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Southdown Angling Association East Sussex Angling at its best

6th January 2021

Latest Coronavirus Update

In accordance with advice from the Angling Trust

in relation to Lockdown 3, from midnight on 5th January 2021,

all Southdown Angling Association club waters are

closed to all members for both fishing and exercise, and therefore all competitions are cancelled until further notice.

Please check here and on our Facebook page for

further updates as the situation changes.




The Southdown Angling Association has a vibrant and friendly competition angling section with matches being held on most Sundays of the year and during the summer months, often a midweek evening match too. The Association competition scene has always been fairly buoyant and we always welcome members that would like to fish a match or two. The matches are competitive but friendly at the same time, so members shouldn't be put off should they feel they would perhaps like to participate. There's always a good deal of light hearted banter mixed in with "fishing talk" and usually an optional pool with an entrance fee of £5, with payouts generally to the top 3 or even the top 4 or 5 dependant on the number of entrants. All dates and times for the draw and the match duration, along with venue, are listed on the Fixture List and in the Membership Yearbook.

The Association has an extensive array of trophies which are presented to all the winners at the Annual Social and Prizegiving Evening each year.

The years fixtures are listed via in the tab on the left of the page, please click to take a look.
We look forward to meeting some new faces at our matches in the future and for further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Also keep an eye on our match results, giving vital infomation on when and where's fishing and what tactics are doing the damage!

4th December 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Club Competition Fishing

With the ending of the 2nd lockdown, following advice from HM Government and guidance from the Angling Trust, competition fishing may resume subject to certain restrictions. The Southdown A A will be following the general guidance of the Angling Trust “Best Practice for the safe resumption of angling competitions in England under COVID 19 restrictions” updated on 21/10/2020, that is set-out under a number of headings. This guidance is summarised below together with particular requirements and procedures for Southdown A A competitions.

A particular risk assessment is now required to identify those mitigation measures required to manage the risk of infection and this is available here

Implementation of this guidance is the responsibility of the Match Organiser(s). These are currently Steve Izzard (01323 658862) and Chris Copeland (01323 504562). Their decision and instruction on all matters herein is final.

  1. Health of Competitors

Everyone’s health is paramount. In order to safeguard the health of the organisers and fellow competitors, no angler is permitted to take part if they, or anyone in their household have displayed any COVID-19 symptoms in the preceding 14 days or where a Track & Trace advisor has contacted anyone in their household within that same period asking for a further 14-day isolation period.

Further, anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable and/or shielding should not participate.

The Match Organiser(s) will maintain a list of anglers participating (and their contact details) for a minimum period of 21 days for each competition for use by Track and Trace.

It is our general advice that you consider your personal health and likely exposure to others before you decide to fish any competition.

  1. Running Competitions

Competitions will only take place on waters where social distancing guidance can be sensibly followed.

The list of Fixtures included in the Year Book is subject to change to suit contemporary circumstances. Final arrangements will be determined by the Match Organiser(s).

All competitors will fish from allocated “pegs” or select a “peg” at a location suitably distant from other entrants.

Southdown A A waters are all in East Sussex that is currently designated as Tier 2. Only Southdown A A competitors who live in Tier 1 or Tier 2 designated areas may fish Southdown A A competitions. See also guidance further below on inter-club competitions.

  1. Booking in, payment of Pools / Entry money

All members wishing to fish in a competition must book in with a Match Organiser beforehand.  This is to be done by text or phone call only. The deadline for booking in is 9pm on the Saturday before a Sunday match and 10am on a Monday before any Evening Match.  No late entries will be accepted and anyone turning up without having pre-booked will be turned away.

Payment of pools remains optional.

If you are entering the pools, you must put the correct money in a sealed envelope with your name and the date of the competition. The money should be new plastic notes or £1 and £2 coins only. You should place this envelope in the collection receptacle on arrival. No change can be given.

  1. Travel / Arrival at the venue

Competitors should travel in accordance with current Government guidelines only; single occupancy vehicles unless you are travelling with someone from the same household.

On leaving the vehicle, strict social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times maintaining a minimum of 2 metres apart. No physical greetings, handshaking etc. to take place.

Competitors should allow additional time before the stated draw time to unload equipment whilst observing social distancing measures.

  1. The Draw

The draw will take place on the day at the stated time in the Year Book.

The pegging and draw will be conducted by the Match Organiser(s). Competitors must not touch pegs used to allocate swims.

Once drawn, the competitor should immediately make their way to their allocated location as normal maintaining appropriate social distancing.

Competitors are responsible for making their own way and getting their own equipment to and from their peg. This includes climbing over any gates or stiles.

Walk-off draw matches should only be held by exception. The Match Organiser(s) are responsible for determining any additional measures needed to safely run this type of match.

  1. Use of keepnets / Weighing in

Keepnets are permitted for use in competitions.

Weighing-in will be undertaken by the Match Organiser(s). No competitors are permitted to “follow the scales”.

At the end of the competition, competitors should remain at their pegs until the Match Organiser(s) arrive.

One of two weighing-in protocols shall be followed:

  1. The competitor transfers fish into the weighing sling that will be supported by a bespoke cradle frame supplied by Southdown A A. The competitor withdraws to a safe distance and the fish are weighed and returned to the water by the Match Organiser(s); or
  2. Competitors withdraw to a safe distance and the Match Organiser(s) transfer fish into the weighing sling and return them to the water afterwards.

The Match Organiser(s) will wear appropriate protective equipment including gloves and masks whatever they deem necessary.

Competitors should also bring and wear appropriate protection and use a sanitiser when touching anything handled by the Match Organiser(s).

Once weighed in the competitor must pack up and return directly to their vehicle.

  1. Results / Pay outs / Collection of winnings

Results will be announced by the Match Organiser(s) on the day and will be posted on the Southdown A A Website and Facebook Page in due course. Those interested in hearing the results on the day must heed HM Government rules on organised gatherings and observe appropriate social distancing.

The Match Organiser(s) will place pools payments in labelled envelopes (stating winners name, date of the match, position and weight). These can be collected by recipients either on the day or at a future match. Competitors should leave envelopes unopened for a minimum period of 3 days and use a sanitiser once handled.

These requirements will be reviewed and updated as appropriate following further guidance from HM Government, the Angling Trust and any issues that arise from implementation.

  1. Interclub Matches

For home matches, the Match Organiser(s) should liaise with their counterparts to:

  1. Understand if the visiting club intends to participate as originally planned;
  2. Advise that only competitors residing in areas of the same Tier as East Sussex or lower, may attend. Nobody from Tier 3 may attend;
  3. Determine the number of participants that must not be exceeded on the day; and
  4. Explain the Southdown A A protocols for matches as described herein. Variation to these protocols is at the discretion of the Match Organiser(s) only.

For away matches, the Match Organiser(s) should liaise with their counterparts to:

  1. Understand if the hosting club is still prepared to receiving visiting competitors
  2. Understand what Tier the venue is located in and whether or not the rules allow Southdown A A members to take part;
  3. If so, advise Southdown A A numbers that must not be exceeded on the day; and
  4. Be briefed on the host club’s protocols and advise Southdown A A competitors accordingly.
  1. Water Closures for Club Competitions

Southdown A A waters cannot be closed for exclusive use for competitions. Competitions need to be pegged around any anglers that are already legitimately fishing.

Match Organiser(s) should they so wish, may place signs at the entrance to the venue notifying the intention to hold a competition and recommend members to fish elsewhere.  Any signs may be put up a maximum of 48 hours in advance and must be removed immediately after the competition has finished.

  1. Curls’ Farm

Matches at Curl’s Farm should be avoided due to the limited number of swims available.

  1. Middle Bridge and the Hastings Model Flying Club

Additional care should be taken when hosting matches at Middle Bridge. There have been a number of “near miss” incidents in recent years and flying field usage appears to be on the increase.

As a minimum, the competition should be pegged around the marked take-off area.

  1. Notification of changes to scheduled matches

Any planned changes to competitions listed in the Year Book must be notified to Southdown A A members via the Southdown A A website and Facebook page.  Such notification should take place at least 2 weeks in advance.

  1. Pevensey Haven

Any consideration to relocate competitions to Pevensey Haven must include discussion with Andrew Crosby-Jones (landowner).


Match Fixtures and Venues

Recently the Association had a match scheduled for upstream at Ironbridge. On arriving early on the Sunday morning the competitors were greeted with the sight of four night shelters/bivvies set up in the first field. Fortunately on the day, we did not have a vast number of competitors and we were able to peg around them, however on another day we could be fishing against one or more other clubs with a much greater attendance and this could present a problem.

The Fixture List in the Membership Year Book clearly requests that on the day of matches the water specified should be left clear, so if you are planning a trip to one of our waters on a Saturday night or Sunday, please remember to check your Year Book or the website for match fixtures before deciding on the venue.

We of course want everyone to enjoy their fishing, but please choose a venue to fish that is not involved with a competition, we have plenty of other excellent waters for members to enjoy a days angling.


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