best

Match Reports 2019/2020

Monday 10th June 2019, 1st Round Evening Cup

Venue: Curls Farm

Just two competitors took part in round one of this years Evening Cup and they must be commended for their gallantry.

Match Secretary Steve Izzard and Patrick (“Gripper”) Newman braved terrible conditions as the rain continued to pour down, in fact it rained all day and evening.

Special mention must go to Pat who travelled from Kent and to Steve for carrying out his duty professionally, possibly fearing (or hoping!) that no one else would show up. Well done guys.

Both anglers were rewarded with three carp apiece and tied with 21lbs each, rather fitting that no one won outright. All the fish fell for wafters fished with a method feeder.

After what seems like an eternity the start of the river season on the glorious 16th June is almost here, great news, The first match of the new season taking place on Sunday 16th June on the Wallers Haven at Boreham street as we compete for the Southdown Challenge Trophy. Over the years this match has fished well with bream being the order of the day, let's hope it's the same this year.

If you are planning on entering, the draw takes place at 8am, with fishing from 9am to 2pm and it’s highly likely to be a "walk off". We look forward to seeing you there.


Sunday 19th May 2019, Club Match

Venue: Marle Green

Again just the results, no other details given.

1st S Izzard, 27lbs

2nd T Crowdey, 25lbs

3rd P Elms, 22lbs


Sunday 5th May 2019, Ron Allchin Memorial

Venue: Curls Farm

Again just the results, no other details given.

1st M Wood, 52lbs

2nd R Brown, 46lbs

3rd P Gabbitas, 32lbs


Sunday 21st April 2019, Club Match

Venue: Marle Green

Again just the results, no other details given.

1st S Izzard, 25lb 12oz

2nd P Newman, 16lb 6oz

3rd P Elms, 9lb 13oz


Sunday 7th April 2019, Club Match

Venue: Curls Farm

Just the results we’re afraid, no other details given.

1st S Izzard 51lb

2nd M Wood 32lb

3rd P Gabbitas 29lb


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High rivers in many parts of the country resulted in numerous matches being cancelled at the weekend. Competitors were therefore pleasantly surprised to find that the River Calder at Mirfield was only carrying about 10” of extra water.
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